Six candidates debate for the Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate nomination

Six candidates debate for the Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate nomination

Six candidates debate for the Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate nomination

Dallas Texas,  The Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention kicked off tonight with a debate among the following candidates for the party’s US Senate nomination: Mr. Myers, Mr. Jameson, Mr. Huffman, Dr. Raju, Mr. Butler, Mr. Roland.

The debate began with brief opening statements and was followed by each candidate being able to ask one question of all of the other five candidates.  Each of the other five candidates then had one minute to respond.

Eventually the delegates in the room will be able to vote for any two of the above candidates, with the addition of NOTA (None of the Above), and/or may vote for any one candidate twice.

Following the tally of those votes, the two candidates with the highest vote totals will continue the debate.


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  1. Joe Buchman

    I’m blogging live from the debate:

    Opening statements were followed by the following candidate questions of their five opponents:

    Mr. Butler: What is the greatest challenge in your campaign, and how will you overcome it?

    Dr. Raju: How do you prevent fraud in Medicare?

    Mr. Huffman: What do you consider the proper military policy of the United States, specifically the proper use of drones?

    Mr. Jameson: How do you feel about a 40 percent reduction in federal spending? and — How do you feel about Libertarians voting for non-Libertarians?

    Mr. Myers: Most of us agree that the US government is the largest polluter on the planet. How can Libertarians protect health where are and water are in the mix?

  2. Joe Buchman Post author

    Mr. Rolland: Briefly explain the relationship between Fractional Reserve banking, the Federal Reserve and fiat money (laughter) . . . and what would you do about it?

  3. Joe Buchman

    Closing Statements:

    Mr. Butler: Restore the American Dream. Students at U. Texas worked on a bill against the TSA. Fought hard to get rid of TSA, and give Texas law enforcement the ability to arrest federal agents who abuse or molest others. Endorses John Jay Myers. Supports John Jay Myers 100 percent. Invites everyone to party in suite . . . (number not reported).

  4. Joe Buchman

    Dr. Raju: defends need for national health care. My apologies, technical glitch prevented capturing most of his remarks.

    Mr. Huffman: is a retired attorney. Main goal is to make society simpler. Many contracts are undigestable. Must make government simpler. Calls for Congressional procedure to investigate end run around regulations, and make regulations as simple as possible.

    Mr. Jameson: The nation is bankrupt, no budget, veterans waiting two years for benefits, declares “I am a classic Harry Browne Libertarian,” not a tribute campaign, but minimal government that’s not in healthcare, bedroom, skynet/drones, paycheck fairness act to be reported every year for “equality” is INSANITY. No right to moralize when they can’t balance the books. Has funds to campaign.

  5. Joe Buchman

    Mr. Myers: Thanks campaign staff, promises media campaign (TV commercials playing on a monitor in the lobby now), radio commercials ready to go.

    Mr. Rolland: has spent last few years building bridges with civic groups including TEA party. Indicates that the vice-chair of the Republican Party has indicated a preference to vote for Mr. Rolland if their republican preference is not the republican party nominee.

    Balloting for

  6. bruuno

    Out of curiosity has the LP ever had so many candidates for any statewide office before?

  7. Joe Buchman

    The two finalists are. . .

    Mr. Myers and Mr. Jameson.

    Round two (20 minutes) to begin with questions from the floor. Questioners are asked to give name, county and have short questions. 30 seconds or less. Each candidate to have two minutes to respond.

    Then 3 minute closing statements.

  8. Joe Buchman

    First Question: As one percent of the US Senate, what can you accomplish?

  9. Joe Buchman

    Mr. Jameson: one voice can make a difference. You can introduce legislation.

    Mr. Myers: We just saw one man in the House cause a revolution. I would be better than Rand (Paul) at standing up for Libertarian ideas. I’d seek like minded senators on issues like bringing the troops home. Or on the Fed. Or on one-issues where we can agree.

    Question Two: What about un-Constitutional laws and regulations and executive orders?

    Mr. Myers: Downsize DC has several bills. One requires every bill that is passed to prove its Constitutionality. Promises not to vote for any un-Constitutional Bills and to vote to repeal as much as possible.

    Mr. Jameson: Mentions Commerce Clause as being used to justify Obama care and the paycheck fairness laws between “girls, women and men” so girls can grow up to be women, and women can grow up to be men, I suppose (laughter).

    Question 3: (questioner has been to all RP conventions for past 20 years, is here at his first LP state convention) — should there ever be anything “too big to fail?”

    Mr. Jameson: Of course not. Gave billions to banks and they did nothing, meanwhile no one is bailing out those foreclosed on, not that we should. It’s been treason. Capitalism means you should fail if you fail. May sue his college for teaching Keynesian Economics.

    Mr. Myers: We keep looking for the one thing that the government can do well, but if we give them that power, even once, then they use it against you later. Discusses automobile industry bailouts.

  10. Joe Buchman

    Question 4 (also a first-time LP attendee): Excited to be here. What is your position on the health care system which is today a monopoly mess?

    Mr. Myers: The left should not be happy, no one has free health care. It’s being forced to buy a product. The most important reason for SCOTUS to strike down the law is to prevent precedent for buying ANY product.

    Mr. Jameson: The common theme in all these laws are the exceptions — eg, Native Americans or as some bureaucrat sees fit to grant an exception. It’s absurd.

    Question 5: What is your stance on imminent domain?

    Mr. Jameson: I am a real estate broker. Imminent domain is wrong, especially as it is enacted in Texas. Process can take 10 years just to determine fair market value — it’s a form of torture.

    Mr. Myers: My position is NO to imminent domain. Harry Browne used to say, the biggest squatter right now is the US federal government — over 30 percent of the land. We could sell this land to pay down the debt and get energy moving.

    Question 6: What do you feel about term limits?

    Mr. Myers: I do not believe in term limits. The American people should be pro-active. You don’t want them in office, vote them out. It’s the people’s role, not the government’s role to vote people out of office.

    Mr. Jameson: No senators leave until they are dead. I am willing to serve for only one term. We have a term limit on the Presidency. I think two terms in the senate — 12 years — and it’s time to go home.

    Question 7: Would each of you answer the question you asked everyone else.

    Mr. Myers: One of the Libertarian ways for dealing with pollution . . . if you set up contracts with insurance companies, they are on the line because they might get sued . . . let me explain this in a better way . . . the insurance company will monitor pollution to be sure it doesn’t happen. It’s better than government. . .

    Mr. Jameson: I answered mine earlier.

    Question 8 (another new former-Republican, new Libertarian): With Occupy and TEA Party . . . what will you do to get 30 or 40 percent of the vote.

    Mr. Myers: TEA Party and Occupy both started with protests about the banks owning this country. They’re both misguided because they don’t see that it’s the government that has created the banking system. Libertarians can bring those two sides together.

    Mr. Jameson: His former opponent bailed on the only TV debate they had scheduled. This time I will stalk him. He won’t run away.

    Question 9: What is your view of NASA and science and the future of the USA?

    Mr. Jameson: We take it out on NASA and Arts and Humanities, yet wire billions to Europe in the middle of the night. You have my sympathies, it’s way down on the priority list. So go NASA.

    Mr. Myers: I agree with Mr. Jameson’s answer. I’d turn attention to the bigger problems. We have a million real problems and NASA isn’t one. That said, NASA should be part of the air force and it more or less is.

    Question 10: What will you do to force a budget vote in the US Senate?

    Mr. Myers: I would not vote for a budget that is not balanced. I would filibuster a non-balanced budget. If we could get to a balanced budget and then far below because we have massive debt.

    Mr. Jameson: I tend toward CODE RED — a company without a budget, with fiat money is pure insanity. Most senators spend 99 percent of their time calling people for money, and 1 percent voting how they have been told to vote by their party leaders.

  11. Joe Buchman

    Time runs over, all agree to two more questions from two more people in line.

    Question 11: What power from the federal government should be returned to the states?

    Mr. Jameson: States should be supreme. Each state’s legislature was suppose to figure out how to pay the federal government’s spending, not individuals. It’s time to focus on core Libertarian Values and what is common sense.

    Mr. Myers: The Constitution says the Federal government has ONLY 17 powers. You want more power for the federal government, amend it. The General Welfare clause was suppose to be a limitation on the federal government, not a “whatever the hell else you please” clause.

    Question 12: As Libertarians we support market solutions, but what about truth in labeling?

    Mr. Myers: A part of the LP looks at force and fraud. There’s a market solution out there, but advertising a lie is fraud. So that type of legislation should be done by the state. But the market solution is do not buy products from people who don’t label them correctly.

    Mr. Jameson: Monsanto tells us that because we have all eaten their genetically modified corn, we are all now owned by them and their patents (laughter). I do not trust the FDA and I don’t want to be poisoned. You should be able to grow your own food and do your own thing.

    2 minute closing statements

    Mr. Jameson: Thanks moderator. I am pleased to find another Harry Browne philosopher at my side. It’s a good thing. Since 2000 I’ve never voted anything other than Libertarian. We need to stick together, even if excludes people like Ron Paul. I am here to ask for your vote. I want a real debate with the (republican and democrat). I’d appreciate it if you would give money to my campaign. I’m not sitting in an armchair. I am angry and I want you to like me. I am not running to impress you, I would love to win. I want to be a US Senator and champion for the Libertarian Party in the Senate.

    Mr. Myers: There are three key reasons I’m running and they are on the back of (something he held up). You wake up in the middle of the night and hear crashing in the house and there’s a guy holding your TV. He looks like he will run out the door with your TV. The first thing you say to the guy is, “What do you think about gay marriage?” Is that what you say? No you say, STOP STEALING MY STUFF.

    The wars. Living your life as you see fit. Anyone that wants to marry anyone else –do it. Why is this so important to people? We need to not get muddled in the stuff.

    I have 100s of videos online. Google me. John Jay Myers.

    Debate concludes. Round of applause for everyone.

  12. Joe Buchman

    Brunno @ 7 — I don’t know but it was one heck of a GREAT debate here tonight. Packed room. Great candidates. Lots of energy. Looking forward to tomorrow. Will post more then.

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