Gary Johnson: Radio Buy; Web “Telethon” Initial Plans Announced

Ryan Shattuck of the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign announced earlier today that the:

Nationwide radio buy starts tomorrow!

If you have suggestions for local radio programs (the campaign has compiled a master list of those, but is also looking for smaller-market, Libertarian-oriented/leaning talk show host contact information), Ryan asks that you email him directly at:

Additionally, Chris Thrasher of the campaign has announced the following Internet Telethon details:

A special national fundraising moneybomb and telethon will take place on Wednesday September 19th, exactly two weeks before the first Presidential Debate.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to make a final push to help Gary take his rightful place at the podium alongside Obama and Romney.

In addition to the all-day moneybomb, you can hold a local viewing party for the National Fundraising Telethon! The program will run at 7:30 PM Eastern, and 7:30 PM Pacific.
What you need:

A Location: This can be anywhere you’d like! Your house, apartment, a dining hall, a club, the back room of a restaurant, anywhere you can take donations and set up a way to watch the program!

An Internet Connection: The program will be live streamed via the internet, and only available to those at the viewing parties.

Enthusiasm! This will be a great event with each party in competition with the others across the nation to raise the most money for the campaign! Prizes include personal phone calls from candidates, memorabilia and more!

Also, there will be tons of stuff to give away to supporters, and we will provide all of the hosts with the tools necessary to make this a great event!

Those interested in hosting or attending an event are encouraged to contact Chris at:

More information about specific radio buys and telethon party locations will be posted in the comments section below as it becomes available.  Individuals with suggestions regarding radio outlets and Telethon hosts are welcome to post details here as well.

The campaign monitors IPR  . . .



24 thoughts on “Gary Johnson: Radio Buy; Web “Telethon” Initial Plans Announced

  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    OK so where it says “campaign” up there in that last sentence . . . I think it’s just me.

    Anyone else out there with the campaign reading this and want to pop out from behind the curtain?



    #5, is the theory that these are states where GJ can be the balance of power? I think national advertising is also important if the goal is to get more than 1 million (or even 2 million) votes.
    Would be a real hoot to 1)double the LP’s membership, 2) double Ed Clark’s 1980 vote totals, and 3) have the losing presidential candidate fall short by the electoral votes in states where GJ was double the margin of defeat.

  3. Ryan R.

    I would encourage Governor Johnson to begin being more aggressive in campaigning on all fronts. A college visit blitz, a Team Gary road bike crew, radio and TV as available, pull out all the stops to find free publicity in all 50 states.

  4. Cyric Renner

    One or Two Million votes doesn’t seem to be terribly ambitious to me. I would hope that he could at least get 5 million or 5% of the national vote.

    Part of the problem is that the LP doesn’t seem terribly effective in raising money. I think to date, GJ has raised maybe $2 million ? This is peanuts. Look what Romney and Obama have raised in comparison.

    I don’t know if GJ is spending some some of his own money, but if he wants national exposure, he might have to.

  5. just Libertarian

    @5 — Colorado would be another good place to concentrate, with medical cannabis being on the ballot and the chance to “take” more from Obama than Romney rather than the opposite which seems to be the case in most other states.

  6. James

    As both #7 and #9 said, visiting colleges and getting the youth to stand behind Johnson will go a long way, longer I think than any radio buy will. Enthusiastic supporters in themselves are free advertising provided you keep them occupied, and the college youth typically are the core of this group, and I would think would be receptive, if not supportive, of many of Gary’s ideals.

    If forced to choose a radio station, I would go with NPR if they will have you. Courts already ruled they can’t be prevented from airing them, and they typically have a viewership ~20 million, popular among the youth.

  7. Steven Wilson

    Gary Johnson doesn’t have the ground soldiers like Ron Paul does to pull off a college tour. He needs a marketing mix and gets him word of mouth. The reach and impression with radio works if combined with other modes.

    Johnson needs the radio spots to operate like a prelude to his appearance in that domain. He has to sell it. The radio spots just open the door.

  8. Joe Buchman Post author

    Governor Johnson is being interviewed by John Stossell in New York City RIGHT NOW (show will air on Thursday)

    Our online townhall yesterday maxed out with 11, 000 viewers and lots of emails from folks who were unable to log in.

    Ryan Shattuck writes —

    Governor Johnson’s AMA on Reddit this afternoon was the #2 story on Reddit, and received over 6,000 questions and comments.

    Gov. Johnson answered 54 questions over the course of an hour (which is 44 more than Obama answered in his AMA). You can view Gov. Johnson’s Reddit AMA in its entirety here:

    and can view a summary of the questions he answered here:

    To subscribe to the Gary Johnson “subreddit” if you haven’t already:

    #GaryGetsIt Twitter Bomb: Wednesday, September 12th

    The next Twitter bomb will be tomorrow, September 12th at 9:00 am PDT / 10:00 am MDT / 11:00 am CDT / 12:00 pm EDT.

    We specifically want to promote the idea that unlike Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson gets it. Therefore, tomorrow’s hashtag is#GaryGetsIt. As always, please try to reference @GovGaryJohnson in your tweet if possible.

    For example: “Unlike @MittRomney, @GovGaryJohnson wants to end the War on Drugs. #GaryGetsIt”

    For example: “When @GovGaryJohnson becomes president, he’ll end the reckless spending in Washington. #GaryGetsIt”

    For example: “Under @BarackObama, we’ve had constant unemployment. @GovGaryJohnson knows this is unacceptable. #GaryGetsIt”

    Please invite your friends, your family, your co-workers, your church members, your Twitter and Facebook friends, and EVERYONE to tweet#GaryGetsIt tomorrow at 9:00 am PDT / 10:00 am MDT / 11:00 am CDT / 12:00 pm EDT.

    If you have questions about the Twitter bomb, email

    #GaryJohnsonMustDebate Twitter Bomb: Sunday, September 16th

    David Cox, the volunteer behind the successful Sunday Twitter bombs, has organized another one for this Sunday, September 16th at 11:00 am PDT / 12:00 pm MDT / 1:00 pm CDT / 2:00 pm EDT.

    We will post our support on Twitter for Gary Johnson’s inclusion in this year’s presidential debates. We will use the hashtag #GaryJohnsonMustDebate. This is a protest targeting the Republicans and Democrats, the Commission on Presidential Debates, and its corporate sponsors (

    For more information, please visit the Facebook event page for the#GaryJohnsonMustDebate Twitter Bomb:


    If you know of Libertarian candidates who would like the Governor’s endorsement, please ask them to fill out the same form you did and return it to me at this address. It’s also available online at:

    If you have any questions, or if there’s anything I can do to help, please drop an email to me, or give me a call. 56 more days to give it ALL for Liberty!



  9. Joe Buchman

    From Ron Nielson at Gary Johnson 2012 — “The first radio run will target libertarian type radio stations. Money comes from your base and we need to firm up our base support. Each week we will increase the buy and expand the audience with new ads and messages. If you have suggestions on libertarian stations please post. We want to make sure we did not miss any. Thanks.”

  10. DSZ

    I really hope the campaign focuses on CO, NM, and AK, ad nauseum. His poll numbers and recognition are good in the first two (not to mention the CO ballot question), and Alaska has a track record of being very good to third parties and particularly libertarians. WA and OR might also be good targets. It may be far fetched, but if Gary can somehow win AK, CO, and NM, now or 2016, it would make waves even if nationwide he only got 7%.

    Secondly, I’ll take this time to say that while GJ is a great candidate, at times I sigh and really wish he would take more sophisticated views on issues that would break from left-right thinking, rather than be a combination of left and right stances. For instance, if one is truly in favor of marriage equality, then one cannot simply acknowledge “gay” and “straight” marriage. Why should government even acknowledge marriage in the first place? & if it must, due to silly tax and insurance reasons, then why not just recognize civil unions and let the places where marriages have sanctity (ie, places of worships) decide which ones they want to recognize? Separation of church and state means separation of marriage and state. Another example is Johnson being pro-EPA. If we acknowledge global warming, and we acknowledge the harm and denial of right to life caused by pollution, then I think it is only morally justifiable to punish emissions equally through a revenue neutral carbon tax. Cap and trade quite obviously invites corruption, and the EPA almost as much. Why does the EPA drive coal into the ground, yet let the corn ethanol industry off the hook? Johnson’s position to let things be with the EPA is inadequate. I could go on about better versions of a consumption tax, more nuanced and consistent views on abortion that I think would please both sides etc., but suffice to say, I hope he improves by 2016.

  11. Be Rational

    @17 This is a good plan for party building over the medium term. Reaching out to a subset that is already interested in libertarian ideas and solutions should be a good way to attract new members and supporters. The ads will need to include an 800# and website.

    It won’t lead to a media coverage breakthrough or give any leverage for free media, it won’t maximize votes, but we do need party building and new members.

  12. paulie

    JJM at LNC-discuss:

    One more thing to add on topic 2 if the Johnson campaign can furnish us with a 30 second video that is “cable ready” we can create instructions for whomever wants to fund it. And start doing that immediately.

    We did this two years ago and it was very inexpensive once you have the cable ready commercial. People can do their own pledge drives to fund it and pick what channels and when they want to run it in their area.

  13. zapper

    @20 That is a sad suggestion. It means bits of advertising, too little to be effective, on channels not watched, not enough rating points to have any impact, not enough repetitions to bring in new members or supporters.

    We need large amounts of major network Broadcast TV advertising in targeted markets. We have to spend enough money per capita in each targeted market to yield enough repetitions for viewers to notice the ads, react and respond.

    Each person and local group doing their own thing in dribs and drabs is a waste of resources. It is what we’ve done for 30 years. It has failed for 30 years.

  14. Joe Buchman Post author

    The following email was sent by Ron Nielson today:

    The Republicans and Mitt Romney are trying to stop us, but they are failing. From Iowa to Virginia, they have sent their money and their lawyers to state capitals across the nation to keep Gov. Johnson off the November ballot. But as Politico is reporting this morning, his name is already on the ballot in 47 states and the District of Columbia, and we are determined to fight off the attacks that are still going on in the three remaining states: Michigan, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

    We are winning these battles because of you – and hundreds like you who have stepped up and provided the financial support we must have to pay the costs of these ballot challenges. I emailed you last week to let you know we needed to raise $100,000 quickly to ensure Gov. Johnson’s place on the ballot in all 50 states, and you responded. In those few short days, great supporters of our campaign for Liberty contributed more than $50,000. That support has been key in the past few days, but we are not finished.

    Right now, we are in court in the remaining three states, and our costs are adding up. Your contribution at today will allow us to keep up the fight and finish the job of giving voters in each and every state the opportunity to choose Liberty, non-intervention, and smaller government – rather than the business-as-usual Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are offering.

    Your contribution is essential for another reason: It is clear that the Establishment politicians are trying to drain our resources by forcing our campaign to spend time and precious money fighting these ballot challenges. They hope that, whether they win these challenges or not, the money we spend on them will keep us from purchasing the advertising we need to get Gov. Johnson’s message out.

    Thanks to folks like you, that tactic is failing also – so far. This week we have placed our first radio buy, and in the next day or so you will begin to hear our ad in key states and on targeted shows across the nation.

    But, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t tell you that it is simple math that the money we must spend to fight off ballot challenges is money we could otherwise use to buy more advertising and pay the other costs of running a national campaign. That is where you come in. Gov. Johnson must have your continued financial support to keep the opposition’s tactics from working. Please go to and make sure Gov. Johnson is on the ballot in every state – AND on the air.

    You may have seen some of the national media attention our campaign is receiving this week. CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and many others are seeing – and reporting – the polls that prove our message is resonating with key voters.

    As Gov. Johnson says, that is momentum – and we have to seize it.

    Your friendship and support have brought us to the edge of history. Fewer than 60 days remain until election day. Go to and help ensure that we have the resources to make the history that is now within our grasp.

    Thank you, as always.

    Ron Nielson
    Senior Advisor
    Gov. Gary Johnson

    P.S. Tune in Thursday night to “Stossel” on Fox Business Channel. Gov. Johnson will be appearing on the show, and it should be very interesting.

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