Johnson Endorsement Update and Invitation To Candidate Conference Call

Salt Lake City — For Immediate Release;

In an email to over 300 Libertarian Candidates sent earlier today, the GaryJohnson2012 campaign announced its next conference call to be held this Wednesday evening among those candidates endorsed by the campaign, Governor Johnson and other key campaign staff. Updated information was also provided about the process for requesting an endorsement, a new Facebook Page for endorsed candidates to connect with each other via social media, and the distribution of Yard Signs and other campaign materials.

The email to candidates is as follows:

Greetings from the Gary Johnson for President Campaign!

First and foremost –THANK YOU for everything you are doing to advance the cause of Liberty! Everyone around here knows what it takes to run for public office and you have our sincere gratitude.

I’m writing to share three exciting things with you

First, if you’re not already on our website at:

We’d LOVE to have you join us there. To do so just complete and return the one page application available at:

NOTE: You do not have to return it as a PDF, you can simply put that same information into the text of an email and return it to me directly if that’s easier.

Second, Governor Johnson will be hosting a conference call for ALL of our endorsed candidates this Wednesday at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern Time. If you would like to be on that call, and have not already been endorsed by us, please get that Endorsement Request back to us asap. We’d love for you to join us on the call (If you have already been endorsed, or sent an application in within the past two weeks, you’ll be getting the dial in information and code in an email tomorrow.)

Third, All endorsed candidates will also be receiving Yard Signs and other materials in the mail from us. We also have a Facebook Page available for all endorsed candidates to share ideas, learn about the Governor’s and Judge Jim Gray’s schedules, and other support from us to you.

Lastly I’m here open to all ideas, suggestions, criticisms, and available to help in every possible way to maximize the number of votes for Governor Johnson and Judge Gray — and to maximize the positive impact that will have on YOUR campaign as well.

Thanks again for all your hard work for Liberty!


PS More great news. The Governor will also be hosting a LIVE town hall with Ann Stone on Thursday (also at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain, 8pm Central and 9pm Eastern Time). More information is available here:

Joseph G. Buchman, PhD
Candidate Research and Development
Direct: 435 602 0798 Campaign HQ: 801 303 7926
731 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

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In a followup email to campaign staff the following additional information and requests were provided:

Hey State Directors, Campus Directors, and other Directors!
First, and foremost, THANKS for all the work you’ve done to move the endorsement process forward.  Many of you have been in frequent, and MUCH APPRECIATED, contact.
There are only 99 days to go before the election, and we’d like to triple the number of our endorsements in the next three weeks to maximize the good we can do with this far enough out from the election to make a difference.
As of today Governor Johnson has endorsed candidates who are running as Libertarians (or as Independents or in other parties as Liberty-oriented candidates) in only the following 19 states:
New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
(We had one in California, Steve Colette, but he lost in the “top two” primary.  I also have an endorsement request from a candidate in Oregon currently undergoing the review and approval process.)
To each of the State Directors in the 21 states above THANKS!!!!
That leaves 29  states plus DC where we’ve not done a single endorsement yet.
I’ve been in communication with Bob Johnston at the LP Headquarters in DC and neither he, nor I, are aware of any Libertarian candidates running in the following 10 states:
New Mexico
South Dakota
West Virginia
To the State Directors in the 10 states immediately above — HEY, What’s Going On Out There?   Is there ANYTHING we can do to assist you and the LP State Chairs in getting ANY LIBERTARIANS on the ballot in those states?  (Or if they’re already running, PLEASE let the LP in DC, and me know about them ASAP)
The Next Question — for the State Directors in the 20 states and DC below — HEY, WHERE ARE YOUR CANDIDATES?  Would they like an endorsement from the Governor?
District of Columbia
New Jersey
North Dakota
South Carolina
And California — California — surely you have more than the one Libertarian candidate who is no longer running?!?!
Here’s the email I’d ask you to forward to EVERY Libertarian Candidate in your state — (It’s also what I just sent to the 217 candidate emails I received from Bob at LP HQ in DC) —
Any questions or concerns about this, PLEASE give me a call 435 602 0798, or drop an email to me —

10 thoughts on “Johnson Endorsement Update and Invitation To Candidate Conference Call

  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    Bob sent information for about 460 known Libertarian candidates, but only 217 of them had email addresses.

  2. Joe Buchman Post author

    “neither he, nor I, are aware of any Libertarian candidates running in the following 10 states”

    I can just hear George Phillies now . . . yes, I’m aware that Gary Johnson and Judge Gray ARE running as Libertarians (or perhaps as Independents, I’m not up on the ballot status in every state) in those states.


    So what I should have said is:

    “neither he, nor I, are aware of any Libertarian candidates (other than Gary Johnson) running in the following 10 states:”

    (And then you could have just complained that I left off Judge Gray.)

    All the above said, I hope, in what will be immediately apparent good humor. If not, blame it on sleep deprivation and general frustration.

    Joe (who does appreciate most of George’s overall whistle blowing, and integrity vigilance activity even when he’s whistling in my direction.)

  3. Joe Buchman Post author

    THANKS Oranje Mike @ 3 ,

    I was able to find 12 more emails for 12 more candidates, including 1 for the US Senate, 6 for the US House, and other local races. I also found five more names there with no emails or other contact information (Michael, Chris C., Chris G, Dennis and Damian).

    Just sent the rest of them the candidate email above.

    THANKS again Oranje Mike!


  4. Trent Hill


    LA-6, Congressional Candidate. Just announced.

  5. Joe Buchman

    @ 5 — We’re certainly willing to look at a write-in candidate. They would need a website, a link to the LP, an endorsement of Gary, and not be running against any other Libertarians.


  6. Joe Buchman

    Trent @ 6 — THANKS. Just the kind of candidate I’m actively looking for!


  7. Oranje Mike

    #4, our state chairman is trying to get everyone to update their pages as best possible. Some are write in candidates as well.

  8. Reed Ebarb

    @6 and 8. Louisiana has candidates, we have been to busy to send the information on to National or GJ Camapign. I will send the info ASAP.

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