Krzysztof Lesiak: ‘The Failure That Was The Presidential Campaign of Virgil Goode’

Original to IPR, by Krzysztof Lesiak:

On April 21, 2012, Virgil Goode, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1997-2009, was elected the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party at its national convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Goode won on the first ballot with 203 votes, or 50.37%, beating out former national vice-chairman and 2008 VP nominee Darrell Castle, former Savannah State University head football coach Robby Wells,  activist Susan Ducey, and radio-talk show host Laurie Roth. Goode was introduced by outgoing national chairman Jim Clymer, who mentioned that Gooded served in the Virgina State Senate for 24 years and with his 12 in U.S. Congress, had more federal experience that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama combined. Goode delivered his acceptance speech, which was televised by CSPAN. Goode thanked by name Don Grundmann, a candidate himself who ultimately decided to support Goode, throwing his three California votes behind him. Goode noted that if Grundmann hadn’t voted for him, a second ballot would have had to take place. In his speech, Goode outlined his platform positions, which included opposition to illegal immigration, a 100% pro-life stance, support for the Second Amendment, traditional marriage, opposition to the NDAA, and a balanced budget. He also admitted to making mistakes while in Congress, including voting for the Patriot Act, and said that his association with the Constiution Party helped him to see the light on several issues, including foreign policy. While in Congress, Goode had voted for both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thus, Virgil Hamlin Goode, Jr., a Virginian with a notable, thick Old Dominion accent ( – a really awesome accent), became the most well known nominee in the history of the Constitution Party, and the only one to have held elected office. Things looked bright for the CP.  Goode looked on track to set a record for the CP, a party that has never exceeded 200,000 votes in a presidential election.  No doubt, even though many CP members probably had their concerns with his past voting record, longtime CP’ers were surely happy to have such a prominent individual, a former U.S. Congressman, be their presidential nominee.

On November 6, 2012, the presidential election was held. Virgil Goode came in 5th place nationally, behind the duopoly candidates as well as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Goode received 122,191 votes, or 0.09%. This was significantly less than Michael Peroutka’s 2004 showing (144,499 votes, or 0.12%) and Chuck Baldwin’s 2008 showing (199,880 votes, or 0.15%). In fact, Goode’s showing was the second lowest percentage of the national popular vote that a CP candidate has ever received, behind Howard Phillips’s 0.04% result in 1992, the same year the CP was founded.

How did this happen? Why did a former U.S. Congressman, and the most prominent individual ever to run as the CP presidential candidate, fare so poorly? There are several reasons.

1. Ballot Access.  This one is by far the most important factor that caused Goode to under perform by such a large margin. Goode was on the ballot in a mere 26 states, which is likely the lowest number a CP candidate has ever been on, besides 1992. He was on the ballot in states that had a total Electoral College vote of 257, short of the 270 needed to be elected president. Even though he was a certified write-in candidate in 14 other states, where the total EC vote was 204, this doesn’t amount to much, because very few people vote for write-ins and they typically get only 0.01 or 0.02% of the vote. The campaign missed many states that it should have got on, including Arkansas, Illinois, Vermont, Maine, Kansas, Oregon, and Montana, among others. Goode, despite being quite wealthy by one account, didn’t really spend a whole lot of his money on the most important thing that third party candidates need: ballot access. Goode’s very poor ballot access is likely the reason that Justice Party nominee Rocky Anderson was surprisingly added to the Free and Equal debate in Chicago on October 23. Rocky was only on the ballot in 15 states, but had write-in status in 16 others, for a combined total of 379 accessible E.C. votes. Goode’s terrible ballot access put him in the same league as a former mayor and leader of a brand new party that had been created less than a year before.

2: Hijacking By The Neocons Of The AIP: The American Independent Party of California, with over 477,000 registered members as of October 2012, used to be the largest state affiliate in the Constitution Party. However, in 2008, it was hijacked by Alan Keyes supporters who placed Keyes on the ballot instead of Chuck Baldwin and affiliated the AIP with Keyes’s new America’s Independent Party (now called America’s Party). In 2012, however, many CP’ers had hoped to take back the AIP and place Virgil Goode on the ballot. However, at a smoke filled back room convention in August attended by 7 AIP members who were part of the Keyes faction, America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling won the nomination unanimously.  Hoefling went on to receive 38,372 votes in California, 95% of his national total. Had Goode been on the California ballot, he would have likely received between 30,000-50,000 votes, significantly helping his total.

3. A Weak General Campaign. Goode didn’t run a very active campaign, even if you, like me, followed his website’s news section regularly as well as his campaign Facebook account. Sure, he did some travelling, but he mostly confined his efforts to Franklin County, Virginia, where he lives. I guess it sort of worked, because Franklin County was his best county in the nation, giving him 2.58% of the vote. However, he was virtually nonexistent on the national scene, and besides the Free and Equal Debate in Chicago. Goode didn’t even have a campaign manager, according to Wikipedia. He drove himself everywhere. Also, by limiting himself to only donations of $200 or less, Goode only hurt himself. Also, he raised only $202,558, much of that coming from his personal fortune. By comparison, Chuck Baldwin raised $262,010, and Baldwin  was not close to having the monetary wealth that Goode possesses.  Goode didn’t hold any major rallies, and to my knowledge, was not interviewed by any major news network, except for CSPAN, which is usually pretty fair to third party candidates.

4. A Terrible Campaign Website. This is another big one. In today’s digital media age, there is no excuse for not having a good website, especially if you are seeking the highest office in the land. Goode’s campaign site might have passed muster were he running for Congress, but he wasn’t. When it was first released, I thought it was only a draft, and would drastically be improved in the future. To my dismay, it was not. In contrast, Baldwin’s 2008 site, which can still be viewed using WebArchives, was much more aesthetically pleasing and informative. Here are some specific critiques of Goode’s site:

a. First of all, the biography page sucked. Goode’s section only listed his birth date, education, military service, and political experience, having only a couple words for each. When you scrolled down to VP candidate Clymer’s section, you’ll see it’s more than three times the size of Virgil’s! But again, no complete sentences, just a list of important information about Clymer. Any serious campaign would have put out a MUCH longer actual biography, filled with anecdotes and the such.

b. The issues page was nothing to rave about, either. Good listed his issues as bullet points, which is a very amateurish way of organizing the issues page for a political campaign. Most campaigns would have a page listing all the issues, with picture for each one, and a “read more” button that takes you to a more detailed summary of the candidate’s position on that specific issue. Some of Virgil’s positions were one liners (!),  including his position on health care, which simply stated “I support ending Obamacare.” Virgil, let me remind you, you’re running for the most powerful office on the planet, not state representative!

c. The media page was also “weak sauce”. The videos section just had a bunch of YouTube videos lumped together on one page, while the photos page wasn’t even organized as a gallery  just had all the pictures on one page with captions underneath. It was slightly better than the video page, but still not nearly good enough for the presidential nominee of America’s 3rd largest political party (according to voter registration, December 2010).

d. Lastly, the “campaign news” page was atrocious. It had some links to articles and media coverage of Goode’s campaign, but it wasn’t even updated regularly. In fact, from September 15th, to October 13th, almost an entire month, there was not a single news item posted!! Before that, not a single news item was posted between July 13th and August 1st. C’mon Virgil, how many times do I have to remind you that running for POTUS is a serious matter?

These are the four major reasons why Goode’s campaign was such a major failure. Let’s compare again more closely Baldwin’s results from 2008 with Goode’s showing in November:

In 2008, Baldwin’s best state was Utah, where he earned 1.25% of the vote. His best county was Millard County in Utah, where he got 5.57%. By contrast, Goode’s best state was South Dakota, where he got 0.65%, and his best county was the one in which he lived, Franklin County, Virginia, where he got 2.58%.

Baldwin was on the ballot in 37 states, Goode in only 26.

Baldwin out polled Libertarian nominee Bob Barr in 10 states. In 2012, Goode  out polled Libertarian Gary Johnson only in Michigan (and that’s only because Johnson wasn’t on the ballot).

Baldwin had some prominent endorsements to boast of. Baldwin was endorsed by such prominent figures as Congressman Ron Paul, radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones,  Jerome Corsi, author of The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command, Mark Dice, a famous 9/11 truther and YouTube “vlogger”,  John Hosteler  a former U.S. Congressman from Indiana, Joel Skousen, a well known author, Joseph Sobran, famed columnist and CP’s original VP candidate in 2000 before dropping out, and Thomas E. Woods, Jr., a “politically incorrect” historian and the author such bestsellers as The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (one of my personal favorites – KL) and Meltdown. Some pretty impressive names, wouldn’t you say? Now let’s look at Goode’s endorsers. Jay Anderson, a former mayor of Columbia, Virginia, Stephen Andrew, President of USA Christian Ministries, and Daniel Cassidy, a conservative activist and former GOP staffer. Have you heard of any of those people?? I sure as heck haven’t. None of them even have Wikipedia entries.

To summarize, Goode’s 2012 showing surely disappointed many. I sure as heck was disappointed by it. To avoid the mistakes Goode made, CP leadership (and regular members as well) need to read this article to make sure they do not make the same mistakes again.

And what of Goode’s political future? Should he run for president again in 2016? No way Jose.  However, he should definitively run for U.S. Congress in his old district, Virginia’s 5th, in 2014 as the CP candidate. Goode is still well known and liked by his former constituents, and in a 3 way race with duopoly candidates, would only need 34% to win. The CP would gain a MAJOR boost by electing their first member to Congress. I’m not the only person hoping Goode will run in 2014. A Facebook draft page has even been created, and has already garnered 33 likes. (Here’s the link, and I hope everyone reading this will like it and share it:

This draft effort has been endorsed by 2012 VP nominee and former national chairman Jim Clymer. He said:

I think it’s a great idea.

Also, I think that in order to maximize success in the future, the CP should run Chuck Baldwin for U.S. Senate in Montana in 2014. Last year, Dan Cox, got an impressive 6.56% of the vote, and due to Montana’s high concentration of Ron Paul supporters and freedom-loving people, Chuck would surely set records for the CP for a U.S. Senate race. Another endorsement from Dr. Ron Paul could put him over the top. Scott Bradley, to the best of my knowledge,  currently holds the record for a CP candidate running for U.S. Senate. Bradley got 5.67% in Utah in 2010. Chuck would surely beat that. A Facebook draft page has been started for him as well. (Here’s the link, and please like and share too:

Finally I believe the CP’s best presidential ticket for 2016 would consist of Darrell Castle for president and former Missouri state representative Cynthia L.  Davis for vice-president.  Castle is an attorney,  longtime party activist, and he knows his issues well, and would make and excellent standard bearer. He was the VP nominee in 2008 and former Vice-Chairman. He has also recorded over 100 phenomenal podcasts concerning the news and issues of the day. Cynthia is new  to the CP but she has already proven herself to be a loyal CP’er and has run for lieutenant governor as the CP candidate. Her 8 years of legislative experience would add a lot to the ticket. She could be like the Sarah Palin of the CP, except that she, of course, unlike Palin, is actually a true constitutional conservative. Darrell should announce his candidacy as soon as possible so that that he can (1 build name recognition (2 begin raising funds (3 unite the entire CP behind his candidacy. A draft page has been created for Darrell. (Here’s the link, be sure to like and… you know the drill 🙂 – ).

Ok, now let’s summarize  this article’s key thesis. Goode’s extremely poor showing has proven one thing for third parties:  that nominating a former U.S. congressman who has little name recognition on the national stage does not translate into more votes. We saw this with Bob Barr’s epic under performance of only 523,o00 votes in 2008, as well as Cynthia McKinney’s low total of 161,000 votes. Third parties should be mindful of this and choose presidential candidates who are loyal party members and who articulate the party’s platform well, not newcomers who held elected office before but aren’t ideologically pure.

I’m Krzysztof Lesiak, a high school student and brand new IPR contributor, and I’d like to personally congratulate you for getting through this mammoth (whew!). Since I’m new here, feel free to add me on Facebook. Also, I have a YouTube channel, which has a ton of Constitution Party videos you won’t find anywhere else. I hope you subscribe to it.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year everyone!

153 thoughts on “Krzysztof Lesiak: ‘The Failure That Was The Presidential Campaign of Virgil Goode’

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    I find the tone of Lesiak’s unnecessarily critical and unkind.

    Though, Lesiak does have many, useful points. And, is worth studying the article both from the angle of “What happens in (lots of) third party campaigns”, as well as, “How do cranky people evaluate your campaign after it is finished.”

    I met Virgil Goode at the Nader/DC debate. It was great that he was there, with some supporters, and with literature and campaign paraphinalia. I shared some of the goodies with my 19 year-old coworker who is thinking about Libertarian ideas, and I think it inspired her. And, my husband and I created a few, useful, political Youtube videos, since Virgil Goode was gracious enough to give us a personal interview.

    Every third party campaign is going to have huge problems. It is a bunch of people with low-resource, trying to run on ideals that the entrenched oligarchy around them are trying to suppress. Every third party must cope with: relative poverty; hostility from the frightened masses who are brainwashed by the two-party culture; sometimes with spies from the other parties and/or campaigns; and sometimes with government infiltrators. [Peter Camejo, had some interesting stories about this situation.]

    It is a miracle that any third party presidential campaign survives. It is a miracle that anyone comes out still liking each other.

    I think that any evaluation of a third party campaign is best to start out with heavy doses of praise for attempting the project. And, it should give gentle criticism, which acknowledges the hurdles faced. A third party campaign critique also needs heavy doses of forgiveness, to compensate for the fact that some of the hurdles may have been invisible, based on infiltrators and spies.

    We all do our best.

    It is a miracle when we awaken and inform just one person. And, an even bigger miracle when we make a tiny dent in the mainstream press.

    I got that Virgil Goode voted for the Patriot Act. So, I knew right away I would not vote for him. Though, I was glad to have met him and heard his thinking. And, I am glad that he took the time, as a former elected official, to help support third party structures.

  2. Be Rational

    Nice job. Well written. Although I’m not a CP fan, this piece seems a fair assessment.

    Krzysztof Lesiak is a good writer with a bright future ahead of him. Any party would be lucky to have him as a member or supporter.

  3. Trent Hill

    “In fact, Goode’s showing was the second lowest percentage of the national popular vote that a CP candidate has ever received, behind Howard Phillips’s 0.04% result in 1992, the same year the CP was founded.”

    Not true. Phillips’ 2000 result was only 90,000+ votes, and the percentage was smaller than Goode’s too.

  4. Trent Hill

    Tip from a professional writer: Don’t use words like “suck” and “weak sauce” in a political analysis piece. It looks silly.

  5. Trent Hill

    “To avoid the mistakes Goode made, CP leadership (and regular members as well) need to read this article to make sure they do not make the same mistakes again.”

    This reeks of arrogance. You’re suggesting you know the issues and problems better than long-time party members, ballot access experts, and people with decades worth of political experience. No offense: But I doubt it.

  6. NewFederalist

    As long as we’re piling on… Goode was nominated not technically elected by the CP convention.

  7. Trent Hill

    I’d also save the pimping of Facebook pages for your comments section, rather than littering your article with it. I understand you started these pages (all three of them) and want them to do well, but each of them could be inserted into their own article. In the off-season for elections, these type of “draft X” articles could be pretty popular on IPR.

    Now, I’d like to apologize for being so critical. I have an editor’s mind. With that said, you’re a strong writer–just need to work some kinks and perspective issues out.

  8. Trent Hill

    “As long as we’re piling on… Goode was nominated not technically elected by the CP convention.”

    I saw that too. Didn’t want to be too much of an arse though.

  9. NoGovNo

    “In the off-season for elections, these type of “draft X” articles could be pretty popular on IPR. ”

    Good idea.

  10. NoGovNo

    I made it to the end of the article!

    Very insightful and articulate analysis by this 16 year old writer, although I agree with some of the technicalities other people have pointed out.

  11. Gigi Bowman

    The Constitution Party would have done better to nominate Robby Wells who was the liberty candidate and had the same platform as Ron Paul. The guy is a force to be reckoned with and seemed to campaign harder, farther and wider as a non-candidate. He went around the country on a campaign tour though he had no party behind him – he took the time to speak at Paul Festival in Tampa which Virgil did not.

    In fact he is already on board and campaigning for 2016.

    Sometimes it takes determination and will (Robby Wells) more than money and name recognition (Virgil Goode).

    Robby also had a better social networking presence and by the end of the 2012 Presidential Campaign more people knew Robby Wells was running for President than Virgile Goode. All on his own dime with no party behind him.

  12. NoGovNo

    They should have nominated Darrell Castle in 2012, and they should nominate Darrell Castle or Jim Clymer in 2016. Robby Wells might make a good candidate for the Reform Party, though.

  13. johnO

    Virgil Goode would do better in Virginia than national stage.
    -Cynthia Davis I hope will run again in Missouri.
    -Tom Tancredo should be an option for CP Prez.

  14. Trent Hill

    Nearly everything Bowman wrote is incorrect. Wells “campaigned” in only a handful of places–mostly by speaking to high school students that couldn’t vote. He did speak to the Paul Festival and so did Darrel Castle (or was it Jim Clymer) in place of Virgil Goode.

    Wells has 342 likes on his “for President” facebook page. Virgil Goode’s has 4,100. Wells’ personal facebook page won’t show me a number of friends, but that isn’t all that representative of political support anyway and Goode’s personal page has over 2000 friends. Their twitters are negligible on both sides.

    “by the end of the 2012 Presidential Campaign more people knew Robby Wells was running for President than Virgile Goode.”

    Definitely not true. 120,000 people voted for Goode and I’d say a couple million knew he was running. I couldn’t find anyone outside of this website and a few others that even knew of Robby Wells.

  15. paulie Post author

    Tom Tancredo should be an option for CP Prez.

    I doubt he’s interested. He had negative remarks about alt parties after his run and has had no involvement with CP since then as far as I know.

  16. Trent Hill

    NoGovNo is clearly Krzysztof Lesiak. Please post under one name only.

    JohnO–Couldn’t agree more about Tancredo. He ought to be the CP’s target for 2016.

  17. Trent Hill

    “I doubt he’s interested. He had negative remarks about alt parties after his run and has had no involvement with CP since then as far as I know.”

    My sources say otherwise. While he’;s distanced himself in order to play a role in the local GOP, I do think he could be woo’d.

  18. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Trent. MpGovNo is not me.

    Also, I really appreciate the constructive criticism! Really, I do! Bear in mind, I’m only 16, and I have only one year of a journalism class under my belt 🙂 So things will approve.

    Sent you an add on Facebook, also, I hope to meet you at the CP national Convention in 2016, as both a delegate, AND credentialed IPR reporter 🙂

    As for pimping the draft pages, sure, you’re probably right, but keep in mind, if Paulie agreed with you, he could’ve always taken’em out 🙂

  19. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Be Rational, thanks for your kind words! I just got up, after nearly trying to pull an all nighter, lol, and reading that was a great way to start my day 😉

    And Trent, is dead on about Robby, Robby is a political opportunist, charlatan, and delusional individual, who should be banned from future CP meetings, methinks. He used his latest address to the National Committee to promote his candidacy as an independent! I mean, this guy.

  20. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Finally, since this is my 3rd IPR article, do I get the honor of being listed as an official IPR contributor Paulie? Please say yes, I’ve been wanting to change my Facebook job status to an ACTUAL legit job lol 🙂

    2 new articles rolling in later today, just got cracking lol

  21. paulie Post author

    As for pimping the draft pages, sure, you’re probably right, but keep in mind, if Paulie agreed with you, he could’ve always taken’em out

    I didn’t want to do heavy duty editing. I only posted it as my article because it would have otherwise gone against our policy of not self-posting editorials as individuals. If we have such a policy we should abide by it. This is the workaround we have developed, publishing each other’s articles. Speaking of which – see the news tips thread, there may be some articles you could help with.

  22. Krzysztof Lesiak

    TANCREDO FOR PREZ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

    Governor of CO in 2010 was acceptable, because everybody knows his an an avowed adversary of illegal immigration.

    But prez?!?!?! Guys, I’d vote for ROBBY WELLS over Tancredo any day, and that says something. Because, I DO NOT like Robby in any sense of the word.

    Tancredo is such a neocon, especially on foreign policy plus, he rejoined the GOP in January 2011 calling it the “only game in town.”

    Please tell me you are joking about Tom. No more neocons running for the CP nom, ever!

  23. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Sweet Paulie, thanks 🙂

    Also, be sure to give me the latest deets on the LNC in Chicago in March, including exact location, which is currently listed as TBD. I will live blog it for IPR, k, so u can just worry about the business aspect, and i’ll have a good friend of mine record it for ustream, sound good?

  24. johnO

    CP should also target those Repubs that didn’t vote for Boehner. They probably wont have a future with Boehner in charge and just like Tancredo will be seen only when House is completely empty. Tancredo used to speak alone virtually with CSPAN.
    CP really is his only home and he could easily win his old district if R wasn’t there. He put CP as a major party in Colorado.

  25. Krzysztof Lesiak

    I am really excited to meet u, and Lee Wrights (WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN LP NOMINEE INSTEAD OF FAIR TAX JOHNSON!!!). I know it will be a good time. I know I’m a CP guy, but still , im sympathetic to LP ins so many regards.

    think Geoff Neale let me address the LNC briefly? I also will not leave without getting a picture taken with everyone there, lolz.

  26. Krzysztof Lesiak

    johnO, watch his hawkish ads for the presidential campaign in ’08, also read his foreign policy articles/ positions, then come back here, with a straight face, and tell me about how the CP “is really his only home” 🙂

  27. Jed Siple

    Didn’t Tancredo on The O’Reilly Factor say during his run for governor that, if elected, he’d serve as a Republican? He’s not a Constitutionalist.

  28. paulie Post author

    What: LNC Meeting Mar 16/17

    Where: Embassy Suites O’Hare
    5500 North River Road
    Rosemont, IL 60018

    The meeting will be held in the “Walden Room” on the 8th floor

    P: probably starting 8 or 9 AM each day. Be there earlier to set up any video equipment.

    think Geoff Neale let me address the LNC briefly? I also will not leave without getting a picture taken with everyone there, lolz.

    There’s a brief audience comment period before and after the meeting.

    BTW you are supposed to be an LP member, although I’ve never seen anyone check. In case that comes up you should pay $25 to become a member. If you can’t get that kind of money I can pay it, but it probably won’t be an issue at all.

  29. paulie Post author

    I will live blog it for IPR, k, so u can just worry about the business aspect, and i’ll have a good friend of mine record it for ustream, sound good?

    Sounds great to me. I can probably actually help. I’m an alternate, which means I’m usually not participating in business except when the region rep is not there. At this last meeting he wasn’t there, so I was busy being an LNC member, but if he skips this next one he is off the LNC so I expect him to be there…which means I can help blog. I still want you guys to do as much as possible though.

  30. johnO

    I believe Prez Bush didn’t like him and wasn’t invited to White House. He was banned for closed borders policy. He agrees with CP on taxes, abortion, gay marriage, and borders. Tancredo agrees with Republicans on one issue, the military. However, I’m not sure he’d go as far as Bush and invade Iran, Iraq , North Korea, Syria or any other country “Hawks” want invaded. I may be wrong I hope not. If would invade he should run again in Colorado for something to help CP. Cynthia Davis then for Vice-Pres and Jim Clymer Pres.

  31. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Paulie, you’re awesome 🙂

    My family is, kinda in dire financial straits right now, my mom just got laid off, so we’ll be getting unemployment check too, i need to find an after school or weekend job, but until then, 25$ is kinda a lot to pay just to talk 🙁

    Sorry, lol, maybe I can find a job by then, then I will come up with the money 🙂

    As said previously, look forward to meeting you ( and Lee Wrights, if he’s not there, I’m bailing LOL) !!!

  32. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Paulie, I will also recommend u in my address for future LNC at large! I was disappointed that Hinkle won. Hinkle and Redpath are the “top down” faction right, we don’t need them as at large, my 2 cents.

    PAULIE FOR LNC AT LARGE IN (whenever the are elected, lol)

  33. johnO

    Republican Party has Pro-Choice, some Pro-Gay Marriage and more open with immigration candidates. Not many. Just as paulie said the CP is more “pure” on certain issues. Richard Tisei of Mass ran as R as Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, open with borders, and less taxation. He lost to a D. LP ran as well in that district.

  34. Jill Pyeatt

    KL, when you’re in the dashboard, the seventh icon down on the left is a bubble/cloud thingie like you’d see in a comic strip for someone to talk. Click on that, and it takes you to comments, where you can edit a comment. You also can see the real names of people posting under pseudnyms and check the ISP to see if one person is posting under multiple names.

  35. Jill Pyeatt

    I think this is a thought-provoking article and shows remarkable understanding of the political process. It appears Mr. Lesiak has been paying attention for the past couple years, also. I was too busy chasing boys and drawing pretty clothes at that age (I started college as a fashion design major). There is something I’m curious about, that you can answer now or later if you wish, Krzysztof: You seem to understand Libertarian principle quite well, and I wonder why it’s the Constition party you’re a member of instead?

  36. Concerned Citizen

    Those of you in swing states that failed to vote for Romney, you are all responsible for the growing debt including the $6 trillion fiscal cliff bill.

  37. Krzysztof Lesiak

    I like the CP over the LP for the following 4 major reasons:

    1. Pro-life, I am 100% pro life, no exceptions, so is the CP.

    2. Faith is important to me I am a Catholic, I am not a theocrat, but, I do believe the seperation of church and state clause has been abused and misinterpreted by liberals. Faith is important to the CP membership, it is to me too. Many libertarians are atheist, or outright anti-religion, that sorta repels me.

    3. Gay marriage. CP supports traditional marriage, so do I.

    4. Immigration. BIGGIE. LP wants illegals to flood our borders, take away our jobs, and ruin this country. CP, like I, believes, that we must secure our borders, bring the troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq and 130 plus countries and put them on the Mexican border!

    These are the 4 main reasons I support CP over LP.

    However, I do not agree with the CP on drugs. I want all drugs legalized, just like LP does, CP, however, while not overtly pro continuation of the drug war, does not want to legalize drugs.

  38. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Lol Jill, so far, I’ve only had one girlfriend, and that was in 8th grade, and it last only about a week 🙁

    If I weren’t such a political nutjob, hell, I’d probably have multiple girls by now, be popular in school, u know be a normal person ROFL 🙂

  39. Concerned Citizen

    It was much more likely that the debt would’ve been reduced under Romney than Obama. I chose Romney, you chose Obama.

  40. Jill Pyeatt

    KL @ 54 said “If I weren’t such a political nutjob, hell, I’d probably have multiple girls by now, be popular in school, u know be a normal person ROFL”

    Probably every one of us reading this site can relate to that!

  41. Jill Pyeatt

    KL @ 53: Thanks for the answer, and, yes, you belong in the Constitution Party.

    Since I have a son close to your age, don’t be surprised if I send some info your way as to why our Libertarian views might aid your world in the above areas–

  42. Q

    Not me. I managed to get plenty of girls in high school while also showing an early interest in politics.

  43. Jill Pyeatt

    CC @ 55: We’ll never know, of course, but Romney didn’t do a good jub of convincing me that he’d reduce debt. Any money he might have saved in social programs probably would have just gone into the military budget.

  44. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Concerned Citizen: Those of you in swing states that failed to vote for Romney, you are all responsible for the growing debt including the $6 trillion fiscal cliff bill.

    Romney was slightly better than Obama on economics.

    But Obama is slightly better on foreign policy.

    Which is not saying much for either of them.

  45. Zapper

    @55 Every vote for Romney was a vote for Obama. Romney was unelectable. Every vote for Romney was a wasted vote.

    You should have voted for Gary Johnson. He was electable. If he’d had a quarter of Romney’s campaign budget he’d have been elected.

  46. George Whitfield

    Krzysztof, that was an interesting article. Thank you for writing it. Best wishes on getting a job.

  47. Austin Battenberg

    I read the whole thing. I agree with the overall sentiment by some of the other commenters. Saying his accent was awesome is probably not necessary.

    That being said, I ‘liked’ the three facebook pages.

  48. Austin Battenberg

    Concerned Citizen: no one owns my vote. I voted for Gary Johnson (I live in California, not a swing state). But I vote for people I believe in, not against people. Here in my state we had two options for Senate, the evil Dianne Fienstein, and her neoconservative opponent Emily Emken. Guess what, I didn’t vote for either of them. In my local congressional election, I proudly voted for Republican Tom McClintock because his voting record is rather libertarian and there was no LP option. So stop parading this whole idea that we “voted” for Obama. Besides, there are many people who visit this site who supported Rocky Anderson, Roseanne Barr, and Jill Stein, all liberals. So does that mean their votes went to Mitt Romney? I think not.

    Krzysztof: I don’t think you realize what your saying, you want to put armed troops all along our borders? That doesn’t sound very free to me. I don’t support a protectionist immigration policy. I do believe that we need reform, but to simply say that libertarians “wants illegals to flood our borders, take away our jobs, and ruin this country” is very misleading. We may disagree on policy, but trust me us libertarians don’t want our country to be “taken over” to “ruin the country”. We just believe in a free society, and you don’t accomplish that by preventing people from immigrating here. We are all ancestors of immigration. If the line was moving, I’m sure there would be a lot less illegal immigration. And just so you know, more illegals come from our northern border then our southern border, but because they don’t look Hispanic, no one seems to care.

    And the CP is not generally in favor of the War on Drugs (though Virgil Goode was). Most of them want to let it be a state issue. Hell, even Tom Tancredo supports legalization of marijuana.

  49. Jill Pyeatt

    My view is that it’s unconstitutional for marriage to be available for some, but not all people. This isue is indeed a big difference between the CP and the LP, and a main reason I’ll never be a Constitutionalist. Just FYI

  50. johnO

    Vote for the person you believe in. Not what some party hack wants. I agree with A. Battenberg.

  51. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Yes, that’s why, in good conscience, I can’t join the LP ever. I love the LP, though, I really do, we have many more similarities, us CPers, and Libertarians, than we do differences between us !! 🙂

  52. kevin

    This article is not totally accurate. Goode got more major media coverage then any other CP Candidate in history. He was live on MSNBC, Interviewed on CNN, and Fox News, on C-span 3 times, and a radio interview on NPR.

  53. Austin Battenberg

    Oh, and if every single person who voted for every third party candidate voted for Romney, he still would have lost to Obama. Romney was just a weak candidate who didn’t even get more votes than McCain did in 2008, despite all the anti-Obama sentiment.

  54. FAN of Dr.STAN

    From the comments it seems our young lad has made quite a few mistakes in his article. Did Goode get “more” major media than Howard Phillips, or even Chuck Baldwin ? It was said he was seen by almost 20 million viewers when he appeared in the Fair and Equal Debate hosted by Larry King.

    Why so much hate for Robbie Wells (the poor Ron Paul) ? Not because his fiancee is a black african-american I hope! Judge not lest ye be judged…..A HOLIER than thou attitude turns almost everyone off!

    Along with Dr.Stan this Lady is hands down (NO CONTEST) the BEST spokesperson the CP/AIP has ever had, PERIOD! Welcome to a new refreshing ANSWER:
    She should be your POTUS candidate.

    When you skimp on PRINCIPLE you lose the reason for being an Alternative Party !
    When you put a Goode or Tancredo up and overlook their voting records you skimp on what you truly stand for on the things that matter most.

    Castle is no doubt a good man but how much would he really add to a POTUS race ? How long can you survive pulling under 200K in the POTUS race? Discouraging totals doesn’t equal expanding activist pools breaking out everywhere. And you are already victim to the major Alternative Party enemy – splinter groups !!! Could Castle save the Party?

    @51 & 55 Concerned Citizen, you friend are still in a FOG. Obama won by more than 50% in each state he won but one. Which wouldn’t have changed his victory! The Rs continue to send up losers and losers LOSE ! I mean Romney got 37% in his home state. That tells a very telling story to me. That said, both Obama and Romney are mere puppets and no matter who wins, the U.S. will continue it’s road to disaster.

    + + + + + +

    Here is the Radio Show that everyone should be listening to, especially all CP followers! Former CA AIP Candidate Dr. Stan…..

    Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.

    Listen on the web at:
    Radio Liberty
    it is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith.

    Radio Liberty Archives-

  55. Dave

    Ron Paul never endorsed Baldwin. Paul did say he would vote for Baldwin, after the mistakes of Bob Barr. Why would Baldwin want to be like Hillary, simply moving to a state, just to get elected.

  56. NoGovNo

    ” It was said he was seen by almost 20 million viewers when he appeared in the Fair and Equal Debate hosted by Larry King. ”

    LOL um say what? 2o thousand maybe?

  57. NoGovNo

    @76 said he would vote for, endorsed, same difference.

    He did not move to Montana for the purpose of being elected. He moved there because that’s where he wants to live and he still wants to be politically involved.

  58. johnO

    So why isn’t Mary Starrett running nationwide or even in Oregon? I think she is a strong conservative women but so is Cynthia Davis and Bay Buchanan. The CP didn’t put Mary Starrett up for Pres in 2012. They nominated Virgil Goode. Many questions CP can start to discuss for off year elections. 1-Are they putting someone up for special election for Jesse Jackson’s seat. 2-How about South Carolina’s Tim Scott seat. 3-Are they even going to try in Mass. John Kerry’s Senate seat (even Green-Rainbow Dr. Stein name is being forwarded) 4-rumor on internet has it Jo ann Emerson is about to resign in Missouri – how about that seat etc.
    I think any open seat the CP should challenge. Jesse Jackson Jr’s seat has a SWP , GP , and an indy running already. The CP?

  59. paulie Post author

    Someone (I don’t remember if it was on this thread) claimed Starrett left the CP. Anyone know whether this is true and have a verifiable source? If she did leave, did she state her reasons, and if so where?

  60. paulie Post author

    It’s an unverified comment and I don’t remember where I saw it. I want more info before I accept that it is actual news.

  61. Trent Hill

    “Probably every one of us reading this site can relate to that!”

    Speak for yourself. I’m a baller 😛

  62. Krzysztof Lesiak

    Lol, Paulie 🙂

    BTW, yesterday, speaking of drugs, I tried pot for the first time with a group of friends. Can’t believe our fascist government bans it!

    Legalize ’em! And no, cocaine dealing is off limits for me, this white suburbia community probably craves one and already has a few, but, I’ll prefer slightly more legal methods, for the most part, lolz 🙂

  63. Krzysztof Lesiak

    On the topic of drugs, I hope the CP eventually moves towards outright endorsement of legalization, though I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, maybe if there is a massive infusion of young people and Ron Paul supporters?

  64. Starchild

    Krzysztof – I’ll add my appreciation of the quality of analysis in your article. It’d be a solid piece for someone of any age, but for you being only 16 it’s damned impressive! You should really be in the LP, I think you’re too smart for the Constitution Party, lol! 🙂

    Actually though, the LP has some of the same issues when it comes to putting too much faith in , sadly enough. Reading your comments about how Constitution Party nominated ex-congressman Virgil Goode with visions of votes and money dancing in their heads was like experiencing a bad flashback to Barr 2008. Though in Goode the CP seems to at least have someone who is more ideologically on the same page with them than Barr was with the LP. His subsequent regression to the Republicans shows that he was only there to use our party.

    I’d like to say the LP has learned its lesson, but only time will tell. (I’m not counting Gary Johnson being selected over Lee Wrights as that kind of epic fail, because although I did not vote to give him the nomination, Johnson seems to be sincerely libertarian in his broad outlook, and committed to the movement and the party, and a down-to-earth, common sense kind of guy.)

  65. Andy

    Starchild said: “Though in Goode the CP seems to at least have someone who is more ideologically on the same page with them than Barr was with the LP.”

    I would not be so sure about this. Goode had several deviations from the Constitution Party’s agenda. He claims to have changed on some of them (like Bob Barr claimed in the LP in 2008), but there were others where he did not.

  66. johnO

    Mary Starrett would probably “blush” at some of the previous comments. I take that back maybe run for the hills. Ha Ha.

  67. paulie Post author

    Well…in my experience, a lot of socially conservative ladies have a very freaky side. Maybe it’s that whole guilt side…Mrs. Jeckyl and Miss Hyde?

    Not that I know about any specific person, just a trend I’ve noticed.

  68. paulie Post author

    No, but many of my customers did 🙂

    And c’mon…you gotta admit those uniforms have to be designed to make boys sin…that is no accident there 😛

  69. Dennis

    I went to Catholic school from preschool through junior year of high school. I am not shocked many of your customers came from such institutions.

    There were more drugs in my suburban high school than there were in Limelight.

  70. paulie Post author

    It’s been many years since anything shocked me. My experiences in life immunized me to being shocked easily.

  71. Auguste Bartkuke

    Paulie, you’re an OG? Are you going to the Wisconsin LP convention Anno Domini April 25th, 2015?

  72. paulie Post author

    No, I’m way down here in Arkansas.

    Chris, Andy C will be at the WI convention but he’ll be busy as that is his state party so if you can get up there to blog that will be great.

    The only conventions I am planning to cover this year as of right now are

    Arkansas, May 16, if we are not done before then
    Alabama, June 13, unless I am too far away at that time to get back for it

    Any others – only if I am in the immediate vicinity. No long bus rides just to cover conventions for me this year..

  73. Andy Craig

    I won’t attempt to liveblog it from the hotel, but I’ll probably have a write-up of Wisconsin after the fact, both for IPR and as an LPWI press release.

  74. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Right now my friends, I’m listening to a song called Men at Work by Down Under.

  75. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Have you guys ever heard of Tupac Shakur? This is one of my favorite songs by him in addition to Dear Mama and Me Against the World.

  76. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    I also love this song. What do you guys think of this song by Tupac Shakur?

  77. Andy

    “Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak
    April 17, 2015 at 3:33 pm
    I also love this song. What do you guys think of this song by Tupac Shakur?”

    Wow, Kryzsztof certainly has gone through some changes given the rhetoric he was espousing not too long ago.

  78. Trent Hill

    Krystof, it’s hilarious to see someone asking “what do you think of Changes by Tupac Shakur?” Like trying to talk to someone about the shock ending of MASH, lol.

    Shakur has a political connection too, FYI. His mother, Assata (I think is how you spell it) was a Black Panther Party member who now lives in Cuba because she murdered someone.

  79. Shave the Whales!

    You are mixing up two different people. Tupac’s nother was Afeni Shakur, and was indeed a Panther. Assata Shakur, another Panther also born in 1947, is the convicted murderer and fugitive who escaped from prison in 1979 and has been on the lam in Cuba since 1984. Tupac was born in 1971 and died in 1996. Mutulu Shakur was another Panther convicted of major felonies. He is the brother of Assata Shakur and had a child with Afeni, but that child was not Tupac.

  80. Shave the Whales!

    Mutulu and Afeni’s son Mopreme Shakur is also a rapper, but not nearly as well known as his half-brother Tupac.

  81. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Have you guys on the Independent Political Report (American Third Party Report) IPR-ATPR (I love You Annettka Auguste Bartkuke) ever heard of the song Not Afraid by a rapper named Eminem?

  82. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    An Idea Whose Time Has Come Cannot Be Stopped By Any Army Or Any Government
    Ron Paul rEVOLution Represent Golden State going to California on a Research Chemical Trip. Whew! That was some intense stuff, nigga.

  83. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Dorota Nazarkiewicz Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
    “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.”
    ? Tupac Shakur

  84. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    I Love You Auguste Barkute Annettka. I Love You. You are the Blood that Runs Through My Veins. You are the Water that Flows Through My Veins. You are the Heart that Beats in My Soul. You are the Brain That Runs My Supercomputer. In essense, you are my soul mate for eternity. I Love You More Than LIfe Itself. #Polska #Litwa #NorthSideRepresent

    By the way, I’m planning on announcing that I’m going to run for the Libertarian Party of the United States of America presidential election on Sunday. Can you be my copilot, please, Auguste? I want you My Love, to run for the Libertarian Party vice-chairwoman position. The Libertarian Convention is held in May 2016 Anno Domini, or it could be June or July, I’m not even sure.

    I love you Annettka.

  85. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    By the way I”m not running for the presidential nomination. I’ve already endorsed Darryl W. Perry of Keene, New Hampshire for that position. I”m actually going to run for the Libertarian Party chair nomination. Even if I don’t win, I just want to have fun, because Ron Paul said if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. #Polska #Litwa #NorthSideRepresent

  86. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Auguste Barkute is the vice-chairwoman of Partia KORWin, Mount Prospect, Illinois. I’m a big fan of Janusz Korwin Mikke, look him up on Google, my friends. #NorthSideRepresent
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  87. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    clairiemcberrie 3 months ago
    Tupac started the book of rap. Eminem finished it. Lil Wayne couldn’t read it.

    I Love You Auguste Anettka Bartkuke. I Love You More than I Love Life Itself.

  88. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    I Love You Auguste. I Love You Annettka. UpState New York State, North Side, New Hampshire Free State Project, Second Vermont Republic, Maine, Represent. I Love You More than Life itself Annettka.

  89. Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    Marian Kowalski got kicked out of high school when he was a junior. I dropped out of high school when I was a junior with 9.25 credits.
    Kocham Cie Annettko. I Love You More Than Life Itself , Auguste Annettka Barkukte.

  90. Andy

    “Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak

    April 17, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    David Earl Williams III is one of my many home niggas.”

    Kind of funny to see a white Polish young man calling people his “nigga”.

  91. Auguste Barkukte

    I’m a human supremacist, Matt Cholko> We all Came From a Black Mother
    Tupac Nation
    Eminem Nation
    Auguste Barktuke Nation
    North Side Nation
    West Side Nation
    South Side N ation
    East Side Nation
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road.

    I officially endorse Darryl W. Perry for the Libertarian Party nation

  92. paulie Post author

    I don’t know who it was. Maybe one of the Redlich brothers? Or maybe you’re right, Chris could have done it himself.

  93. Andy Craig

    I removed it as spam because that’s what i took it for. I didn’t even know this person had some kind of history as a commenter and/or troll. I thought I was just cleaning up a spam-bot attack. It was several dozen repetitive gibberish word-salad comments and random youtube videos that had nothing to do with the article. If that was some sort of breach of IPR procedure I apologize, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do.

  94. paulie Post author

    Nothing to apologize for. If I did not know it was Chris Lesiak I would have cleared it out, and even as it is you probably did the right thing

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