Ballot Access News: Ninth Circuit Oral Argument on Discriminatory Ballot Labels

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February 4, 2013

Ninth Circuit Oral Argument in California Case on Discriminatory Ballot Labels

On February 13, the Ninth Circuit will hear Chamness v Maldonado, 11-56303, in Pasadena, California. This is the lawsuit that challenges California’s ban on the ballot label “independent” in elections for Congress and partisan state office. California does not ban “independent” for presidential independent candidates, but the implementing language for the top-two system oddly does ban that word for other office.

The State Supreme Courts of Massachusetts and Minnesota have both ruled in the past that “independent” is such an important term for independent candidates, that states cannot ban it from appearing on the ballot. Nevertheless, the U.S. District Court in 2011 had upheld the law.

The hearing will be at the Courthouse at 125 South Grand Avenue, in a residential part of western Pasadena. The judges will be Marsha Berzon, Paul Watford, and James Carr, a visiting U.S. District Court Judge from Ohio.

I (Jill Pyeatt) will be attending the hearing, assuming they let me in.  I understand Richard Winger will be there.

18 thoughts on “Ballot Access News: Ninth Circuit Oral Argument on Discriminatory Ballot Labels

  1. Mark Seidenberg

    Jill Pyeatt,

    You have mislabled this post. It is not about discrimatory ballot labeling. The case is about
    to take property of another without authorization.

    The name “American Independent Party” is the
    property of the State Central Committee of the
    American Independent Party of California under
    the California Election Code.

    “Independent” is part of the AIP name. What we
    have is a elector with the Coffee Party, that wants
    to do a taking of the name “Independent” from the American Independent Party of California. This name has been with my political party since
    the year 1967.

    The issue is property rights to the name “Independent”. AIP owns that name.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  2. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    A totally assinine/nitwit argument by Mark Seidenberg; a Southern Poverty Law Center agent who was responsible for destroying the AIP via the crime of fraud as documented at

    This moral and literal criminal, an agent also of both the Republican ” moderates ” and the Anti-Defamation League, was a mole within the AIP from the first moment he contacted the party.

    His only care about the party has been to destroy it in service to his masters/controllers whose objective is to, minimally, destroy the 3rd party conservative/patriot/constitutionalist message in our nation.

    Attempting to stop the usage of the term ” independent ” is yet another attempt, as with the ” Top 2 ” primary, to limit all voices outside of the Big 2 parties from challenging the corruption of the Money Powers which control both the Big 2 and our nation. It is hence perfectly understandable that Seidenberg, as an agent of those Powers and working to attack our nation in any possible way, would come out with any possible attack even if it is as stupid as this one is.

    He has always been a traitor to the nation and he always will be.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

  3. Mark Seidenberg

    Jill Pyeatt

    Thank you for the clarification on the use of title.

    Don Grundmann, last day on the central committee of the American Independent Party
    of California was on September 2, 2008. This
    is the year 2013. He needs to move on.

    Don Grundmann has been attacking Ambassador, Dr. Alan Keyes, since he lost to him
    at the first straw poll of the California Delegation
    to the Kansas City Convention of the Constitution Party in April, 2008.

    80% of the California Delegates to that convention backed Dr. Alan Keyes. Even Jim
    King backed Dr. Keyes at that Kansas City convention.

    Of the remaining 20%, that vote was split between Chuck Baldwin, Jerome Corsi, and
    Don Grundmann with one vote (he voted for
    himself, viz., his own vote only).

    I was informed that Mr. Johnson was elected
    Chairman of the Constitution Party of California
    at a convention in Bakersfield, CA in 2013.

    My question is why is Don Grundmann on February 8, 2013, asseverating he is the Chairman of the Constitution Party of California.
    What happened to Chairman Johnson?

    I am not an agent of SPLC, Republicans, or the

    I should note that circa 1968 (while I was in college), I was the Chairman of my on campus
    Hillel chapter. At the same time I was a member
    of Batar and the Jewish Society of America.
    I was also a member of The John Birch Society.

    Please also note I am a recovering Republican.
    Prior to joining the AIP in early 2004, I was a
    member of the United Republicans of California.
    I joined UROC in 1964 as a TAM (Teenage Member of UROC).

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Don Grundmann has no credibility, as far as I’m concerned. Luckily, he disappears for months on end, so hopefully he’ll disappear from IPR soon.

    I an, of course, speaking only for myself.

  5. Mark Seidenberg

    Jill Pyeatt

    I made a spell/typo error in my above post. I
    should be “Betar” and not “Batar”. Sorry for
    the spelling error.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg

  6. Andy

    “Jill Pyeatt // Feb 9, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    Don Grundmann has no credibility, as far as I’m concerned. Luckily, he disappears for months on end, so hopefully he’ll disappear from IPR soon.”

    I agree with Don Grundmann in his dispute over who controls the American Independent Party in California.

    I also agree with Don on other issues, such as his work against the IRS and Federal Reserve System.

    I do not agree with his jihad against gays, but this alone does not mean that he’s got no credibility on anything.

  7. Markham Robinson

    I am the current Secretary of the AIP (American Independent Party) of California.

    Let me give you a brief history of Chairmen of the AIP of CA since Sept 3, 2006.

    2006-2008 Edward C. Noonan
    2008-2010 Markham Robinson
    2010-2011 Nathan Sorensen (Resigned)
    2011-2012 Mark Seidenberg (Assumed office as Vice Chair)
    2012-Present Wiley Drake

    All of these have been recognized by the Secretary of State upon the testimony of the preceding Chairman.

    Jim King was elected as Chairman in 2008 by an “entity of unknown form” (legalese) which affiliated itself with the Constitution Party. Subsequently Don Grundman was elected to succeed Jim King in his post. Don Grundman while claiming to be the AIP Chairman was also elected to be Chairman of the Constitution Party in CA (not ballot qualified).

    Now this entity of unknown form has abandoned the effort to call itself the AIP of CA & is operating as the Constitution Party with a miniscule regstration It also elected a successor to Grundman (Johnson) to the CP of CA’s Chairmanship.

    The King/Grundmann effort involved 3 lawsuits with King as the plaintiff. The first suit had Noonan as defendant. The last two had me (Markham Robinson) as defendant. These have all failed.

    Don Grundmann is delusional. He has no support but his mother (with whom I understand he lives) & a couple of other gals in his County.

    In the past as currently for President candidates who are of no ballot-qualified party labeled themselves “Independent.” Prop 14 (Top 2) changed this for all voter-nominated positions (US House & Senate, CA Assembly & Senate) to the inaccurate No Party Preference. The use of Independent although illegitimate according to one section of CA law, was never adjudicated to my knowledge. Now that the part of the Code that legitimized it is gone leaving only the part asserting the AIP of CA’s exclusive right to all or part of our name as a political label remains, its use for voter-nominated positions is highly questionable. I expect that SB 6 & its implementation of Prop 14 in this regard will be upheld.

    Markham Robinson, AIP of California Secretary

  8. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mark Robinson – You forgot to mention that the only reason you were elected as ” Chairman ” of the AIP was that you performed a criminal act to get there; specifically you committed the crime of fraud by constructing fake documents and filing them with the Secretary of State office. It was only by being a moral and literal criminal were you able to achieve your fake ” Chairmanship.”

    Of course I have documented your criminality at Hence I will make sure that your ” legacy ” of being a lying, treasonous, criminal coward will be known by all. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to be a liar, coward, and criminal. You made the decision yourself. I will just make sure that all of your surface veneer of pretend Christianity is wiped away and the real you, the monstrous sociopathic liar, is exposed and remembered as an example to all of what a true coward, criminal, and liar looks like.

    I did not realize it until your above comment regarding my mother but upon reflection I am so happy that, unlike you, she can have pride that her son fought to defend the nation, to defend children, and was not a criminal. How embarrassing for your mother to have her son shame the family and the family name by being such a monstrous coward, liar, and criminal. Of course I am presuming that she attempted to teach you the fear of the Lord to guide you to choose between right and wrong as compared to teaching you to be the monstrous sociopath which you are. Unfortunately you decided to serve your monstrous ego by telling God to go to hell via your commission of your criminal acts. So the end result is the stream of tragedies, which you could care less about, which you initiated by your love of and obedience to evil. But you should enjoy your betrayal. For although the legal system was corrupt enough to let you slide you will still answer to our Creator; not matter how much you tell Him to go to hell. Your monstrous ego will laugh but I am so happy that your final destination will bring justice to you for your crimes. Hell couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. So live it up. The last, and eternal, laugh will not be yours. You may evade earthly justice but you will never escape Divine justice. And no Republican, SPLC, ADL, or any other lawyer or army of lawyers will save you. Your vaunted and galactic sized ego and view of yourself as so intelligent and so superior will not save you. In fact I predict that your masters will betray you just as you betrayed so many others; like your fellow demon Ed Noonan who finally woke up when you put the knife in his back and declared you to be a Republican agent. Hence ” payback ” will not only come in Hell but well before you get there.

    Just contemplating your well deserved, and eternal, demise brings joy to my heart. The enemies of our Creator, as you are, think that they can spit on Him, curse Him, tell Him to go to hell and get away with it.

    As the saying goes ( and as I modify it ) – the wheels of ( Divine ) justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. your personal historian ( and happy to do it; i.e.; spread your legacy to all and for all time )

  9. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mark Robinson – I realized that I have to address one more of your countless lies; this being your use of the word ” miniscule.”

    The bottom line is that any recent growth of the AIP has been due to the wonderful campaign of Chelene Nightingale and this in spite of the monstrous attack which you and Seidenberg launched against her inclusive of your charge that she had sex with animals. That was an absolute monstrous and horrific part of your overall criminal attack against her but – hey – it ( attacking your own parties candidate with such utterly fantastic and monstrous claims ) came from you and your fellow demon Seidenberg. What else could anyone expect from sociopaths/liars/traitors/cowards?

    The ” miniscule ” growth of the Constitution Party of California ( to this time ) is still far bigger than anything you have done with the AIP since you have never built anything of the party. You simply filed your fake documents, stole the party, and then claimed that you had built it. A total lie but par for the course with a sociopath like you. Since you are incapable of building anything you simply steal the work of others and then claim it as your own. So 40 years of work by the Shearers was stolen/trashed/destroyed by you performing a criminal act and claiming that you had done the work yourself when in fact you had not lifted a finger except to file your fake documents. And then you had the nerve to put down the Shearers with all of your contemptuous comments about them.

    So – bottom line – while the California CP may be small at the moment we are spreading the word that the AIP is now under control of the Robinson Crime Syndicate and that it is hence ( intentionally by you ) less than useless in the fight to save the nation.

    I informed the Modesto Tea Party of your criminal acts and will continue informing everyone not only of your moral and literal criminality but that the AIP – at the top via you and Seidenberg – is in reality no different from Obama, the Greens, the SPLC, or any other enemy of the nation. Behind your fake Christian/religious front stand the enemies of our nation; ready always ( as with you ) to stab any unsuspecting citizen in the back in their drive to destroy the Republic.

    So have fun explaining your criminality as it is exposed to more and more citizens throughout the state.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. your personal historian

    P.S – I would be remiss in not mentioning Mary. A real man, as compared to a male ( inferior/fake man ) like you, should protect his wife and not turn her into as fellow liar as you have done to Mary. To involve her in your criminality is yet another example of your apparently limitless cowardice and willingness to sacrifice anyone, even your own wife, to glorify yourself. Par for the course behavior by a certified sociopath such as yourself but still so so so low down dirty and rotten. You have sealed her eternal fate to be the same as yours but then you could not give a damn about that.

  10. Markham Robinson


    I have NEVER commented publicly in any manner or on any matter on Chelene Nightingale, even when running for the same office. I defy you to produce any instance of defamation of her by me which you allege.

    As to filing of false documents, the ones to which you refer, those declaring to the Secretary of State the action of the AIP State Central Committee affiliating with America’s Independent Party, such filings were a true record of the AIP ruling body’s action. The meeting at which this first occurred was not attended by you or your fellow conspirators, who were too busy attending an alleged “AIP Convention” unauthorized by our Chairman or by the State Central Committee, even though you and they were invited to it. Since it was an online/telephonic meeting authorized by our parliamentary rules of order, even though out of town, you & your fellow conspirators COULD have attended it if you so chose. So do not call false that of which you willfully denied yourself first hand knowledge!

    In fact we asserted that new affiliation 4 separate times in reaction to the threat posed by your conspiracy, since the last filed affiliation statement is the effective one according to law & lest a false affiliation statement filed by your rump group of conspirators might have mistakenly been taken for a valid filing. But you didn’t know that did you, because the willful absence from State Central Committee meetings of you and your fellow conspirators continued.

    Acting as a political committee & not filing financial statements for it is defined as a crime by statute. So is appropriating a political party name without permission. So are false accusations of engaging in defamatory speech felonies and civilly actionable to boot! So is appropriating funds of a political party for a newly formed political committee.

    I’m not going to comment on the eternal consequences of your words. I am not your judge, nor you for that matter the judge of myself or of my wife.

  11. Mark Seidenberg

    Jill Pyeatt

    At post #10, Don Grundmann states: “you [Mark
    Robinson] and [Mark] Seidenberg launched against her [Chelene Nightengale] ” a “charge
    that she had sex with animals.”

    Don Grundmann is telling disinformation again.
    At his post #366 of October 27, 2010, Don Grundmann stated in part: “How many would
    get on the Internet and writing under literally dozens of fake names, attack the candidate
    in all possible ways including claiming
    that they had tapes of the candidate in all
    possible ways including that they had tapes
    on the candidate having sex with dogs and pigs?”

    Here Don Grundmann asks this in the form of a
    question. Bottom line I have never made a statement of Nightingale sex habits or lack
    thereof and/or having sextapes.
    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  12. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mark Robinson – I just told a friend last night that I would use a new ” alert system.” I will shout – ” INCOMING!!!! LOC!!!!” – when a Load Of Cr*p is coming our way. Hence I must immediately shout INCOMING LOC upon seeing your foolish/assinine/nitwit/pathetic and ( as usual for you ) cowardly post above.

    Yet to deal with your LOC will take a bit because, just like the recent meteor that hit the planet, you have sent 50 tons of cr*p to deal with. It will take a bit to deal with the volume but it will last just as long as the meteor did once I flush you and it down the toilet where you both belong.

    To begin with I challenge you to sue me for what I have said and what I will say. Go ahead. I DARE YOU!!!

    I can guarantee you that I will not run from the process servers as you literally did ( so illustrative of your cowardice ) for months. You can tell the servers the following information – Address 425 E. Merle Ct., San Leandro, CA 94577 Office Phone – 510-8956789. Cell – 510-7600968. They can call me anytime for an appointment. And I will actually be there as compared to the depositions which we showed up but you did not as part of your cowardly strategy to increase our legal costs.

    So – 1st – The long established custom of the AIP was to give all possible participants in the State Convention a ONE MONTH NOTICE. ONE MONTH!!!! Additionally we would contact all possible participants and ask them if they needed any aid in any way in order to attend the meeting. Hence the REAL AIP ( unlike your fake one ) did everything possible to enable all possible members to attend the convention; i.e; we wanted, and went out of our way to achieve, maximum participation.

    Opps. I ran out of time for this 15 minute flush of your 50 ton LOC. More flushing later.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. your personal permanent historian

  13. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    2nd flush of Mark Robinson and his LOC – Facts –
    A) At the time of the attack of the Robinson Crime Syndicate against the AIP in June of 2008 the Central Committee of the party had 17 members.

    B) IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE WRITTEN BY-LAWS ( which gave the option to call a convention to either the Chairman or a majority of the Committee ) a majority of the committee, 9 members, signed a document calling for a State Convention.

    C) They signed this notice and began the process of contacting all members of the party so that they could attend in accordance with all previous actions of the party; i.e.; ONE MONTH BEFORE THE EVENT WAS TO OCCUR.

    D) All possible members of the party were contacted and invited to attend INCLUDING ALL MEMBERS OF THE ROBINSON CRIME SYNDICATE; i.e.; they were all notified/invited to attend ONE MONTH before the event of its occurance.

    E) The Convention was scheduled – in Los Angeles – for Saturday and Sunday, June 26th and 27th, 2008.

    F) Mark Robinson – THE PARLIMENTARIAN OF THE PARTY AT THAT TIME – sent an e-mail to selected members of the State Central Committee at – get this following very carefully – 11:59 P.M.; i.e.; ONE MINUTE BEFORE MIDNIGHT; on Thursday, June 24th, of a PHONE Central Committee meeting at 10:30 the following morning; i.e.; June 25th.

    English translation – The PARLIMENTARIAN of the party, the guy who was supposed to enforce all rules TO PROTECT EQUALLY ALL MEMBERS OF THE PARTY sent an e-mail at one minute before midnight informing selected ( by him and therefore excluding others – like, and including, myself ) members of a PHONE meeting LESS THAN 11 HOURS LATER!!!!!.

    He did this knowing that people were on their way to Los Angeles and would have no idea of the occurance of his fake PHONE meeting; hence being unable to object to it or stop it. The attendees of the REAL convention is Los Angeles had no idea of the occurance of the fake Robinson Crime Syndicate meeting until Saturday the 26th.

    G) In this fake phone meeting 5 (!!!!!) people of the Central Committee, hence far less than a quorum, voted to disaffiliate the AIP from the CP and then filed fake documents the same day with the Secretary of State office to do just that.

    So there was NO quorum of the Committee and the majority of it had been deliberately kept from the knowledge of its occurance BY THE PARLIMENTARIAN; i.e.; the fake Christian and ultra corrupt sociopath Mark Robinson. All of these actions; in complete defiance/breakage of the By-Laws of the party, accepted rules of procedure ( see here Roberts Rules of Order ), and the entire history of the party; were committed by Mark Robinson since it was so important to him that he commit such criminal actions; i.e.; fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud; so that he could be personally glorified; i.e; be declared Chairman of the party; and ( especially ) fulfill the desires of the Republican/SPLC/ADL Masters/Controllers of the criminals ( Noonan. Seidenberg, and Robinson, Keyes/Hoefling ) – to destroy the Constitution Party and hence the 3rd party conservation movement in the nation.

    In legal work/procedures there is a concept known as the ” reasonable person.”

    Mark Robinson – Do you think that a jury will find it ” reasonable ” that you did the above actions? Answer – Hell no. They will find you to be the ultra corrupt lying rat that you are. And that is why your Republican/SPLC/ADL lawyers, like the ultra corrupt ( just like you ) Gary Kreep, could never allow the truth to reach a jury but instead used technicalities in a corrupt court to protect your treasonous corruption.

    Bottom Line – The ultra corrupt Mark Robinson committed a criminal act as he bowed his knee to The Enemy of God – ” All this will I give you if you will bow down and worship me ” – in exchange for his glorification.

    So Mark you fulfilled the wishes of your Republican, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Anti-Defamation League controllers/Masters and your United Nations buddies by betraying Bill Shearer and destroying his 40 years + of work, the 3rd party conservation movement, and the nation as a whole. For you knocked over dominoes that continued on to produce horrible tragedies for countless people for years to come.

    But of course you could care less about that as you will ( and have ) betray ANYBODY, including YOUR OWN WIFE ( by involving her in your criminal actions ), and anything so that you can be glorified. What a total fool and a total monster!! And a completely sick, pathetic, and monstrous one at that.

    Betraying the nation for your moment of glory but ( especially ) betraying your own wife. What a monstrous creep/freak.

    More flushing later from your personal historian Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

  14. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Flush # 3 of Mark Robinson –

    Mark – I forgot to mention the movie ” Ghost.”

    It is extremely relevant for you since it shows a picture of your, and unfortunately Marys ( because of you ), fate.

    At the end of the movie the demons of hell come to claim their own – just like they will come to claim you.

    So as I have mentioned before – go ahead and live it up now. Enjoy your corruption and crimes. Because justice is coming.

    You WILL pay for your crimes – if not in this life you will absolutely and without a doubt be brought to justice by The Creator.

    He will allow the demons to claim their trophy; i.e.; you since your traded your soul in order to be glorified. It is too bad that they will also claim Mary for her aid in your criminality. But that will be your fault since you betrayed her by dragging her into your criminal actions. She unfortunately choose a husband who was willing to literally betray her soul so that he could be personally glorified. But that is what unfortunately happens to countless females. They are so desperate that they take ” whatever the cat drags in ” and in return they are beaten, horrifically treated, or ( in your case ) betrayed by a husband who is willing to send her to eternal damnation as long as he is glorified in this life.

    Pretty sick ( to put it mildly ) but, unfortunately, par-for-the-course with monstrous sociopaths like you.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. your personal historian

    More flushing later.

  15. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Flush #4 of the walking LOC known as Mark Robinson –

    A) So, Mark – knock yourself out. Sue me!!! It will be a wonderful day when I get the papers from your process server. I know that it will be the beginning of a process which will lead to my exposing your monstrous and total corruption, treason, and just plain criminality in court. I will, to use the profane statement of a friend of mine, ” tear you a new asshole.” It will be a fantastic victory for true justice and only a small part of all of the appropriate things which will comprise your complete and total demise. That is your demise in this life separate from your demon friends who are, as I note above, waiting for you and, unfortunately due to your betrayal of her, Mary. And, since they will be in Hell ( your future home ) for eternity, they are VERY patient.

    B) You have the utter nerve and gall ( as sociopaths do ) to refer to our side – the REAL AIP – as ” conspirators.” As I demonstrate above we were totally ” above board ” and, to use the current term, ” transparent.” We did not have a fake meeting – YOU DID. We did not try to fool anyone as we invited everyone – INCLUDING YOU – to our meeting; and this with a month long lead time. We did not send out an e-mail at one minute to midnight as part of a plan to deny everyone else the knowledge of our secret plans. YOU did a rat fink thing like that. We did not file fake documents with the state – YOU DID. We did not have a meeting without a quorum – YOU DID.

    Bottom Line – You are a moral and literal criminal. As I described at –
    Mark Robinson is to ” parlimentarian ” as Joseph Mengele is to ” Doctor.”

    How many times did I hear you crow about ” following the rules?” And you did – until you decided to break them ( as with the lack of a quorum ) for your own advancement. And that will be part of your legacy – as a monstrous creep who would stab ANYONE in the back, including his own wife, for his own gain and ( especially ) glory.

    C) To reiterate – the ” conspirators “( as you claim ) were the majority of the Central Committee and followed the party by-laws literally to the letter; as with a majority of the Committee calling for convention. And then we added – as per the tradition of the party – one month to boot to allow and encourage everyone to participate.

    Your side – the criminals – had your ” one-minute-to-midnight-and-less-than-11 hours to respond ” e-mail.

    Bottom Line – The facts show with crystal clarity what a total liar you are.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. your personal historian

    more flushing later

  16. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Mark – As a last flush of you I have to add perhaps the greatest part of your treason and treachery.

    I recently attended a ” Day of Resistance ” at the Capital. Over 700 people attended as a protest against the attacks of Obama, both current and future, against the 2nd Amendment.

    It is so sad and also distressing that while these and so many other good people are fighting to save our dying nation from going over the cliff they have traitors such as you and Seidenberg to deal with.

    Cicero wrote of you, as a traitor, so many years ago. Watching and waiting for the best moment to stab them all in the back the good people at Sacramento and across the nation don’t realize that they not only have an open traitor like Obama but silent traitors like you and Seidenberg who will betray them in a flash for your own ” 30 pieces.”

    Well I am spreading the word of the cancers known as Mark Robinson and Mark Seidenberg as far and wide as possible.

    We will defeat the Plantation Masters of the New World Order and their lackeys – be they big like Obama or small like you and Seidenberg.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. the historian of your treason, cowardice, and criminality – both iteral and moral

    P.S. – You rattle on and on about ” fairness.” Was it ” fair ” for you to file fake documents with the state?

  17. Deran

    It is preposterous for the American Independent Party to claim that the use of the small “i” independent by a candaite is a “taking” from the AIP. The term independent has a far longer history in US politics than the life of the AIP.

    This seems like the AIP is trying to “sneak” votes by causing voters to perhaps things the “Independent” in AIP is the same as “independent” as a signification of affiliation with no political party.

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