We Ask America Shows Gary Johnson at 2 Percent In Ohio Poll

. . . we asked each participant: “If the election for president were held today, for whom would you vote?” We’ve included Libertarian Gary Johnson to test the impact of a third-party candidate on what may be a very tight race. . . . What pops out immediately is the high percentage of self-described Republicans who say they will vote for Barack Obama.


Libertarian Gary Johnson scored just over 2 percent of the votes of those polled.

Full results are posted here




10 thoughts on “We Ask America Shows Gary Johnson at 2 Percent In Ohio Poll

  1. Be Rational

    1) Very few individuals have heard of Gary Johnson – this despite being a former governor. His polling results reflect that.

    2) Very little is being done to change #1.

    3) It takes resources, a plan and a strategy that takes into account the resources available, information channels and how they operate, and the way individuals relate to the various information channels and obtain information in the real world.

    4) It takes leaders who have the most important quality of leadership: The ability to be a follower.

    Good leaders need to be able to recognize those who have a good plan and strategy, be willing to recognize ideas more effective and better thought out than their own, be willing not to be the “hero” but an implementor, be willing to set aside their false pride and follow when they don’t get it or don’t really have any experience to support their feelings.

    5) It takes members and donors who are willing to support and fund activities in other places that advance the party in a different area of their own state or a different state or part of the country and to allow victories in other places to raise the standing of the whole party, which will then leverage their local efforts.

  2. Kevin Knedler

    @5 Michael.
    Having our quarterly board meeting today. THIS is on the agenda.

  3. John Balzer

    I must say the “be rational” person made some remarks of distinction. As for me, I have met Gary Johnson and subsequently looked into his record. He is a very honorable man and his record as a two term governor is spectacular. I would guess he would still be the governor of New Mexico now were it not for term limits. I trust this man and believe he will make an excellent president.

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