Maryland Greens mourn passing of Bob Auerbach

Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch on December 14:

The Maryland Green Party has posted a remembrance of Bob Auerbach. A long time Green who ran for office in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District several times, Auerbach was struck by a car as he walked in Greenbelt, MD. 92 years old, he died overnight. The full text of the Maryland Green’s recollection of Auerrbach is below the fold.
The Maryland Green Party offers condolences on the passing of Robert Shipley “Bob” Auerbach, a lifetime advocate for progressive causes. Bob was the first chairman of the Maryland Green Party and was the Green Party’s nominee for United States House of Representatives for Maryland’s 5th District several times, most recently in 2012. Bob was 92 years old. He was struck by a vehicle while walking in Greenbelt Wednesday and died overnight.

Bob was born in New York City in 1919 and had been active in civil rights, anti-war and environmental activism since the 1930s. He had worked as a librarian and lived in Greenbelt, in Prince George’s County, for the past fifty years.

4 thoughts on “Maryland Greens mourn passing of Bob Auerbach

  1. Jeremy C. Young

    I met Bob Auerbach when my small third-party-boosting college club, the St. Mary’s College Nonpartisans, endorsed him for a Congressional race back in 2004. Despite his advanced age, Auerbach traveled two hours to our remote campus to accept the endorsement in person. He gave a rousing speech that inspired us to keep fighting for voter choice. As a lonely voice campaigning tirelessly for American freedom, Auerbach touched a lot of people; he will be missed.

  2. Pedestrians Rule

    Maryland drivers are simply rude, arrogant and out of control. RIP Mr. Auerbach, “totus es unus.

  3. William the Conqueror

    RIP Bob Auerbach, but @ 2-3 is a bad translation. Try putting into google search to see what I mean.

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