February Issue of Liberty for America Released

The monthly issue of George Phillies’s newsletter, Liberty for America, was released online today. The publication covers Libertarian Party news and also provides some perspectives on what is going on inside the party. Some of the contents include:

*Johnson Debt Now $1,134,602
*Bennett Resigns as Secretary
*Volunteer to Help Your Party
*Pennsylvania Libertarians Organize
*Daniel Fishman for U.S. Senate
*LP Kansas Sues to Sustain Open Carry
*More Good News
*Ways to Get Involved in the Libertarian Party
*Exploiting Modern Technology
*More on Technology
*Where Your Money Went
*The Johnson Campaign
*LNC Financials Suffer
*LNC In Action
*Hinkle Attacks Old LNC
*Olsen Responds
*LP Oregon Warns on Mattson
*LP Oregon Warns on Incorporation
*LNC Passes New Building Motion

—Articles Only in the Electronic Edition—

*Oregon Warns on Mattson
*Thoughtful Advice from Norm Olsen
*Hinkle and Lieberman on a Building

To read the entire newsletter, please go to the following link:

http://libertyforamerica.com/201302.p df

8 thoughts on “February Issue of Liberty for America Released

  1. Dave Terry

    Shouldn’t this “news” bulletin be entitled “Liberty for WASMs; White Anglo Saxon Males? Perhaps Mr. Phillies should publish an article explaining why he considers more Black, Latino and Female members of the Libertarian Party a threat to he, and other White Males.

  2. Mark Axinn

    “A threat to he”????

    I don’t always agree with George, but I have never known him to demonstrate any signs of racism or dislike for women.

    I think the claims are both unwarranted and inappropriate in this forum.

  3. George Phillies

    @2 You may recall that in 2008 the LPNH made me their Presidential candidate. I chose as my running mate a good friend, a solidly radical left liberarian — Chris Bennett.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    DT @ 1: I’ve never seen evidence of any of those things you’re accusing George of. It sounds like some private grudge you have toward him.

  5. Mark Axinn

    George @3.

    I remember 2008 well. You hosted a suite with excellent ice cream!

    I also remember that Bob Barr and Wayne Root were nominated, but that’s another story.

    But I do not remember that you have ever made a comment that was remotely racist or misogynist.

    Mr. Terry owes you an apology.

  6. Allah Whackbar

    What is the evidence for David Terry’s claims? Why should anyone believe them?

    He keeps making unsupported claims with absolutely no evidence about this. What specifically has Phillies said or done to make him believe this is the case? When or where did he say or do it? Specifics please.

  7. Mike Kane

    I’d highly suggest all IPR readers take the time to read about what the democrats are doing on the technology side of things. The links are published in this issue.

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