IPR: Celebration of Two Millionth Visitor

Apparently our 2,000,000th visitor dropped by earlier today:


Total 2,000,550
Average Per Day 1,045
Average Visit Length 5:37

Not sure who the 2,000,000th Visitor was, but the Party is still going on around here and on behalf of all of us at IPR we would like to offer you a ride in Midas Mulligan’s car through the valley (Rand), the first rock thrown from the moon when it declared independence (Heinlein), a John Hospers for President button, a first edition of Unsafe at any Speed (Nader), a “Party like it’s 1773” bumper sticker, a complete physical exam by Dr. Paul, a copy of the Constitution and whatever else the other IPR writers, and you, our readers — without whom none of us would be here, and to each of whom we are exceedingly grateful — can think of to memorialize the event.

10 thoughts on “IPR: Celebration of Two Millionth Visitor

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Wow! 2,000,000 visitors! That’s a lot of people.

    And I agree: thanks to everyone. If it weren’t for you guys, we wouldn’t have any fun here at all.

    And for the times when you actually learn something from us: I’m humbled.

  2. Trent Hill

    I’ve learned a lot from the readers, more from some than from others, but I think just about everyone has entertained and educated me in some way.

  3. Reed Ebarb

    Based on average visit length, it would seem that the people who do come to this site, at least stay for a while.

  4. From Der Sidelines

    How many of those 2 million visits were by Milnes whipping out his PLAS?

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