Robby Wells Announces Independent Run for President in 2016

From Robby Wells’ Facebook page:

My fellow Americans,

It is with great honor that Friday evening in Nashville, TN at the Music City Liberty Fest that I announced that I am offering myself as an Independent Candidate for the Office of President of the United States in 2016.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the event. I would also like to thank Minister Derrick Grayson (TMOT), Gigi Bowman of Liberty Candidates, Barbie Dunn and Kristen Meghan for their endorsements. It is truly an honor. We have a lot of work to accomplish, but together we can win in 2016!
We are not the left wing or the right wing. We are the bird that sits in the middle between both wings. It is time for us to bring the wings together, find common ground, and soar like an Eagle. Expect my very best because that is what I will give you.
May God bless each of you, and may God bless these United States.

18 thoughts on “Robby Wells Announces Independent Run for President in 2016

  1. paulie

    and why in the heck is Gigi Bowman endorsing him?

    I would double check with her. I don’t think think she really is, is she?

  2. paulie

    I would also like to thank the pope, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong and James Hetfield for their endorsement, and a special thank you to Katy Perry.

    I really would like to, if any of it was true.

    Funny stuff!

  3. Phil Collins

    Mr. Wells shouldn’t run for president, until after he wins a lower office. I hope that, in 2014, he’ll run for the U.S. Senate, in North Carolina, as a Republican.

  4. paulie

    For once I agree. I really hope he gets their nomination too. Should be great for Libertarians if that was to happen 🙂

  5. William Saturn

    If Wells thinks he’s first, he’s kinda late. The Honorable Robert Milnes announced his candidacy back in October.

    Check out Milnes’ recently updated web page with anecdotes chronicling his talks with the Center for Disease Control, how he was able to survive Superstorm Sandy, and how he is similar to the late Chilean President Salvador Allende.

    Stay tuned for further updates.

  6. Oranje Mike

    Ron Paul is headed home and I guess he’s not big on Rand. TMOT is a staunch social conservative (pro-life & anti-gay marriage) so he won’t support GJ.

  7. Joshua Fauver

    TMOT did in fact endorse Robby Wells for 2016. So did Barbie Dunn, host of the Music City Liberty Fest, and so did Gigig Bowman of Liberty Candidates.

  8. Steve

    From what I’ve seen Gigi voted for Governor Johnson. Wells might have been listed as a “liberty candidate” after filling out the survey on her website and that’s what he’s calling an endorsement.

    Keep in mind that this clown has a habit of embellishing things in his campaign. He once referred to his attending a Ron Paul campaign stop as a “meeting with Ron Paul about supporting the Wells campaign.”

  9. paulie

    Steve’s explanation sounds likely, but I’d be open to hearing otherwise from Gigi. I’ll ask her at the LNC meeting if she goes to that, or of course she’s welcome to comment here if she sees this post.

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