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Virgil Goode Also Endorsing Independent (NM) Jon Barrie for Senate

As reported below, Gary Johnson has endorsed Barrie. This letter from Virgil Goode is from an e-mail sent to us by the Barrie campaign:

Dear Jon:

I was encouraged by the news that you beat the odds and got on the ballot in New Mexico. I know full well how the establishment parties have set-up strong barriers for alternative candidates who offer voters real choices on the issues that matter.

On those issues I’m glad we are in agreement: Second Amendment rights must be protected; auditing the Federal Reserve is long overdue; and the abolition of such un-Constitutional federal agencies as the Departments of Energy and Education will help get the government out of debt.

Unlike the Democrat and Republican candidates, I admire your tough stance on the problems associated with illegal immigration. You are with the majority of voters in opposing amnesty of any kind, supporting the complete closing of the border, and establishing English as the official language of the United States. I particularly appreciate your endorsement of my proposal for a moratorium on issuing green cards until our unemployment rate is under five percent. 

In sum, you are taking the message of liberty to New Mexico’s voters as a champion of Constitutional government. You have my full support and best wishes for your courageous and dynamic campaign.


Virgil Goode


  1. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma October 29, 2012

    That’s right – Jon has been invited to be at the Johnson bash election night … and his Barrie Brigade are encouraged to bring their signs and banners

  2. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman October 29, 2012

    I’m happy to see this. Jon is a great candidate and has worked to earn all of the support he has gotten. I sure hope on election day he gets a LOT more.

    BTW — It’s my understanding that the Jon Barrie campaign, and all of the local media, will be joining our party at the Hotel Albuquerque a week from tomorrow!

  3. paulie paulie October 29, 2012

    Well, it makes sense that they would…after all, neither party has its own nominees on the ballot and due to NM laws it is a rarity for a Senate nominee who is not a Democrat or Republican to even be able to run at all.

  4. Peter Gemma Peter Gemma October 29, 2012

    Perhaps Richard, our political guru in residence, will tell us whether this has happened before – two different presidential nominees endorsing a candidate.

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