Johnson: 3 Of 18 Pollsters Are Including My Name

A Washington Times article by Stephen Dinan and Seth McLaughlin titled “Johnson to voters: Give Libertarian a chance,” which reports on a meeting between Governor Johnson and editors and reporters at The Washington Times, includes the following quote from Governor Johnson:

The only way that I win is if I am on the national debate stage with Romney and Obama, and the only way I do that is if I’m in the polls that determine who gets in the debates. And right now, only three polling organizations out of 18 are including my name.

The entire article, which includes an outline of the Governor’s positions on a wide variety of other campaign issues, can be read here:

18 thoughts on “Johnson: 3 Of 18 Pollsters Are Including My Name

  1. Ad Hoc

    From The Washington Times

    By Daniel de Gracia

    The most savvy thing that America’s TV networks could possibly do this year is to promote Gary Johnson with the intent of placing him in at least one, if not all of the Fall presidential debates. Such a move would almost certainly drive viewership and interest in the debates to stratospheric levels, and Johnson’s penchant for snappy redirects and crowd-winning zingers would be the kind of fan service that scratches the itch for spontaneous, unscripted reality TV.

    America got a taste of Johnson’s flair during his candidacy as a Republican, first when he released on YouTube an edited video of him participating a debate he had been excluded from, then later when he was included in the Florida debate and delivered a knockout quip about how “my next door neighbor’s two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this president.”

    To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed watching a presidential debate since Reagan told Mondale in 1984, “I am not going to exploit for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” The last few years of presidential debates were absolute snoozefests between almost-insults and failed attempts to look presidential. I say give the mob what they’re looking for – a good political debate that we’ll be talking about for decades. It would be exciting and, more importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

    If you’re a supporter of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, you too have a vested interest in making sure Johnson participates, as his presence would likely bring out both the very best and worst of both sides. Politicians are at their best when they have a destabilizing competitive element to keep them in check. Johnson provides that.

    Do what you have to do to get Johnson in the debate. It’s a “what-if” TV scenario that not only will be enjoyable, but perhaps will bring out real issues for the first time. Want to put a piranha in the political debate fish tank of polite, statesmanly guppies and quaint underwater castles of partisanship? You’ve gotta get Gary.

  2. NewFederalist

    I would recommend changing the headline from “pollers” to “pollsters”. I believe pollers are folks who remove horns from cattle!

  3. zapper

    To answer @3, Because you asked:

    Few people have heard of him …
    Few have heard of him, so he raises little money …
    He raises little money, so he does not advertise …
    He does not advertise, so few hear of him …
    Few hear of him, so he is low in polls …
    He is low in polls, so the media ignores him …
    He doesn’t advertise, so media writes him off …
    The media dismisses him, so he’s not in polls …
    He’s not in polls, so he’s not in debates …
    He’s not in debates, so he’s not credible …
    He’s not credible, so he’s forgotten completely …
    He never advertises, so nothing ever changes …

    The media dismisses him, he’s not in polls, he raises little money, he doesn’t advertise, the public never hears about him, he disappears from the radar, he wins few votes on election day, game over … Reset for 2016.

    Same game, same rules, same strategy, same fail, same ending, same reset: LP POTUS game – from the 1982 off year elections through 2012.

    Where have all the voters gone …
    Long time passing …
    Where have all the voters gone …
    Long time ago …
    Where have all the voters gone …
    Lost to TV ads, every one …
    When will they ever learn …
    When will they ever … learn …

    With few resources, little free media, little public recognition, there is only one way out …

    Change the game, Change the rules, focus resources, Use Leverage, target states to win free media and break out of the Losers Cycle …

    … be Kirk with me for one election …

    And if you don’t like running targeted advertising, getting free media in targeted states and nationwide, raising our polling numbers, having a shot at the debates and getting higher vote totals …

    Then in four years you can choose to do nothing once again.

  4. JT

    Orvetti: “If he were the AE nominee, or just an independent, would more be including him — as a former governor running for president, rather than just the latest Libertarian?”

    That’s an interesting question. I doubt that the majority would include him in any case. I think the only way a candidate who isn’t a Republican or Democrat makes it into most or all of the polls is if he’s already a household name. Johnson is probably a household name in New Mexico, but he isn’t one practically anywhere else.

    Of course, you need to reach the 15% threshold in just 5 polls, not even close to 18. If GJ is registering hardly any support in the 3 polls, then it doesn’t really matter that he isn’t included in more of them. With good methodology, polling results can still differ, but not that outrageously.

  5. RevFatsax

    Polls are an interesting animal…you can exclude a nominated candidate from an established political party on all 50 ballots…but include a candidate who has not won the nomination yet, who only garnered 33% or so of his own party votes during the majority of the caucuses etc. If Zapper thinks advertising is the end all/be all, how did Ron Paul do so amazingly well without national advertising on par with Romney etc.? Organizing? What if the RP machine infuses GJ with support after RP is snubbed by Republicans at Tampa?

  6. Zapper

    The Ron Paul machine used targeting: They advertised in the states they did well in. They didn’t advertise nationwide, but they leveraged their targeted states into nationwide coverage and inclusion in the Republican debates.

  7. Joe Buchman

    Public Policy Polling – 1.888.621.6988 – Thank them for including Gov. Gary Johnson!

    Gallup – or 1.202.715.3030 – Ask them to include GJ

    Pew Research Center – – 1.202.419.4300 – Ask them to include GJ

    Harris Interactive – – 1.800.866.7655 – Ask them to include GJ

    Rasmussen – – 1.732.776.9777 – Ask them to include GJ

    National Journal – service@nationaljournal.com – 1.800.613.8069 – Ask them to include GJ

  8. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    @6 include a candidate who has not won the nomination yet, who only garnered 33% or so of his own party votes…

    Let’s put that in context.

    Romney did only garner 33% of his own party votes.

    But Johnson only garnered 1-2% of his own party votes.

    True, after losing badly in “his own party” (the GOP), Johnson did jump ship and win a few hundred votes in the tiny LP — a fraction of the 1-2% he got in the GOP.

    Do you really expect the media to forget Johnson’s recent massive defeat in the GOP, and pretend he’s now a “winner” because, after losing badly in the big leagues, he picked up a minor consolation prize in the tiny leagues?

  9. RevFatsax

    @15, I don’t know…ever seen Mt. Rushmore. A couple of those guys jumped ship and joined a tiny league third party. Worked ok for them, and a few people know who they are. just a thought.

  10. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    @6 A “couple” of those guys? Who?

    Washington belong to no party.

    Lincoln ran GOP, but the GOP was built on the remnants of the (major) Whig Party. The GOP began life as a major party, in reality if not on paper.

    Neither did Jefferson or Roosevelt win the presidency on any minor party.

  11. RevFatsax

    So…GOP was a new party, Jefferson and Roosevelt left their parties…that was my point. I care less about when they left, but rather the need to leave entrenched parties who are mired in the minutia all bull (or bull moose poop)…leaving your party takes courage, and they found it. I would consider it a badge of courage if I got 2% of the republican support…especially when the clown who is going to get the nomination is no different than the one in the Whitehouse now. Answer me this, Washington refused to accept any sort of coronation or kingly title, would Obama or Romney ever refuse that much power? I dare say they would relish the opportunity to rule over the peasants with glee. Knowing what I know of Gary Johnson, I don’t think he would even entertain the notion…character is Gary’s biggest attribute in my book. I would trust him…and I know deep in my soul I can’t trust Obama, Romney and even Paul at this point makes me question his true motives. But that is enough feelings and flowers…the real difference is Gary won’t get us into any more wars, end the ones we are in….including the drug war. This is just about shattering the notion that we HAVE to choose between the ass-clowns presented by the R and D party. It makes me feel like I did when the Marlins won the World Series, I didn’t like them, but they weren’t the damn Sox, Yankees or Braves. Too bad the US doesn’t have a NOTA.

  12. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    RevFatsax, I was responding to your claim that GP was more entitled to media attention than was Romney, because Romney only got 33% of his party’s support, whereas Johnson won “his party” (i.e. the LP).

    I responded that Johnson’s party was the GOP, and he only got 1-2% of its support — and that his jump into the tiny LP did not make up for his massive defeat in his own party.

    You suggested that Mount Rushmore meant that the LP wasn’t so tiny, or whatever point you were trying to make.

    RevFatsax: So…GOP was a new party,

    The GOP was a new major party. It began life with senators and governors switching over from the defunct Whig and Free Soil parties.

    The LP is a minor party. An old minor party.

    Now you’re talking about Washington refusing a crown, and that GJ would also refuse a crown.

    I don’t know what any of this has to do with your original insistence that GP is more deserving of media attention than is Romney.

  13. RevFatsax

    The only thing Romney has done to “earn” any media attention was to stand in line in the Rep party like Dole and McCain. The one term in Mass as Gov was not what anyone would call a success (at least no Republicans would)…unless the definition of success in Mass is to compromise your ethics and ethos and in exchange for nothing. GJ has credentials that should be covered in the media…but should be doesn’t matter to the RP, only $ and pandering to the highest bidders. My rant about leaving the party was not about a major party/minor party it was about abandoning unprincipled entrenched establishment mindset for independent and respectable values…which neither “major” party hold in esteem.

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