Experimenting With New Ads

Just to let users know, I am experimenting with Google ads on the site. You may see blank spaces in the short run, and eventually those should have ads in them.

They probably will not generate much revenue but for now I’m playing with them.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’m not easily offended.

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Warren Redlich is CEO of SpinJ Corporation, which became owner of IPR in November 2012. He was the 2010 Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, and has run for office as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Liberal.

14 thoughts on “Experimenting With New Ads

  1. Wes Benedict

    I’m curious how much revenue Google ads generate. I have no idea if it’s $2/month or $2,000/month, but I’m going to guess it’s $20.

  2. wredlich Post author

    @Wes – I’m hoping for the $2K, but I think $100 is more likely. That would roughly cover the cost of hosting the site.

  3. Wes Benedict

    Thanks wredlich. Will try to do my part to drive up traffic; and thanks for continuing the site.

  4. paulie

    If there is a way to get banner ads to raise the same amount, I would prefer that, but you gotta do what you gotta do…it has to be paid for somehow. If you decide to do banner ads (although I think you said you don’t like them) talk to Austin Cassidy, he seems to be pretty good at getting them for his sites, although I don’t know what he charges.

  5. Trent Hill

    Wes–we ran a very basic GoogleAds system, not as intense as the one you’ve set up, and it earned $150/month or so. Near elections that number would rise to $300 or so. With GoogleNews, it’s a whole different animal.

  6. paulie

    If you would like me to be in charge of trying to get some banner ads, because you don’t want to take the time to deal with it, I could try my hand at it.

  7. Matt Cholko

    I don’t know a whole lot about this side of online advertising, but my general feeling is that this site is VERY low on ads.

    I don’t know the right type, the right placement (just don’t go overboard in the center column), or anything else like that. I just know that there could be a hell of a lot more ads before I would become bothered by their presence.

  8. kimberlywilder06@yahoo.com

    I find the ads posted now very intrusive. They are coming up between title and story for me.

    I think that if people come to this site fresh, from a search, they will see all those extra adds (some off topic) and think this is just a fake site for advertising, etc.

    I like the idea of sidebar ads and banner ads. Not liking the Google-Ad-Graffitti.

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