Doug Mataconis: “There is No Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney”

Here is a essay by Doug Mataconis at United Liberty. The article is primarily about small l libertarians but addresses arguments against third party voting.

Stephen Green, PJMedia’s Vodkapundit, came out this morning with a post putting forward a libertarian case for Mitt Romney. I’ve seen several other people try to attempt to make this argument in the last several weeks, but they’ve all been conservatives trying to convince libertarians why they absolutely must vote for Mitt Romney rather than Gary Johnson on November 6th. Inevitably, those arguments, whether in the form of a blog post or a conversation on Twitter or Facebook end up devolving into the same ridicule and condescension one typically hears from conservatives directed at libertarians. A vote for Gary Johnson, they say, is a vote for Barack Obama, for example. Another common theme is to point out that the Libertarian Party doesn’t exactly have a record of electoral success, a fact which I concede but which I find completely irrelevant to the question of who I should consider voting for and why…

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4 thoughts on “Doug Mataconis: “There is No Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney”

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  2. Stewart Flood

    He did a good job of pointing out that Green was just using a variation of the old “he’s less evil” argument. Well written.

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