Johnson Campaign: Promote Jim Gray

Andrew Miller, social media marketer and self-described “Provocateur, Street-Fighter, Shit-Starter, Smart-Ass, Wing-Man, Wise-Guy, and Lover of Women” (!/andrewmiller83/) and Johnson campaign staff member ( has launched a campaign to promote Judge Jim Gray. In an email received earlier today, Miller writes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please Pass this video around.

Note in your posts “Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate.”

Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition

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Former California superior court Judge Jim Gray is the 2012 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate


6 thoughts on “Johnson Campaign: Promote Jim Gray

  1. Austin Battenberg

    I remember watching that video a long time ago. I know its produced by Reason, but Judge Gray is such a great speaker I hope he does more videos like this featuring other important issues.

    Comparing him as a VP candidate to Root in 2008 as a VP candidate is like night and day. But he needs more media coverage. Granted, getting media coverage for Gary Johnson is difficult enough, but being a former Judge, I think he has a little more credibility then other VP choices. I can’t wait to see some more speeches and interviews with him.

  2. Reed Ebarb

    He is probably the first really good VP candidate the LP has ever had. I haven’t seen one like him, ever. Both Gray and Johnson have plenty of electability.

  3. Nick Kruse

    The campaign needs to do more with Jim Gray. Gary Johnson’s website doesn’t even mention Gray in a prominent spot on the website.

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