Jan. 2013 Open Thread for Other Stuff

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98 thoughts on “Jan. 2013 Open Thread for Other Stuff

  1. Kevin

    Dr. Robert Fand, founder of the local Independent Party in the Connecticut towns of Bethel and Danbury, died on January 1, 2013 at the age of 75.

    The party ran candidates who supported fiscal conservatism, especially the goal of lower taxes. The party got started about 40 years ago according to Dr. Fand’s official obituary. Whereas in the 1990s the typically ran its own slate of candidates for offices ranging from mayor to the boards of finance and education, providing an increased level of choice to voters, over time the party became known for cross-indorsing most Republicans.

    Michael Telesca, chairman of the statewide Independent Party of Connecticut, which nominated Rocky Anderson for President last year, called Dr. Fand “A very remarkable and respected man who was steadfast in his principles.”

  2. Slam In A Y-Trap

    The Libertarian Party of Florida announced Thursday that it is holding its 2013 state convention in Collier County.

    The convention will run from May 24-26 at the Hilton Naples, according to a news release. The convention will consist of the state party’s annual business meeting as well as local and national speakers. The theme of the convention will be “Liberty Rising.”

    “Being awarded the convention is a big deal, as Collier County has never hosted a state convention for the Libertarian Party of Florida in its history,” Jared M. Grifoni, the party’s Collier chair, said in a prepared statement. “We have grown exponentially since our county affiliate’s inception a little less than two years ago.”

    For more information or to register in advance, visit http://www.LibertyRising2013.com.

  3. Be Rational

    The LP NatCom needs to get busy and move on the purchase of a national office.

    Real Estate prices nationwide and especially in the DC area are moving back up and additional upward pressure from increased demand and the low number of construction startups means our best opportunity is now – early 2013.

    If we wait to buy an office we will lose thousands of dollars by paying a much higher price later in 2013 or worse, lose even more by continuing to rent.

  4. paulie Post author

    I agree. We actually have enough votes on a building motion which was over on Dec 8, almost a month ago (!) and we’ve had another motion to make it easier to put a down payment down which has had enough co-sponsors for two weeks but has not been opened for a vote for no stated reason.

    I keep pointing this out and no one is doing anything about it. A few people have asked the Secretary to resign, several times, and she has repeatedly said no. If anyone has an opinion about this or anything else that is going on (or not going) with the LNC I encourage you to write
    http://www.lp.org/lnc-leadership – each name links to an email address.

  5. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Paulie, have you talked to the Redlich brothers about the Facebook like button again, since we last discussed it?

    IPR NEEDS a like button for all articles. Really, we do.

  6. paulie Post author

    @7 Yes – emailed Warren and Steve, and Warren responded telling Steve to get on it.

    BTW you don’t have to rely on me to contact them – I know Warren’s contact info is on our about page and if Steve’s isn’t I can send it to you.


    Put some nice, long, jaggedy teeth in the Bill of Rights
    by L. Neil Smith

    Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise
    In this issue, we are helping to promote a White House petition in favor of a Constitutional amendment that would put some nice, long, jaggedy teeth in the Bill of Rights. Believe it or not, it’s even more Draconian than the clause I’ve been promoting for years.

    Please go and sign the petition. 25,000 signatures are needed. Let’s pass the idea around and give it 250,000 signatures—or two and a half million. I have no illusions about it amending the Constitution, but it might just discourage the civil war that the Democrats are trying to foment. If we miss this chance, history will say we were as dumb as we looked.

    That link again: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/work-congress-introduce-bill-rights-enforcement-clause/8bGN8pYc

    L. Neil Smith, author, lecturer
    Publisher and Senior Colunist
    L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enrerprise

    **Please forward, copy, print, post, and otherwise widely spread this article around!**

    Was that worth reading?
    Then why not: Pay L.Neil Smith – https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=wJjLGx_UtBfZ1I63fiJb1sOSimAFy5wc0IsG9SjutRycAiBEfMQsgIWA22a&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d0b7e678a25d883d0fa72c947f193f8fd

    Have you signed this “We the People” petition ? Before Jan.29! – https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/work-congress-introduce-bill-rights-enforcement-clause/8bGN8pYc

  8. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Paulie, I submitted the Goode editorial for your approval. Now, I’m going to sleep, its 4:39am here, lol, and when I wake up, look forward to seeing the article published 🙂

  9. paulie Post author


    I was asleep; now I’m awake. I’m actually one of over 30 people that could have approved your article, but I went ahead and published it. It would be nice if some of them would do that, since I also need to do various things like sleep sometimes 🙂


    Your comment was held up because of multiple links. I can approve those when I’m around, but when I’m not, it usually doesn’t happen.

    CT and Jill,

    Steve Redlich is Warren Redlich’s brother, as one may deduce from the phrase “the Redlich brothers.”


    Steve said he will get back from whatever he’s been doing on Sunday and will look at plugins then.

  10. George Phillies

    In a new piece of amusing data, some weeks ago there was a newspaper in New York that published a list of everyone in several counties who has done all the paperwork and is a known gunowner.

    In New York, if you are a government agent and need a gun at home, you must have that paperwork. As a result, that article gives the names and addresses of every armed police officer, prison guard, FBI Agent, Secret Service agent and Federal Turkey Inspector who lives in the area.

    As a further contribution to protecting New Yorkers from guns in the home, the Newspaper has moved several of them from various homes to to the armed guards now posted outside one of its offices.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    Paulie @ 16: I’ll be happy to work with Krzysztof from now on, if I’m around and you’re not. I knew you’d started with the Virgil Ggoode article, though, so I was reluctant to jump in.

  12. Jill Pyeatt

    I was going to delete # 19 because it was a mistake (my cat likes to play Kitty-on-the-Keyboard), but the comment at 20 made me laugh, so I’ll keep it! 😀

  13. Time for Impeachment

    George Phillies writes:

    IPR was loathe to post this as an article based on my news tip, all for good reasons, so I will put it up here.

    Liberty for America has called for impeaching the LNC Secretary for cause.

    Readable now on ThirdPartyReport.com and the Radicals Facebook group

    THE PROBLEM (from the January 2013 Liberty for America):

    LNC Paralyzed!
    Secretary Blocks All Business!
    Since early December, our Libertarian National Committee has been totally paralyzed, unable to transact business or vote on motions because the National Secretary has been inactive.

    THE SOLUTION (from the forthcoming January 2013 Liberty for America)

    It’s Time for Impeachment
    Since 2000. this newspaper and its predecessor, Let Freedom Ring!, have covered Libertarian National Committee activities in great detail. Indeed, we have given the LNC more extensive investigatory coverage than has any other news source.

    The current situation on the National Committee is utterly unacceptable. Motions cannot be brought to a vote. Motions that may have passed cannot be acted upon, because the official results are unknown. Meeting Minutes reach draft format, but are perpetually in need of correction. When vote totals are reported, they are frequently found to be incorrect.

    You can’t run a serious political party this way. Party members should demand immediate change. To contact the LNC: http://www.lp.org/lnc-leadership for email addresses.

    There is only one solution. National Secretary Ruth Bennett must forthwith for cause be impeached (“suspended” is the term of art in the Party Bylaws) and removed from office. The cause, of course, is failure to discharge the duties of the office. The process is complex. First the LNC must vote to suspend. Then the vote must survive the suspended officer’s appeal to the Judicial Committee.

    Fortunately, the National Party has at hand an excellent replacement. Chuck Moulton is an attorney and former Vice Chair. He is willing to serve.

    Former National Convention delegates may recall charts and graphs of LNC votes — those were Chuck’s work. Moulton delivers. Those, by the way, were the charts and graphs that Bennett had removed from delegate tables at the 2012 NatCon before they could be read. Readers may also recall that Bennett nominated M Carling for Judicial Committee and gave the 2012 NatCon its floor fees.

  14. Stewart Flood

    It is very sad to see another term with another LNC embroiled in controversy.

    Her performance as secretary aside, as a member of the same convention committee I can assure you that there was no “intent” in the incident with the materials. It was an accident that got by all five or six of us on the committee.

    We all figured that since everyone knew that we’d be cleaning the room for the debate and it was announced (twice?) that we’d be cleaning the room, that people would actually listen and take their s**t with them.

    So when we were all off doing tasks to get ready for the debate and the cleaning people actually started cleaning…well you know the rest of the story. At least we rescued the trash bins and a lot of it was recovered. It is a shame that it happened, and Chuck certainly had some justification for being frustrated and upset about it at the time, but I wouldn’t tie that event to what is going on now.

  15. Stewart Flood

    And the issue of floor fees (or as some of us call it: there ain’t no free lunch or convention) should also not be brought into this. It is certainly not cause for removal and is not a factor.

    The side issues aside (!) there is obviously a problem with her performance of her duties as secretary. I believe we can all agree that the situation is cause for serious concern.

    I have been wondering for the past several months if she could correct the situation, but it does not appear to be going in the right direction.

    This is a very unfortunate situation.

  16. Jill Pyeatt

    This is such an obvious question, that I’m sure someone has checked: Is she ill? Is a family member experiencing something so serious that it’s taking much of her time? It’s odd that someone who heretofore, apparently, has been responsible should suddenly disappear like she has.

  17. paulie Post author

    I had that thought, and tried calling her, but she did not call back. Dan Wiener said he reached her though, and she just said she was out of town and had limited email access, but it’s been too long for that to be the sole reason. She also said she would focus more on LNC at the last meeting (she has many other activities, school board being one) but instead things have gotten worse, not better. It’s possible there may be some chronic situation that she doesn’t want to let the whole world know about, but I don’t know. All I know for sure is that the job needs to be done.

    This is not yet on the public list, but it will be, so hopefully no one gets mad that I’m posting it here first, from Geoff Neale:

    I have not as of yet received official notice of the final tabulations of multiple mail ballots.

    I have reviewed the Bylaws, and find no way to substitute the action of the Secretary in any official way regarding the final results of mail ballots.

    That being said, the Chair is the one person with the authority to rule that a motion passed or failed. I am deciding to take the authority upon myself to rule on certain mail ballots. Each of us received a copy of all mail ballots known to be cast. These votes are known and uncontested. Each of these ballots have been separately tabulated and reported by known and trusted LNC members. The results reported are sufficiently lopsided to make the results to be relatively unquestionable.

    It is more important at this time that we have rulings than indecision based upon the absence of rulings, so I am ruling that:

    The motion to hold the next LNC meeting in Chicago has passed.

    The motion to postpone the implementation of the membership level changes to 7/1/2013 has passed.

    Dan Wiener’s motion for purchasing a building has passed.

    If I missed a vote, and you think a ruling is appropriate, please let me know.

    If you wish to challenge the ruling of the Chair. You will have to get cosponsors and then get the Secretary to submit a mail ballot. Good luck.

    Geoffrey Neale
    Chair, Libertarian Party

  18. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Hey Paulie,

    I want to let you know that American Third Position Party wants me to be their official correspondent for IPR. They will have me call into their conference calls held biweekly. They are also sending me a free subscription to The Nationalist Times, the A3P’s official organ. Jamie Kelso, their membership secretary, is the one I interviewed today. Yesterday, I spoke over the phone with A3P National Chairman, Bill Johnson.

    I just want to know that Jamie Kelso repudiates Nazism and does not welcome Hitlerites into their ranks. They immediately kicked out a candidate and member, Ryan Murdough, for espousing NS beliefs and declaring his love for Adolf.

    New BIG IPR article about A3P (soon to change it’s name, I know what it is, but can’t reveal it yet 🙂 ) to be submitted by me tomorrow.

    I hope you are ok with this. I am herby calling dibs on all future coverage of A3P in the future. I have the personal contact information for both chair Bill Johnson and Membership coordinator Jamie Kelso, so I am by far the best suited for this job.

    I will be the FIRST to submit an article about it when A3P officially announces their name change, sometime next week.

    So yeah, I consider myself to single handedly hold a monopoly over ALL A3P news articles from here on after. Sound good? 🙂

  19. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Just for the record:

    I am NOT a white nationalist.

    I do NOT support white nationalism, nor ever have.

    I am a loyal CP partisan.

    So yea, nobody be calling me any names, k? 🙂 I am reporting on A3P from a PURELY objective, journalistic standpoint.

  20. paulie Post author

    You’re welcome to cover any US party you want (although coverage of Democrats and Republicans has to be related to other parties or independent candidates), and on rare occasion foreign parties. I’m not, however, empowered to grant anyone exclusive monopolies. If Red or anyone else wants to cover a3p or whatever they will call themselves in the future, they have that right.

  21. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Ok Paulie, but I am the best qualified, i am getting a free subscription to their newspaper, will be invited to their biweekly conference calls, and have the personal contact info for their two main leaders 🙂

  22. paulie Post author

    I’m glad that you are not NS or white nationalist, although you do have some videos on your youtube such as David Duke and some Polish bands that are NS/white power according to at least some sources when I looked it up.

    Before you accept A3p’ers claim to not be NS uncritically (I grant that their public statements are not) you may want to look through the Anonymous hack dump of their correspondence if it’s still available. I’m not endorsing breaking into their communications, but it happened, and the results were none too pretty regardless of how they were obtained.

    You’d have a hard time claiming they are not WNs even if we accept the claim that they are not NS.

  23. paulie Post author

    @32 I am sure that is all true, and you are welcome to cover them. I am just not allowed to tell anyone else they can’t write about them; I have no such authority over everyone else here. You could ask them if you wish to do so.

  24. Dave


    Montana’s legislature begins next week and I was wondering what some our petition folks thought of this bill. It changes the requirements of collecting signatures from counties to legislative districts. Montana has 56 counties and many are quite small population wise. We have 100 legislative districts and 50 senate districts. Just looking for some input from people in the field. Thanks

  25. paulie Post author

    Legislative districts are a pain. Many signers have no idea which one they live in. Most people at least know their county.

  26. Krzysztof Lesiak

    They are WN, Paulie.

    Also, I do have some David Duke videos, I do respect him, even though I disagree with him on many fronts.

    As for my Polish bands, trust me, NONE of them are NS or white power, if anything, they are patriotic, and WN 🙂

    Trust me, Paulie. I HATE neo Nazis and would never promote any of their garbage, or give any credence whatsoever to it. Hitler murdered hundreds of thousands of my countrymen, as you will recall.

  27. Andy

    “Dave // Jan 5, 2013 at 10:33 pm


    Montana’s legislature begins next week and I was wondering what some our petition folks thought of this bill. It changes the requirements of collecting signatures from counties to legislative districts. Montana has 56 counties and many are quite small population wise. We have 100 legislative districts and 50 senate districts. Just looking for some input from people in the field. Thanks”

    This is an absolutely horrible idea. Most people do not know which legislative district they live in, while pretty much everyone knows the name of the county in which they reside. Also, petitioners would have to carry maps of the legislative districts with them, since the vast majority of the people do not know which legislative district they are in, and carry maps is a huge pain as well. It is much easier to just ask people in which county they are registered to vote.

    I recommend vehemently opposing this bill.

  28. Deran

    This is an interesting short look at the Vermont Progressive Party from a democratic socialist perspective.


    That blog, The North Star, fairly frequently has posts about Left third party politics.

    The North Star may even have enough posts indie/third party electoral politics to qualify to be in one of the sidebar link lists here on IPR?

    For instance, this is a pretty good, short overview if independent and third party Left presidential campaigns in the United States.


  29. paulie Post author


    Hopefully Warren will not have an issue with someone else posting that (rather than Cody posting it himself).

  30. Dennis

    Be careful: having your name associated with A3P might land you a visit from the Feds. Also, having written my college thesis on the Klan which required me to speak extensively with people who knew Duke, I believe he is what would qualify as an opportunist. He is not someone I respect in any capacity. Read “The Rise of David Duke.”

  31. Dennis

    Also, I consider a3p to be a well marketed fascist party. Tom Metzger and his California skins were preaching of “the third position” years ago. While I am glad you dont consider yourself WN, I would be careful taking their word for anything. Also, I assume you are polish judging by your name. I understand the hatred of nazism (I am Slovak and part gypsy) but the ultimate test when examining these things: If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

  32. paulie Post author

    Be careful: having your name associated with A3P might land you a visit from the Feds.

    Which ones – the ones working undercover within A3P, the ones in goon costume sent to intimidate, or do I repeat myself unnecessarily?

    Also, having written my college thesis on the Klan which required me to speak extensively with people who knew Duke, I believe he is what would qualify as an opportunist. He is not someone I respect in any capacity.


    And, no, he has not changed.

  33. paulie Post author

    Also, I consider a3p to be a well marketed fascist party. Tom Metzger and his California skins were preaching of “the third position” years ago.

    It goes back way before that. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Position

    The legacy of that name is why they are going to take additional steps to “blend” even better soon.

    But you’re right:

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

  34. Dennis

    I always thought the name was an anchor around their neck. Good for attracting racists, bad for public image. Bet the farm they are gonna go the patriotic sounding route. Quack quack.

  35. paulie Post author

    When you get less votes for president than the Twelve Visions Party it’s time to listen to your image consultant.

  36. paulie Post author

    I’m sure it was time well spent.

    The A3P’s Miller also came in behind:

    *The Constitution Party of Oregon placed Will Christensen on the ballot, and he got 4,432 in that state, plus these write-ins: Arizona 14, Kansas 1, Minnesota 1, Utah 5, total 4,453.

    *Candidates on the ballot as “independent” are Randall Terry, who got 6,872 in Kentucky, 2,408 in Nebraska, and 3,806 in West Virginia, plus these write-ins: Colorado 4, Ohio 14, total 13,104.

    *Also Richard Duncan in Ohio, 12,502, plus these write-ins: Florida 3, Kentucky 37, West Virginia, total 12,543.

    *Grassroots: 3,149 in Minnesota.

    *Objectivist: 235 in Colorado, 3,856 in Florida, total 4,302.

    *Socialist: 308 in Colorado, 799 in Florida, 2,967 in Ohio, plus these write-ins: Alabama 2, California 82, Indiana 17, Michigan 89, Montana 4, Texas 162, total 4,430.

    *Socialist Workers: 192 in Colorado, 445 in Iowa, 389 in Louisiana, 1,051 in Minnesota, 709 in New Jersey, 1,205 in Washington, plus these write-ins: Alabama 1, California 72, Connecticut 5, Georgia 21, New York 26, total 4,116.

    *Reform: had three different presidential candidates, each on the ballot in one state. Chuck Baldwin received 5,017 in Kansas….

    *Party for Socialism and Liberation, 9,300

    *Tom Hoefling, 40,113

    *Rocky Anderson, 42,518

    *Roseanne Barr, 67,349

    And of course Goode, Stein, Johnson, Romney and Obama.

  37. Ds & Rs for Unity

    I’m a potential Democratic Party candidate for public office (US Senate) and a good trusted friend of mine is a Republican candidate for the same US Senate seat.

    We’ve formed an alliance and will attempting to access the ballot, and each of us plan to run for US Senate in on a platform of increasing fair representation of all parties and independents.

    Is there any interest on this site for this concept? I know it’s an independent-owned site, but we’d like to help make the rules level for all parties, as well as independents.

    Your feedback is deeply appreciated.

    Thank for very much in advance, I will monitor the thread for your responses.

  38. Oranje Mike

    #33, paulie

    The band in question, Legion, might not be the same band. I believe there may be up to 3 bands called Legion from Poland. One of them, according to my research, was a black metal band (not the same band posted on the YouTube channel in question). There’s another reference to a hardcore band (possibly the same Legion) but they are mentioned in name only with no facts or corroboration as listed with other bands named in said article. Said article below:


  39. Krzysztof Lesiak


    Is there a reason you haven’t published my latest submission, the interview with Cody?

    Is the format of the article not conforming to standard IPR format? Tell me, what I have to do to change it, so it gets published.

  40. Jill Pyeatt

    KL, Paulie hasn’t been on IPR for a few hours, so I took the liberty of editing and posting your article. I published under your name, because you really weren’t editorializing and another writer here posts his own interviews. I’ll send you some personal comments on Facebook.

  41. Catholic Trotskyist

    Does anyone know what happened to Don Lake? He hasn’t commented here in a very long time. I think he would have some…interesting things to say about Cody Quirk’s new project. I hope he’s ok.

  42. NewFederalist

    You’re right, CT. He hasn’t been here in a while. As I recall he didn’t have anything positive to say about Cody (and vice versa) so one might expect him to have commented on the article.

  43. paulie Post author

    Mr. Lake has some serious health problems, so I would not be surprised if his absence has been related to those. Another possibility is that it had to do with our chronic site problems a couple of months ago. He has left contact info (email and phone) here before, if anyone feels like seeing if he’s OK.

  44. paulie Post author

    The band in question, Legion, might not be the same band. I believe there may be up to 3 bands called Legion from Poland.

    Actually there are several bands in question, and if you are not sure whether one of them is the same band as being referred to in any internet article as WNs you can compare some of the song names and titles, and so on.

    Actually Krzysztof Lesiak has already said some of the bands on his youtube channel are white nationalist, but not white power or white supremacist, and that he is not white nationalist himself.

  45. paulie Post author

    Is there a reason you haven’t published my latest submission, the interview with Cody?

    I wasn’t online. As I’ve told you before, my internet usage varies a lot. There are times when I am on all the time and times when I’m gone for days, weeks or months at a time. Please do not rely on me to be the one who always has to edit and publish articles. There are 30 plus people who can do this; please address them as a group to let everyone know you have an article ready to go, not me personally. I’m not always here to do it.

    And thanks to Jill for taking care of this while I was offline.

  46. Dave Terry

    George Phillies (17)
    > “In New York, if you are a government agent and need a gun at home, you must have that paperwork. As a result, that article gives the names and addresses of every armed police officer, prison guard, FBI Agent, Secret Service agent and Federal Turkey Inspector who lives in the area.”<

    Those are the ONLY names that should be on the list. If THEY know were WE are, shouldn't WE know where THEY ARE???

  47. Deran

    I think an independent Tuareg nation of Azawad seems the best outcome, but very unlikely. Of course that’s tricky because the Tuareg MNLA was initiated a year or so ago by Tuaregs who’d been mercenaries for Qaddafi in Libya.

    To me this sort of thing really shows the precarious and artificial nature of many of the post-colonial nationstates. Most could be devolved into separate nations and function much more socially beneficial, the same for the old imperial nationstates.

  48. Jill Pyeatt

    Where has Krzysztof Leziak gone to? He hasn’t commented or posted anything for quite a few days.

  49. johnO

    Mali may turn into a new Syria. Al-Assad though has a headstart killing people and making many refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Armenia, Algeria, and elsewhere.
    -Al-Assad is Alawite and minority sect in Syria. Sunnis are the majority in Syria and Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the main backers for Sunni. Al-Assad’s backer is Russia and Iran.
    -Syria, like Mali’s, borders were made by France and Britain and some of these lines brought in people that were not really friendly with each other. Not sure if a South Sudan solution for both will solve “civil war”. What I do know this killing will continue until both get tired of death.

  50. Mark Axinn

    Received latest copy of Liberty in America in the mail today.

    Thanks to George for his tireless work getting it out.

  51. George Phillies

    @74 You are most welcome. Please note that I have a very large mailing list, I mail distribute a modest number of sample copies each month, and therefore if you want to see the newsletter regularly you should become an electrical subscriber, which you can do at LibertyForAmerica.com.

  52. Deran

    A couple weeks ago, the blog The North Star published an essay talking about the successes of a Troskyist, socialist candaite for state legislature in WA State. The priginal post critcized one of the main crypto-Trotskysit orgs, the International Socialist Organization (ISO), for not supporting the aforementioned Socialist Alternative (SA) state leg candidate.

    In this North Star entry, the ISO rebuts the SA’s criticisms of the ISO for staying out of the election. A lot of it is intersect bickering. Like one sees among the contending constitutionalist parties. It is interesting, but in my opinion, unfortunate, reading.


  53. Jill Pyeatt

    Scott Lieberman posted this information on the LNCDiscussPublic list, and I thought some of our IPR readers would be interested in this. Cato Institute’s Cato Store is giving many e-books for free through February 28th. Here’s the list of their free books:


  54. Stewart Flood

    Unity? Unity with what?

    The SCLP (as announced to our delegates) will be recalling our convention this Saturday, January 26, 2013. The business of the convention will be followed by a membership/volunteer building seminar. The decision to bring the convention back into session was made in December, the weekend before Demint resigned.

    Filing for the seat does not close until noon next Monday, January 28th. The original purpose of recalling the convention was to deal with ByLaws issues. We had already decided to have the seminar and a majority of those who were delegates at the 2012 convention were already planning to be present, so the chair elected to reconvene for the purpose of addressing several minor ByLaws issues.


    IF…(repeating)…IF anyone files for the First Congressional District seat as a Libertarian between noon on the 18th and noon on the 28th we will recall the convention again to nominate the candidate — or to select NOTA if appropriate.

    Further information may be obtained at sclp.org

  55. Stewart Flood

    And in case anyone wonders why this is a recalled convention rather than a new convention, the election cycle for conventions for the 2014 election cycle does not start until March 31st. County conventions will be held in September of 2013 with the State Party convention in November of 2013. The convention will be brought back into session in February of 2014 to nominate candidates.

  56. George Phillies

    @This message minus two “I believe…” That message was pointed at a message that seems to have vanished; I was not precognitively answering the message posted after mine.

  57. Krzysztof Lesiak

    RESPONSE TO JILL (FB won’t let me send you messages, they classify them as “spam”, weird)

    Anyhow, I AM alive and well! I was out several days due to the flu and my computer completely broke down, and hasn’t been fixed yet, so I’m at the library right now.

    AND I am working on a MASSIVE new article! Just started writing now. It will be about the American Third Position (soon to be renamed American Freedom Party). I have more than 12 pages of interview notes, so expect it to be good!

    Hope all is well with all IPR folks, haven’t been on here in quite a while!

  58. Krzysztof Lesiak

    William, here’s an interesting quote by the AFP membership coordinator, Jamie Kelso (MUCH more interesting juicy stuff in the article as soon as I finish writing it):

    “Adolf Hitler did more damage to the White race than anyone else.”

    Some food for thought, ehh? Shows that these guys at least aren’t on the same level as neo-Nazis, idiots like the NSM or whatever.

  59. Andy

    “American Third Position (soon to be renamed American Freedom Party)”

    This would be a good name for the Libertarian Party.

  60. William Saturn

    I’m not making any moral judgment on the matter. Third Positionism (a la Mussolini) is at least very similar to Fascism. It’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. That connection is one of the few things that makes the party interesting.

    For third parties, names do matter and that’s one of the reasons the Prohibition Party is not the National Statesman Party. Renaming to something generic like “American Freedom Party” does nothing to separate from other third parties as the Prohibition Party learned. Generic names are boring, and do not spark any interest. In contrast, a rename to something provocative like “American Fascist Party” would be noteworthy and interesting.

    At the very least, A3P would have been best to just remain A3P. Parties in need of a name change are often not the subject of Anonymous hackings and Wikipedia disputes. Remember, controversy creates cash. Playing the victim in media reports even with such unpopular beliefs will gain a few sympathizers.

  61. Dennis

    “Adolf Hitler did more damage to the White race than anyone else.”

    He means because he has turned public sentiment against racial nationalism.

  62. paulie

    @92 Um what? No one banned posting news articles.

    I’ve been on the road and really don’t have time to do it myself right now, nor the power to make anyone else do anything, although I would and have certainly encouraged them to post more.

  63. paulie


    Sorry, had to take down some Ogle spam. I was scanning comments too quickly to realize it had received replies.

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