Gary Johnson in the News

Gary Johnson has been busy getting himself into the media a lot lately. Here are some highlights:

“5 Facts About Gary Johnson: The Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of” The Stir 06/11/12

He believes in low taxes, hates large spending, supports gay marriage, is pro getting illegal workers citizenship, wants to decriminalize possession of a small amount of marijuana, and is against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He pretty much defines the phrase “fiscally conservative, socially liberal.”

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“Gary Johnson takes on Romney and Obama as viable Candidate” Examiner 06/12/12

Gary Johnson is filling the void provided by President Obama for young Americans who thought Obama was going to be the ‘peace candidate’ however continues to actively engage in various fights around the world. Johnson also is appealing to conservative Republicans who are upset with the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. Plus, Johnson is going to pick up the passionate Ron Paul supporters as he quietly leaves the race. So Johnson is not only viable, he runs the chance to topple the Republican/Democrat Monarchy. Johnson’s tagline ‘Live Free’ seems to be resonating with Americans as neither Obama or Romney believe or promote a ‘freedom’ agenda.

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“Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson has a message for voters with an axe to grind” IVN 06/13/12

Whether or not he’s their first pick for president, independent voters need to organize and mobilize to ensure that Johnson is included in relevant polls that qualify candidates’ admittance into presidential debates. It’s an important way for independents to keep sticking it to the two party system and gaining access for third party and independent candidates.

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“GARY JOHNSON: Excuses and blame don’t create jobs – except for speech writers” Examiner 06/14/12

“We are in deep, deep trouble economically, and virtually every American is paying the price. Yet we have a president making excuses and promising that things will get better if we just let him have four more years to keep going down a failed path. And we have a Republican candidate promising to do better, but without offering anything dramatically different from the same policies that have gotten us into this mess.

“Enough with the excuses and blame. Neither creates jobs — except for speechwriters. We must eliminate deficit spending now, not someday off in the future when it won’t hurt so much.”

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And if television media coverage is more your thing, here are some of the latest interviews of Gary Johnson:

Gary Johnson with Chuck Todd on MSNBC 6/8/12

Gary Johnson with Alan Colmes on FOX News 6/11/12

Gary Johnson on CBS’s On the Hot Seat 06/12/12

Gary Johnson on the Alex Jones Show, and receives endorsement 06/14/12


12 thoughts on “Gary Johnson in the News

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Generally positive appearances. Still some work to do getting to the center, but I sense a lot of progress has been made.

    Lose the mention of Gary E. Johnson. No need to speculate like that, especially about a tricky maneuver like that….

  2. Eric Blitz

    @2 hehe Richie I think she liked Gary’s straightforward approach and willingness to laugh a bit at the process (especially the rapid fire question segment).

    I was at that taping and the sad thing is that they cut out most of the great substantive policy questions from the interview. Leigh Ann asked very few horse race questions and focused on policy.

    Everyone was happy to have gotten the interview going because we had been stalled for almost an hour waiting for the President’s press conference to finish.

  3. Nick Kruse

    How does this election’s coverage of third parties compare to the coverage third parties got 4 years ago?

  4. Robert Capozzi

    6 nk, a month out of convention, it seems like GJ’s getting similar to slightly more media compared with BB. Team GJ is much further along in terms of promotions, e.g., youtubes.

  5. Austin Battenberg Post author

    Not much different. Media interviews and coverage is more prevalent by lesser known media outlets, but the mainstream news there is a lot less. For example, for the CBS interview I doubt was on actual TV.

    There is still a lot more coverage in general for Gary Johnson then Bob Barr and third parties in general, but for the other candidates the coverage is sparse. I wanted to post some new news for Jill Stein and Virgil Goode, but nope, it’s been a week for ANYTHING new from ANYONE…at least from what I could find.

  6. Mario Conde

    There was an article of Gary Johnson on Yahoo News last Thursday or Friday.

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