Report on Johnson at PAULfest

Here is a report on PAULfest from Jordon Bloom at The American Conservative. The report covers Johnson’s speech and the third party sentiments of some of the attendees:

“Having the sand kicked in our face through the whole process has really opened my eyes,” says Andy McKeon, 29, a Paul delegate from Massachusetts. “So many people use the excuse of voting for the lesser of two evils, [but] those days are behind me at this point. As soon as I’m done with this convention, I will not be voting for one of those two parties this November. Barring some miracle for Ron Paul, I’ll be casting my vote for Gary Johnson. My big hope is that the Ron Paul supporters don’t just go home and decide not to vote.”

Johnson himself spoke at length Saturday afternoon, courting those very supporters with his “be libertarian, one time” pitch, which targets non-voters as much as independents…

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6 thoughts on “Report on Johnson at PAULfest

  1. Kyle Kneale

    I don’t think the Paul supporters will go home and not vote, my fear is that they will go and write-in Paul’s name. Those write-ins won’t be counted by SOS (unless someone files write-in materials for the campaign like they did in KS).

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    What a complete ass this writer is. He has to continue Paul-bashing even this late in the campaign–why the heck does a genuinely conservative, peace- loving, 77 year-old gynecologist scare him so much? And by whose criteria is 13,000 attendees a”dismal failure”?

    The RNC has shown themselves to be so corrupt that I predict they won’t come through this campaign season intact. Either they’ll splinter into at least one other group, or they will have lost so many members that they’ll be dwarfed by the Democratic Party. After their disgusting cheating and rule-changing this past week, the entire Republican party, in my view, deserves to die a sudden and horrible death.

    And as far as 13,000 attendees, that count seems to be for only one of the three Paul festivals in Tampa last weekend. Funny how the writer didn’t acknowledge that. I’m SOOO disgusted.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    Jill, I have yet to figure out exactly where Jordan Bloom is coming from. He writes for The American Conservative, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is a paleo as TAC tends to collect an assortment of people who are critical of mainstream conservatism for one reason or another without being paleo (the magazines roots). My general take is that he is one off these people who doesn’t think talk of massive cuts to government spending is serious, so his opposition to mainstream conservatism is that it isn’t to be taken seriously.

    That said, I don’t think that this was an effort to bash Paul or his followers. I suspect he is more sympathetic to Paul as a dissident who says what he believes, than is your typical Paul bashing movement con.

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