Republicans Against Romney

I ran across an ad for this website, Republicans Against Romney, on Facebook.

It’s criticism of Romney is heavily focused on the pro-life issue. The group is sponsored by American Right to Life which describes itself as “on the personhood wing of the pro-life movement.”

DENVER, Aug. 28, 2012 — “Mitt Romney is the architect of Obamacare,” said Jefferson George, the president of American Right To Life Action, a conservative 527 group. “Romney has already implemented what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only dream of: homosexual marriage, tax-funded abortion on demand by health care reform with the individual mandate, robbing religious freedom from pro-life hospitals. The list is long. If anyone believed the ‘lesser of two evils’ con, they’d have to vote for Obama.”

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8 thoughts on “Republicans Against Romney

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  2. paulie

    Glancing at the page I see no mention of any alt parties. It seems to contradict itself, at some point saying that Romney is the same as Obama, at others saying that Obama is actually better. It’s a lot of dense text so I did not have the patience to read it thoroughly.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    “If anyone believed the ‘lesser of two evils’ con, they’d have to vote for Obama.”

    I have no intention of voting for Romney, but I actually think this kind of rhetoric is unhelpfully over the top and diminishes their credibility. There is simply no way that Obama is the lesser of two evils on the abortion issue (or social issues in general) compared to the current iteration of Romney. Everyone knows he was a Massachusetts RINO and everyone knows he flip-flopped. Pointing out the stuff from his past record is essentially just repeating over and over again that he used to be a Massachusetts RINO. The issue is whether you believe his conversion is sincere and/or whether you believe he will govern right even if it wasn’t due to political considerations.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    I don’t think it mentions any alternative parties either. I looked. But since I’m sure they are not counseling a vote for Obama, I take it for granted they want people to vote third party or less likely not vote.

    A quick scan of the website reveals that the “Founding President” was Brian Rohrbough who was Alan Keyes’ running mate in 2008.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    Romney’s always had a tough row to hoe with pro-life voters due to his flip-flopping ways, and he didn’t help himself with them — or with anyone else — during the Akin kerfuffle by jumping to assure the public that he favors a “rape-incest exception.”

  6. paulie

    Didn’t Romney just flip flop on abortion again in the last few days? I pay relatively little attention to the duopolists but I seem to recall hearing something about that, somewhere.

  7. Steve

    Paulie – just the other day Romney told the Des Moines Register that he wouldn’t pursue any action against abortion. Not sure if that’s a flip flop or not since I don’t know what position he held the day before.

  8. Wobbly Rails

    Depends on what time the day before. I’m sure he changed his position more than once during the course of the day.

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