CNN: “Libertarian’s Johnson Could Hurt Romney and Obama”

The Cable News Network ran the following story today about Governor Gary Johnson and a potential “spoiler” role in the Presidential Election 57 days from now:

Note (aside from the reporter’s leaving the UP (Upper Peninsula)  out of Michigan when he circles the state)  — at about 1:25 in, Ron Nielson, Senior Campaign Adviser, is interviewed.

Portions of Governor Johnson’s interview in today’s broadcast were apparently reused from a prior CNN interview aired on August 25th and available here:


12 thoughts on “CNN: “Libertarian’s Johnson Could Hurt Romney and Obama”

  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    The Republican Party quote at the end of this CNN report that:

    “Not only are the [Libertarian Party’s] papers riddled with errors, duplicate signatures and blatant fraud, they raise concerns that President Obama and the Democratic Party are trying to add more candidates to the ballot because they know the vast majority of voters are looking for a new direction.”

    Is the absolute blatant lie. Really, President Obama is working to get Gary Johnson on the Pennsylvania ballot? THAT’s their concern?!?! Really?

    What a load of total ROOT.

    (Sorry, I meant CRAP and I got confused.)

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    LOL, Joe.

    I think the Republicans are scared they won’t win, which is appropriate because they probably won’t.
    After the blatant cheating exhibited at their convention, I hope they don’t.

  3. Be Rational

    Gary missed his chance in the first interview, when asked what would it take to create a true 3rd party movement, and about the problems with the media:

    1) Fair ballot access: Repeal the laws that the Democrats and Republicans have put in place to keep independents and 3rd parties off the ballot. Let the people run for office and have a chance.

    2) Fair treatment by the media: The media should treat every candidate for the same office equally, cover their views and campaigns without bias as to who has more money raised or who seems to be ahead at the moment.

    The media should include equally, all candidates for President who are on the ballot in enough states to carry the Electoral College, with the same amount of coverage and exposure. The media should only broadcast debates where all such candidates have been invited and refuse to carry debates that exclude such candidates.

  4. Be Rational

    Romney has almost no chance to win. All the dirty tricks to stop Gary Johnson from being on the ballot, when he’s the only one left with a chance to beat Obama.

    Right now this election should go 334 to 204 in the Electoral College – overwhelmingly for Obama.

    The only way this will change is if Gary Johnson gets a sudden influx of cash – enough for some serious TARGETED major network broadcast TV advertising AND gets into the debates. GJ has a better chance of winning than Romney. Romney can never overcome his negatives.

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