Janine Hansen: “Old Threat to the Constitution Raises its Ugly Head”

by Janine Hansen, Independent American Party of Nevada Executive Director and Eagle Forum National  Constitutional Issues Chairman. This article was originally posted at Independent and Third Party News and Views (ITPNV), a blog run by former IPR contributor Cody Quirk. (http://itpn-v.blogspot.com/2013/01/janine-hansen-old-threat-to.html). Posted with permission from Mr. Quirk. 

“Conservative Republican Legislators across the nation are being tapped to sponsor Calls for a Constitutional Convention for the stated purpose of passing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).  Previously, 32 states passed Calls for an Article V “Convention for proposing amendments.”  Some 13 of those states have since rescinded their original Convention Calls recognizing the risk of a runaway convention, where liberals controlling the convention could repeal the Second Amendment and change other precious parts of the Constitution.

“There are 19 calls outstanding so the proponents are targeting 15-16 states to achieve the Constitutional requirement of passage in 34 states.
“There is no law or rules governing how a convention would operate, how delegates are chosen, how many delegates there would be from each state, or who would control the Convention leadership (Harry Reid?). After we have seen the recent Republican and Democrat conventions, can we think that a Constitution Convention would by anything but a circus with the liberal media setting the agenda?
“Nevada originally passed the BBA, but former Democrat Assemblyman Bob Price worked diligently to have the original passage of the BBA Constitutional Convention “expunged” from the Legislative Record in the 1990’s.
“The Knee Jerk reaction of conservatives is that we need a BBA. But, because our money gets into circulation through debt via the U.S Treasury printing dollars they supposedly borrowed from the Federal Reserve, if BBA was passed there would be no money in circulation and the economy would fail.  We could be out of debt as a nation and have a Balanced Budget if we simply abolished the criminal private Federal Reserve Bank and took Constitutional control of our own U.S. money and currency system. Beware?”

2 thoughts on “Janine Hansen: “Old Threat to the Constitution Raises its Ugly Head”

  1. Steven Wilson

    How exactly is it called “freedom” when you fear the other party doing what you intend on doing.

    There should’ve been an amendment addressing the shelf life of stupidity. Not that modern americans could read or comprehend such an amendment.

    When in FPTP, the majority gets what they want. Obviously, a majority of Americans want Marxism. Trying to reshape the elephant is a waste of time. Americans want Marx, not conservative nutball.

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