Wayne Allyn Root: Obama Owes Business Owners

In an article titled “Small business owner to Obama — you owe us!” by Wayne Allyn Root, published earlier today on the FOX NEWS website, Mr. Root writes:

Business owners don’t owe credit to government for their success. Government owes us credit for its existence! Government doesn’t enable or empower business owners. We empower government.

Mr. Root then paints a grim vision of our future, one where American businesses have already gone on strike (until after November 6th), where others have scaled back or have gone “underground,” where 80 percent of doctors and many others are considering retiring early, where Obama’s past major donors have denounced their citizenship, where hundreds of business owners who Mr. Root reports knowing personally are prepared to leave “the moment Obama is re-elected,” where President Obama will then learn the “important business lesson of bankruptcy.”

The complete article is available here:


Wayne Allyn Root is a self-described capitalist evangelist and serial entrepreneur. He was the 2008 Libertarian vice presidential nominee and is currently the chair of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee.  He is the author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.

Mr. Root’s website is —www.ROOTforAmerica.com

18 thoughts on “Wayne Allyn Root: Obama Owes Business Owners

  1. Here's an idea

    Maybe one of those wealthy business leaders fleeing the country will take Wayne Allyn Root with them.

    We should be so lucky.

  2. Joe Buchman Post author

    @1 LOL! Perhaps they could go to China to help found the Libertarian Party of China, and Wayne could appeal to the mainstream party loyalists there by getting on a lot of media and . . .

    (I’ll leave it to others to fill in the blank)

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    I didn’t read the whole article, but I like the spirit of the headline. Obama DOES owe business owners an apology, at least (I won’t hold my breath!)

  4. give-me-liberty

    As much as I like to criticize Root I have to give him credit for recent weeks. He held a successful fundraiser, he stopped mentioning Romney in articles, and plugged Gary Johnson on RT. Of course we would love to see him mention Gary on Fox News but he probably has his hands tied.

  5. Joe Buchman

    I just don’t see any difference in Obama or Romney — and while I am not the odds maker, I’ll bet Wayne will be more upset with Romney, if he wins, 4 years from now than he is with Obama today.

  6. Dan Ciammaichella

    Joe, the proper term is “Obamney”. 😉

    As far as Root goes, is anyone surprised that he’s one of those fair-weathered “patriots” who runs away when he should be standing and fighting? The paper tiger shows his yellow stripes.

  7. Deran

    Root and all those who talk abt the traumatically over taxed rich are full of hogwash. Yes, I said it, Hogwash.


    TJN is not a Democratic Party affiliate, nor supporters, they are very critical of Obama’s attitude toward Wall Street and tax havens.

    The study out out by TJN makes it clear that the rich have between $21 and $32 trillion USD stowed away in off-shore tax havens.

    All Mr. Root’s blather abt the sadness of the wealthy is offensive to any thinking person.

  8. Steven R Linnabary

    My liberal friends keep saying Rmoney said much the same thing. This would have been a great opportunity for Wayne to rip Rmoney a new one, but he just comes off sounding like republican lite.

    Which we aren’t, no matter how much “Free Speech TV” or NPR want their audience to believe it. I wish somebody would tell Wayne that we are a separate party from the republicans and quit playing into leftist discourse.

    Other than that, this isn’t a bad essay. Not sure if I agree that it’s his best. Rmoney just isn’t an alternative.


  9. paulie

    As Mark Hilgenberg pointed out today in an open letter to the LNC

    I differentiate us from the two corporate parties. We are fighting concentrations of power be they government or government protected corporations. The more we can differentiate ourselves from corporate backed parties, the more youth and disenfranchised voters we will pick up. I have seen this work and how we can pick up supporters from people we traditionally write off.

    We need to let people know that small business and big government protected corporations are not all one side opposed by government, as the Republicans claim to represent both and the Democrats represent government. But in reality the Republicans only serve the interests of big government protected corporations, while the Democrats represent the interests of a government that is supported by and serves corporate interests. Their interests are closely intertwined and the only struggle is who gets to be the senior partner in their alliance. Meanwhile the rest of us, including small business owners, are not represented by either of those sides. The LP needs to hammer away at making this as widely understood as we possibly can.

  10. Not LOL

    Big business and big government, owning the two major parties, and gangin up against the “little people” including small business owners…no laughing matter.

  11. Mark Hilgenberg

    @ not

    “Big business and big government, owning the two major parties, and gangin up against the “little people” including small business owners…no laughing matter.”

    If this were a core message we would help change perceptions and grow our support. As it is now, we are looked at as supporting the big business half of the equation.

  12. Michael Cavlan RN

    Just my opinion. No real dog in this fight. I think that Wayne Allen Root is the David Cobb of the Libertarians. David Cobb and his “friends” have destroyed the Greens. That is why he gets on Faux Snooze (Fox News) all the time.

    Advice from another third party activist. Take it or leave it. I have no dog in this fight.

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