The Commission on Presidential Debates Adds Comments Email Address

The Commission on Presidential Debates has recently added an email address for comments to their main page at:

The comments email address is: and results (at least for this reporter) in a reply of:


Thank you for your comment.  Although this account is monitored daily, we are unable to personally respond to all comments due to the large volume.  We appreciate your interest.


IPR readers are nonetheless encouraged to contact the Commission on Presidential Debates at the email address above to advocate for the inclusion of the “Third Party” Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates of their choosing.

Those readers receiving responses substantially different from the one reproduced above are likewise encouraged to post those responses here.


2 thoughts on “The Commission on Presidential Debates Adds Comments Email Address

  1. Wu-Tang Forever

    Found at

    note to the Republicans and Democrats:

    Worried your candidate isn’t strong enough to…

    Jason Melehani 1:11am Aug 23

    Worried your candidate isn’t strong enough to win the election even with all the free media exposure, WAY over $100 million spent on campaigning and millions more coming from superPACs? Why won’t EVERYONE just vote for the lesser of two evils? Can’t we just force them to?! Here is your game plan…

    First off, make sure that the ballot access requirements represent an enormous hurdle, such as the 85,379 signatures needed in North Carolina or the 73,134 needed in Oklahoma.[p:

    True, except that the the Oklahoma requirement, while overwhelming, aren’t quite as bad as he says..]

    If that fails, you can always ensure that the partisan Secretary of State digs up some arcane regulations that they have never applied in previous elections and apply them now to keep candidates off the ballot:

    If that doesn’t work, next try using frivolous lawsuits to obstruct ballot access and encumber the third party with excessive fees and a major time burden:

    And if that doesn’t work, just straight up lie and hope no one catches you:

    Well, since you failed, at least at the end of the day you still control the media and have the “Commission on Presidential Debates” run by former Democrat National Committee and former Republican National Committee Members.

    ….Welcome to American Democracy in action. If you aren’t furious, you should be.

    Jason has some advice for the rest of us too:

    Instrumental to our success will be getting included in the Debates. An organization made up of former Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee members control the debates. They set the criteria for being invited which include being on enough ballots to theoretically win, being qualified to run per the US Constitution and polling at 15% in an average of 5 national polls. This last requirement is clearly constructed in a way to prevent any third party candidate for being invited. Using the other two criteria, Gary Johnson would be the only additional candidate included. This commission cheapens our electoral process and is an embarrassment to our nation. [p: actually Jill Stein also qualifies under that criteria, and Virgil Goode may or may not].

    See what Gary Johnson has to say about it in his letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates:

    Here is where you come in! First off, we need your help to pressure the polling organizations to include Governor Gary Johnson. He is polling in double digits in some states in the Mountain West but still many polling firms refuse to include him. Please email these firms to let them know you think Governor Gary Johnson should be included. If you email them all at the same time, use BCC otherwise you email might get picked up as spam.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Second, we need your help to pressure the Commission on Presidential Debates to invite Gary Johnson. Please send an email to these people (all members of the CPD) to tell them they have to include Gary.,,,,,
    (Co-Chairman Michael D. McCurry [former Clinton Press Secretary] is a partner at PSW and Co-Chairman Frank J. Fahrenkopf [former Chairman of the RNC] is President and CEO at AGA, can’t find their personal emails)

    Don’t stop there though. If you can, make yourself a reminder and email these two groups every day or every other day. With November 6th quickly approaching, there is no time to waste! Although our efforts are urgent, please remain respectful and polite in your emails with these individuals and organizations. Supporters all across the country will be coordinating efforts and together we can make the commission change.

    If ultimately we fail to get Gary Johnson invited to the debates, we should not give up hope. It is likely that the Democrats and Republicans will continue their toxic negative campaigning and people will be extremely tired and frustrated with them by November. We must always be ready to pick up new supporters and show them that there is a better choice this election. And if on November 6th we receive over 5% of the popular vote, the Libertarian Party will qualify for ballot access in nearly every state automatically for the next four years and we will qualify for up to $90 million in public campaign financing, greatly enhancing our efforts for 2016.

    This fight isn’t over on November 7th. Gary Johnson is in this to change America for the better and he is not giving up. When asked today if he would consider running again in 2016, without a moment of hesitation, he emphatically declared he would. Gary Johnson won’t give up, nor will I, and I hope you’ll stand with us for the long haul too.

    Thanks for all your support

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