Gary Johnson Video: Cast a Vote for Peace

New ad from the Johnson campaign. No word as to when and where it will be broadcast other than youtube, but it is standard TV commercial length.

4 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Video: Cast a Vote for Peace

  1. Robert Capozzi

    If this is the only ad to run on TV, I’m not sure HOW I feel about it. I wonder how many voters are thinking about the prospect of war with Iran. Is this ad asking too much of the viewer? Dunno.

    Certainly large segments of voters are war weary. But is it the case that large numbers are assuming the MR or BHO will attack Iran, and therefore they should vote GJ to send a message that they don’t approve? Dunno.

    I hope that maximizes the vote totals, but I can’t know if this is the optimal messaging to do so.

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