Georgia Legislative Special Election Results

Georgia had two districts with special elections for legislature on January 8. Libertarians ran in two districts. Here are the results in those races thanks to Brett Bittner:

State Senate District 11

JEFFREY G. BIVINS(L) 6.48% 804
DEAN BURKE (R) 42.59% 5,284
BRAD HUGHES (R) 7.81% 969
MIKE KEOWN (R) 37.35% 4,635
EUGENE MCNEASE (R) 4.71% 584
12,408 total votes in this race.

State Senate District 30:

MIKE DUGAN (R) 87.60% 3,299
JAMES M. CAMP (L) 12.40% 467
3,766 total votes in this race.

Results for other districts also available here.

16 thoughts on “Georgia Legislative Special Election Results

  1. johnO

    I’m proud of LP to even challenge the R’s. The CP, Green Party and even the D’s sat this out. LP gave voters CHOICE which is why elections matter. If say the Dugan guy hadn’t run James Camp could’ve been the LP’s Fred Smith in Georgia. If you don’t run a candidate in each district you might not get any. The Greens won a rep seat in ARKANSAS for crying out loud when the R’s and D’s sat it out. Miracles can happen.

  2. johnO

    The special elections in Illinois will be interesting too. The GP and SWP are challenging the D’s and R’s. Probably go D but you never know. If Mel Reynolds wins D primary? He’s been forced to resign from Congress before and then Jesse Jackson Jr. won seat. If he won the progressive left may go GP.

  3. paulie Post author

    Takes a lot of signatures in that one, but if they don’t get challenged you can get away with submitting one or two.

  4. johnO

    LeAlan Jones is the GP candidate.
    John Hawkins is SWP.
    5 R’s so far
    bucket full of D’s for primary. Everyone but a Blago!

  5. johnO

    No candidate announced for LP ,CP or other minor parties. I just checked the Green Papers. They are usually up to date with candidates that have thrown their hat in the ring.

  6. johnO

    LP should try!
    South Carolina Senate 3 R’s so far…..BORING!
    Mass. John Kerry 1 D -Markey and 1 R Brown(where is Dr.Stein!GP and LP Blau?)
    -Funny in Illinois a Randy Stufflebeam(cool last name) is running as CP against Durbin in 2014 U.S. Senate race.

  7. paulie Post author

    Mass takes a lot of signatures. No unchallenged sigs option like in Illinois.

    We pulled it off (barely) in Mass in 2009 due to a lot of things coming together at just the right time, but I would not expect to be able to do that again. At least not whenever we want.

    SC…not sure what the rules are there.

    Stufflebeam is a long time CP activist in Illinois and is Vice Chair of the CP National Committee.

  8. George Phillies

    Massachusetts requires about 15,000 raw signatures. You can do it for about $25-35,000 give or take. If the special election is pushed off to 2014, there are some ballot access threats for 2016 if you run someone for Senate in 2014.

  9. Mark Sengels

    Any of these elections have candidates running that are not puppets to Israel and the Banks?

  10. johnO

    Well, must be a member of American 3rd Position Party? None are running in any special election.

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