Debate Bias: Pro-D&R Parties In Delaware

In an email received by IPR  Gary Johnson 2012 State Director for Delaware  Steven Newton reports:
It is bad enough when the Presidential Debate Commission attempts to stifle political discourse by potentially excluding Gary Johnson, but now Delaware has its own debate controversy.
Ralph Begleiter (formerly of CNN) is the Director of the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication, which is co-hosting the candidate debates for statewide offices.  Citing the Pew Center’s Debate Standards Project, Mr. Begleiter has announced inclusion rules that will eliminate all Libertarian, Green, and Independent candidates from the debate.
What Mr. Begleiter is NOT telling the people of Delaware is that the following incumbent candidates who will benefit from this decision all sit on his Center’s Advisory Council:  Governor Jack Markell (D), Senator Tom Carper (D), and Congressman John Carney (D).
Dr. Newton further asks IPR resders to:
Take the time NOW to email Mr. Begleiter and ask him how he passes this decision off as “non-partisan” when it works in the obvious vested interest of the incumbent candidates on his Advisory Council.  Ask Mr. Begleiter why Green Party US Senate candidate Andrew Groff, Independent US Senate candidate Alex Pires, Libertarian US House candidate Scott Gesty, and Green Party US House candidate Bernard August are not going to be allowed to debate the members of HIS Advisory Council who are running for reelection.
For more information you may reach Steven at:

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