Robby Wells Speaks To Constitution Party National Committee Meeting About His 2016 Campaign

On December 1, 2012, the Constitution Party held their National Committee Meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri. One of the invited guest speakers was Robby Wells, who back in November announced his 2016 presidential candidacy as an independent. Wells had run for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination this year in April, but came in 3rd place, with 58 votes, or 14.6%.

Wells was introduced by CP National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam, who said he had received many inquiries from people as to what Robby Wells was up to.  Stufflebeam decided that the best way to set the record straight was to invite Wells to speak to the National Committee meeting.

Wells mostly used his 15 minute speech to promote himself and his campaign, throwing out nifty campaign slogans like “we are not the left wing or the right ring but the bird that sits in the middle.” He also mentioned that he was a national spokesman for the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), headed by Nevada CP activist Cody Quirk, which seeks to unite various constitutionalist parties like the America First Party and Independent American Party and bring them into the Constitution Party fold. He explained that running as an independent was a strategic plan designed to appeal to members of these parties so as to eventually unite them with the CP.

At the end of his speech, Wells took two questions from the audience. The first person inquired about his affiliation with the Reform Party and his support for Virgil Goode. Wells said he did support Goode and stated that he has always been listed as an independent. Earlier, in reference to Goode, Wells noted that “Virgil was so good that I stole his cousin to be my campaign manager.” Aaron Lyles, the present campaign manager for the Robby Wells 2016 campaign, is Goode’s first cousin.

The second individual, noticeably irritated with Wells, asked him if he had paid the $100+ fee that CP members paid to attend the meeting. Wells, after being pressed, admitted that he had not, and the CP member told him that since he had come to campaign, he should “support our group”. He elaborated that what Wells was doing did not feel right with him. Wells, unshaken and still smiling, said that he would cut him a check. After that, there were no more questions, and Wells left, saying he had to catch a flight.

Kristen Meghan, the Chicago press secretary for Wells’s campaign, issued a statement on this last question:

I just want to clarify one of the questions that was asked at the end of the speech. The Robby Wells Restoration team funded their own way to the event, we were invited and the fee one man referred to covered room/food/drinks, which we did not utilize.

Peter Gemma, a member of the CP’s National Executive Committee, attended the meeting. He had the following observations:

Wells was not well received…Outside of his entourage…there was only a smattering of polite applause. He left lots of questions and derisive talk in his wake.

He continued:

CP leaders and grass roots activists at the CP mtg. couldn’t remember anything he said or did to support Virgil Goode. When asked points blank, there was an excruciating 10 second pause before he said, he, um, supported the CP ticket; he offered no specifics and said he was in a rush to catch a plane. Now that he’s running full steam as an independent (since the day after the election), inquiring minds want to know: so, how’s the “continuing to be active in the CP party” thing working out?

In response to Peter Gemma, Robby Wells said this:

I was invited by the Vice Chair of the CP. Did anyone in the CP donate to my campaign when I was traveling around the country helping the CP with ballot access? There were several promises broken by CP members, but I have let that rest. You see, I believe that trivial differences and being small minded is what keeps things from growing. As far as Virgil is concerned, I put out a statement congratulating him. He and I spoke after the National Convention, and I offered to campaign with him. He had my phone number, but I did not receive a call.

Trent Hill, IPR contributor, responded to Wells by writing this comment:

You left the Reform Party, got crushed in the CP convention (And swore you’d stay in the party), decided to try to run as a Republican and win Ron Paul delegates (and won zero), and then decided to run as an Independent. All in about a 10 month period. That’s the definition of inconsistent and opportunistic.

When asked by this reporter if he was seeking the CP nod in 2016, Wells said that his goal was to bring all “Constitutional Conservative Parties” back together and unite them with the Constitution Party to gain traction and produce winning campaigns.

Whatever Wells ultimately decides to do, and regardless of what people think of him, one thing is for sure: this is not the last time that we’ll be hearing from this football coach turned presidential candidate.

A video of Wells speaking to the CP meeting is available below:

36 thoughts on “Robby Wells Speaks To Constitution Party National Committee Meeting About His 2016 Campaign

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Cool name, BTW–

    Good article! I hope the Constitution Party gains in strength and numbers by 2016.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Thanks, Jill! Yes, I hope so too. After Virgil’s really poor showing, the CP needs to rebound and grow. Hopefully, a ticket in 2016 led by someone like Darrell Castle or Chuck Baldwin will set records for the CP and give the party a promising future.

  3. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    He did briefly to run for Lt. Gov of Montana, but he dropped out from that race and I think he rejoined the CP. They still list him on their website as being part of the national executive committee.

  4. Jed Siple

    I fully expect Darrell Castle to be the 2016 nominee, and that Robby’s 2016 campaign will fizzle out just like his 2012 campaign did.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    Okay. I’ve been reluctant to post articles from him lately because I wasn’t sure he was still third party. Good to know he’s back with the Constitution Party.

  6. Q2Q

    I like Robby Wells. I hope he is the CP nominee in 2016. Maybe Stufflebeam could be a good vp choice for him. Wells-Stufflebeam 2016, sounds good to me.


    From what I just read if I was Wells I would tell the CP to Kiss my Ass ! Seems this very BAD SIN of not paying promised funds runs deep among CP members. Then you want to charge the invited speaker. Invited by the CP to speak at their functions, I recommend that you BEWARE !

    I listened to their CP call-in POTUS debates last year. Wells was closer to Ron Paul on the issues than any of them.

    The Holier than thou attitude doesn’t sale with me or Jesus Christ BTW !!!

  8. Andy

    “paulie // Jan 1, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Never had a problem getting paid from Constitution Party all the other times I worked with them.”

    Yeah, I don’t think that the problem with petitioners not getting paid is because of the Constitution Party as a whole, but rather because of Virgil Goode himself. However, they did nominate him and at least the case of Paul and myself, our original agreement to work in Alabama to put their Presidential ticket on the ballot was with somebody from their national party. Virgil Goode involved directly shortly after that because their national party ran out of money. Their national party nominated him, so it needs to take responsibility if he does not pay his ballot access debts.

  9. Peter Gemma

    Wells’ “invitation” to speak was unknown by anyone in the leadership of the CP until he announced it during his time at the podium. Apparently Mr. Stufflebeam extended the offer. Before that, there was suspicions about why he showed up there unannounced and confusion afterwords considering he told an organized political party that he was not running on their slate but is an independent candidate for prez. I’m not sure what that means: does he expect CPers to abandon their party to help him?

  10. paulie

    I think he basically will run on whatever ticket will put him on the ballot, speak to whatever audience will listen to him, raise money from whoever will give him any, and seek publicity or attention anywhere he can find any. It’s about building his own brand, not any party.

  11. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I’m also suspicious of Wells. I think Trent was right when he called him a political opportunist. His stunt trying to get Ron Paul delegates was just pitiful, and in my opinion, it really discredited him. Either he runs as the CP candidate from the get go and promises to stay with them or he should not be allowed to seek their nomination again.

  12. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    In 2016, my hope is the CP will nominate Darrell Castle for POTUS and former state representative Cynthia L. Davis for VP. Darrell is a longtime party activist and he knows his issues well, and would make and excellant standard bearer. Cynthia is new but she has already proven herself to be a loyal CP member and has run for lt gov as the CP candidate. Her 8 years of legislative experience would add a lot to the ticket. She could be like the Sarah Palin of the CP, except that she, of course, unlike Palin, is actually a true constitutional conservative.

  13. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    And one more comment about Wells, he is trying to climb the political ladder way too fast. He should run for a winnable race (potentially), like state rep, then run for Congress or Senate and then POTUS.

    I think he may be somewhat delusional though and thinks he can actually get elected.

  14. NewFederalist

    “I think he may be somewhat delusional though and thinks he can actually get elected.”


  15. William Saturn

    Wells runs on his leadership. An interesting idea for an article would be to contact some of the players he coached at Savannah State to get their thoughts on his coaching and leadership skill.

  16. NewFederalist

    Before electing him president perhaps it would be wise to find out why he hasn’t coached in NCAA Division I (FBS) or better yet the NFL. If he is really that red hot that’s what he would be doing because it pays better.

  17. Slam In A Y-Trap

    Wells is a total opportunist. He will jump from party to party once again just like in 2012. If he can get an infomercial deal he will take that too. Is fear factor still on TV? He’ll probably pop up.

  18. JD

    Robbie coached at Savannah State which is a perpetual whipping boy at the 1-AA or FCS level. In 3 years he was 7-15 overall which is actually pretty good at that school but is still bad overall. He also coached in some of the smaller indoor leagues as an assistant. He really has no solid coaching record to run on. Here is an article regarding his leaving the school

    What does Robbie actually do for money? He wasnt making bank at Savannah State so I wonder what his current occupation is.

  19. paulie

    Dunno. Maybe he has some savings, investment income or family money. But as far as I now he does not have a regular job.

  20. Slam In A Y-Trap

    Well, I guess his business is his business. But I would not be surprised if he makes some money off his political runs directly or indirectly.

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