Oregon Updates: Johnson On Ballot; Expedited Trial Motion Denied

Gary Johnson’s name appears as the Libertarian Presidential Candidate on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website.


In other news the motion for an expedited trial was denied.

The attached PDF file is a letter from Judge Herndon dated July 26, 2012, stating that plaintiffs’ motion to expedite trial will not be scheduled because the case is not at issue.




8 thoughts on “Oregon Updates: Johnson On Ballot; Expedited Trial Motion Denied

  1. George Phillies

    Assertions at the recent LNC meeting that this case might be settles in the next few weeks are shown to be false, including the time line if the judge had rules the other way on this point.

    “case is not at issue” means that there are a variety of legal steps that must be completed before there can be a trial. For example, I gather that one or both parties are still doing discovery. Some or all parties still have time to file particular motions prior to an actual trial, for example, on the issue of whether the case has been brought to the proper jurisdiction.

    It is my understanding if I heard correctly that under Oregon law it may sometimes be possible to identify additional parties that have involved themselves in the case in ways that might cause them to be dragged into the suit as plaintiffs or defendants.

    Libertarians as a practical matter might be concerned by the party registration of the candidates being fielded by the two parties to this suit.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I’m very, very pleased to have our excellent candidates, Johnson and Gray, on the ballot for November! I would hope that should have been the goal for all Libertarians.

    I’m curious as to what the next move by the Reeves group will be, and I would question the need for them to continue the lawsuit, unless it really is to get their four candidates on the ballot instead of the Wagner group’s 32.

  3. Be Rational

    It’s time for the Reevers to agree to drop their suit for the good of the Johnson campaign and the good of the LP as a whole.

    They can compete for leadership positions in the real Oregon Libertarian Party in the next cycle.

    It’s time for the cabal members outside of Oregon to stop meddling.

    Congratulations to Gary Johnson and Jim Gray for getting on the ballot, to Wes Wagner, and to the real Libertarians in Oregon and across the US.

  4. Joe Buchman Post author

    Did I read that letter correctly? Are there really FIVE different law firms involved in this case?

    Who is paying for the cost of that?

  5. George Phillies

    @4 When you have a bunch of defendants, they have different legal interests and therefore each need their own counsel, who may be from different firms. Who is paying in the end? That’s determined by the legal process, isn’t it?

  6. Joe Buchman

    George @ 5,

    I suppose one way to attempt to stop a potentially frivolous suit is to have each defendant have his/her own counsel to maximize the potential liability for the other side (and thus the expected value of that cash flow, assuming the associated probability of a successful defense would not be negatively impacted by too many cooks in the kitchen).

  7. George Whitfield

    I’m glad to hear that Johnson and Gray will be on the Oregon ballot. Thank you to whoever did what was necessary to make that happen.

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