The Right Sphere: “Libertarians Should Vote for Mitt Romney”

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Dear Libertarian Friends,

Oh, the shame and humiliation that should fill our hearts if Barack Obama were to win re-election because of the Right’s divided front.

It’s wholly irrelevant how much you like Mitt Romney, or trust him to govern conservatively.  The only pertinent factor remains the reality of his superiority over the incumbent.  If you care about American prosperity and strength, the only justification for voting third party or abstaining altogether is a belief that Mitt Romney would push Marxist principles as aggressively as Barack Obama has and would – an opinion I hope we can all agree is ludicrous.  A moderate, yes. Radical leftist, no.

The logic of abstaining or voting third party – when that may enable a far inferior and disastrous incumbent to win over the only viable challenger – is faulty at best, and destruction’s complicity in this case.  Electing Mitt Romney doesn’t save the republic, but it does give us the chance. A chance most of us would acknowledge is all but vanished if Obama wins a second term.

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42 thoughts on “The Right Sphere: “Libertarians Should Vote for Mitt Romney”

  1. paulie

    Starts with the mistaken notion that libertarianism is on the right, and proceeds to classic lesser evil fallacies.

    Libertarians are at least as much on the left (social issues and foreign policy) as on the right. To the extent that Republicans pay lip service to libertarian issues on economics, their record proves over and over that they are liars, as they expand government on that front as much as Democrats over and over again.

    Even if Romney was a lesser evil, which he isn’t, voting for him and others like him time after time would simply mean that we continue in the same big government direction. Not voting against two parties that perpetually want to increase government means that it can never get anything except bigger. Where’s the logic in that?

  2. Gene Berkman

    The great thing about columns like the one linked to is that the comments sections are always filled with attacks on Republican statism and plugs for Gary Johnson.

    My comment at the site:
    “I am against Obamacare. The Massachusetts Healthcare reform has shown that such heavy handed government will only make ths situation worse.”

    “Gov. Romney has already indicated he will keep parts of Obamacare if elected, and he has promised more government spending in other areas.”

    “Look at the record. President Taft (R) promoted the income tax amendment, which was passed by a big Republican majority in Congress; President Nixon (R) gave us wage & price controls, EPA, affirmative action, and friendship with Red China; President Reagan (R) provided military aid to Saddam Hussein; President Bush Sr gave us an expanded war on drugs, the first Iraq war, and new taxes; Bush Jr gave us pre-emptive war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind; expanded medicare; bank bailouts, and more than 6 trillion dollars in deficits.”

    “Do you really think we can trust Republicans to limit government power?”

  3. Be Rational

    “… the only justification for voting third party or abstaining altogether is a belief that Mitt Romney would push Marxist principles as aggressively as Barack Obama has and would …”

    Yes, it’s true. Mitt Romney IS more of a Marxist communist than Obama. His policies would bring America down the road to totalitarian communism even faster than Obama would.

    Only marxists, racists and fascists should vote for Romney.

  4. Cynical in New York

    Oh its cute how conservatives like Brady pushing this crap. Memo to conservatives;

    You had your chance to elect a real man of liberty but your love for thugerment was too much to let go of. Conservatives you made the bed, now you have to sleep in it. You want to blame someone try looking in a mirror.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp

    Wayne Root is right about one thing: America is a center-right country.

    And its two parties have both produced center-right candidates, virtually indistinguishable in anything but a tan pageant.

  6. paulie

    Robomba…I mean Obama…is now a war criminal as well. And Omni…I mean Rmoney…oops, Romney….is an aspiring war criminal.

  7. paulie

    Wayne Root is right about one thing: America is a center-right country.

    I don’t know, it seems like the mass of people can be pushed because they have uncertain, confused and contradictory views, and it’s just a matter of who takes the time and effort to organize…or has the money to advertise, or both.

  8. paulie

    I predict a drone named Omni-Robomba will win and will for the next four years operate on auto-pilot to cluster bomb foreign nations, the US and world economies, and what remains of our civil liberties. Chances are at least 99-1. Eerie, huh?

  9. Jared King

    I’m seeing a lot of talk like this. Which means Republicans view Gary Johnson as a threat. Not as a ‘non-factor’ , Reince. The campaign must be doing something right.

  10. Gary Johnson Needs You !

    Same B-S every 4 years. FORGET the propaganda I’m for the absolute BEST candidate in this race !

    Got Jobs? Johnson, Romney, Obama –

    Who is Gov. Gary Johnson?

    *Gov. Johnson is a Highly Successful former two-term Governor of New Mexico.

    *Gov. Johnson has the most executive experience of any candidate in the race.

    *Gov. Johnson is the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country.

    *Gov. Johnson vetoed more (wasteful,unneeded) bills than his contemporary 49 Governors combined.

    *During his time, Gov. Johnson was one of only 4 Governors to leave their state with a balanced budget.

    *Gov. Johnson cut taxes 14 times.

    *Gov. Johnson has the best record on jobs growth of any official presidential candidate, according to a National Review report.

    *According to a Public Policy Poll, Gov. Gary Johnson is the only presidential candidate who is still popular in his home state, which also happens to be 2-1 Democrat.

    *Gov. Johnson has the record and the serious policy proposals needed to bring common sense back to Washington DC and put our country back on the right track.

    *Imagine a balanced budget in 2013, less taxes taken out of your paycheck, a responsible monetary policy, health care entrepreneurs unleashed on a free market, a real national defense instead of nation-building, and an administration for whom GLBT is not a four-letter word.

    Anti-Obama 2012 –

    Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’? –

    In the scheme of things my one vote is like tinkling in the Pacific Ocean, it won’t matter much SO I’ll use it to send the crooks a message, F U !!!

    GARY JOHNSON in 2012

    Vote against the Rs and Ds. Keep the puppet that wins UNDER 50% of the votes (of the people who bother to vote) ! Should help to GRIDLOCK the bastards and their grand plans……

  11. Wayne Root's Teeth vs the Cavity Creeps

    #9. Wow, did George Phillies just pull a Wayne Root, but in the opposite direction?

  12. Mike Jones

    Not exactly. Phillies said Obama is not much better. Also, Phillies is not an officer of the party – not even at the state level anymore. If you want Root in the opposite direction, check Carla Howell and Michael Cloud. They have been openly saying that Romney is worse than Obama while in official LP capacities.

  13. Mike Jones

    Speaking of Wayne Root, he is now alleging that he is the target of repeated politically motivated IRS audits that he says were personally ordered by Obama.

  14. Timm Knibbs

    As far as I can tell Romney is Obama, so Obama wins if you vote for Romney or Obama. OBamney 2012.

  15. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    @22: Speaking of Wayne Root, he is now alleging that he is the target of repeated politically motivated IRS audits that he says were personally ordered by Obama.

    So what? If Root has nothing to hide, why is he worried?

    Tea Partiers make that excuse whenever a Moslem or Mexican or drug user complains about profiling or domestic spying or the Patriot Act.

    Root should live by the Tea Party ethos he helps promote.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp

    On the one hand, the use of IRS audits as a political weapon is old hat.

    On the other hand, I have to doubt that an audit of Root would be “personally ordered by Obama.”

    If Obama has ever even heard of Root, it’s probably as a footnote on page 37 of some campaign self-oppo-research report (“some nutcase says that since he went to Columbia at the same time as you and didn’t know you, that means you just got into Harvard because you’re black”).

    If the audits are politically motivated at all, the call was probably made by some low-rung IRS bureaucrat who likes to fuck with easy Republican targets.

    Complaints about politically motivated audits probably make those audits more, not less, effective. It gets the word out: “Unless you want to feel the hammer, don’t go around making noises like a nail.”

  17. George Phillies

    I could also have said that it is better that your city be visited by Godzilla that by Ghidorah (with apologies to non-fans of Japanese SF films). Not good. But better.

  18. paulie

    As far as I can tell Romney is Obama, so Obama wins if you vote for Romney or Obama.

    I think you’re right, and furthermore this means that Romney wins if you vote for Romney or Obama. Very disturbing!

  19. Jared King

    #27: It says Root didn’t write it, but it sure smells like he did (“Root has been a relentless critic of Obama in more than 4,000 appearances on political talk shows on TV and radio…”).

    What do I expect from a site that advertises “Dreams from My REAL Father” in the corner (“Acclaimed filmmaker’s remarkable case that Obama’s dad was communist Frank Marshall Davis”)

  20. Steven R Linnabary

    Root’s allegations about the repeated IRS audits

    I *– USED* to get frequent letters from the IRS, but only in the years ’85-’89 & ’93-’96. Purely by coincidence, those were the same years I served on LNC.

    Anybody who seeks a position and/or serves on the LNC should expect to be audited.


  21. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    OTOH, Root could be lying, and there is no IRS audit.

    Root has a history of making whooper-sized lies. Lies that are huge, ludicrous, unnecessary, and easily disprovable. The sign of a pathological liar (as was Bill Clinton), rather than a normal liar.

    I can see Root blurting his IRS accusations, with little thought, because he believes that it colors him as an anti-Obama martyr, and will keep him in the media spotlight.

    Yes, it’s a bizarre lie. But Root has a history of bizarre lies; taking positions, than denying he ever took such positions, although it’s easily proven otherwise.

    I can imagine Root lying, thinking that no one will bother to check, and that the IRS will never hear about it.

  22. paulie

    What about the part about them auditing him again 5 days later — anyway that the skeptics here can verify it for themselves?

  23. Thomas L. Knapp


    I’m surprised that anyone would find Root’s claim about being audited again to be doubtful.

    He is a prime audit target, both for political reasons and because of the types of businesses he’s been involved in.

    The reason the mob took such a shine to Vegas way back when is that gambling tends to be a cash business. It’s easy to hide cash flow, “clean” criminal money, etc.

    The IRS takes an interest in gambling-related income for the same reason.

  24. Thomas L. Knapp

    Paulie @ 40,

    Yes, I read it. And I agree with it — Root does have a history of telling bizarre lies, doubling down on them when he gets caught, etc. If his lips are moving, there’s a better than even chance that what’s coming out of his mouth is 100% Grade A Bullshit.

    But: The previous audit and resulting suit are verifiable — the docket sheet, etc. were on the court’s web site. “I’m being audited again” seems like a pretty lowball lie for Root. The tall tales seem to be the stuff around the edges — “it had to come from the very top levels,” “the last auditor was a huge fan of mine,” etc.

  25. paulie

    At least WND repeated that Snopes has him as the #2 article on the whole internet and that no one he ever met had met Obama at Columbia, LOL

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