Gary Johnson on Mt. Rushmore? Yes, theoretically speaking

Comedy Central author Dennis DiClaudio sends up Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson, and Libertarian political philosophy generally, theoretically speaking (where he claims they both work best) in a part-hit-piece, part-enlightening opinion piece titled, “Could Gary Johnson Be 2012’s Ross Perot?” at:

Which includes the statement,

That’s why Libertarians choose to live in the magical land of “Theoretically Speaking.” After all, that’s where their policies make sense.

A comment in the comments section by Tom Mahon elaborates:

Theoretically speaking, somebody might someday be moved to carve the face of Robomney on the side of a mountain . . . and Gary Johnson would have no problem strapping on some crampons and trekking up the face of that mountain and planting the Banner of Liberty somewhere atop the ears and the well formula’ed grey sideburns of the face. Theoretically speaking.

Theoretically speaking, I think we could use some comedic relief around here on IPR as well . . .


4 thoughts on “Gary Johnson on Mt. Rushmore? Yes, theoretically speaking

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Yes, start any political statement with “theoretically speaking” and lose the point of the exercise. Use the term “in a libertarian society,” and assure your spot on the corner next to the guy with the “the end is near” sandwich board.

  2. Eric Blitz

    Start a sentence with “In a perfect world…” and no matter how many people hear you, you are talking to yourself. I think I’ll tweet that to make it relevant to society…


    @1 Theoretically speaking, if that punk don’t get off my corner, he better have my money. Know what I mean, theoretically speaking?

    (Of course, in a libertarian society, such actions would be neither acceptable nor necessary. But that’s just theoretically speaking).

  4. Robert Capozzi

    3 NOTA, actually, no, I don’t. Too cryptic for my bandwidth!

    Near as I can tell, you are saying you think shaking people down for cash is a good idea, but in Rothbardia that somehow shaking people down would wither away, or something….

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