Liberty Candidates: Liberty Inspiration Award

From Gigi Bowman of Liberty Candidates:

In honor of our 3rd Anniversary we are introducing the Liberty Inspiration Award.

This is an award that will be given yearly to 5 people who showed positive effort and energy throughout the year in spreading the message of liberty. They did not have to run for office but they did have to inspire other’s to step up or do something that helped to bring people together or enlighten other’s by growing the liberty movement in some manner by taking on a leadership role of some sort or by creating a new platform for inspiration whether it be media, news, music or just speaking out in some way that may have brought about positive change.

Rules: Please post your choices below and email the same to Express why you think they should receive this award. Each person can choose up to 3 people. The comments will be listed with the winning names (anonymously if you wish).

Please send all submissions to the email only these will be counted so don’t forget to email them to me and Sally.The winners will be announced on January 1st 2013. Their names will be listed on websites for a full year as “inspiring leaders of 2012. Submissions can be sent beginning 11/29/12 and will continue through December 30th 2012.

The award will go to the Top 5 vote-getters.
– Gigi Bowman & Sally O’Boyle

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