LP Nevada Chair Responds to Resignation of Brett Pojunis From Position of State Secretary

Brett Pojunis, who is currently serving as a member of the Libertarian National Committee as a representative from Region 4, publicly announced his resignation from the position of Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Nevada in late November 2012. (See this IPR article about that: http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2012/12/whats-going-on-with-the-libertarian-party-of-nevada/). The chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, Joseph P. Silvestri, responded to Pojunis’s resignation letter with an email yesterday. A partial text follows:

Subject: Re: [Statechairs] My Resignation from the LPNevada Executive Committee _ Brett Pojunis

From: Joseph P. Silvestri <travelerjo@aol.com>
Date: Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 1:41 PM
To: brett@pojunis.com, lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org, statechairs@lp.org

Please accept my apologies all.  I try to limit my list participation to productive comments, and especially avoid such negative postings. Unfortunately, I must offer a response to the resignation letter Brett Pojunis sent to the LNC, and our State Chairs list (as well as additional cc recipients).  If you read his resignation letter, and his attack on my leadership, you might value my perspective as well.  I’ve enclosed my response below, and also provided attachment. Below are outlined some major concerns that led to my reassessment of Brett’s commitment, and abilities.  Since I had initially promoted Brett, and supported his campaign to be LNC Regional Rep, I’m concerned that others might experience some of the same problems we’ve had. Each of these items I discuss in more detail in my response below.

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  2. Conservative/libertarian internet talk-show website
  3. Gigantic Email list
  4. Monthly fundraiser at nightclubs
  5. 2012 Campaign websites
  6. Robocalls
  7. LPNevada Spokesperson claim
  8. Other outrageous declarations – 40 candidates for 2012!
  9. Other outrageous declarations – 300 delegates to national convention!
  10. Other outrageous declarations – 21 candidates to run for State Senate in 2014
  11. 2012 LPNevada convention at the Chameleon
  12. 5000 square foot office in SOHO, Manhattan – August 2012
  13. money taken for website for friend
  14. 2012 Campaign interference
  15. misrepresentation to Chuck Muth, of Citizen Outreach
working to build a viable LP,
Joe Joseph P. Silvestri
LPNevada – Chair
2012 LPNevada Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 4

Reasons why Brett Pojunis needed to go.
As I have been repeatedly attacked by Brett Pojunis for my leadership of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, I feel compelled to respond to the accusations made against me and to state for the record the reasons why Brett Pojunis had to be removed from the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Before I give those reasons, I wish to apologize to the State Chairs of Region 4 for so wholeheartedly endorsing Brett. As a salesman, he presents a good pitch. He promises exactly what you need and makes you hope that all will be delivered.  I was overly optimistic that he was all that he appeared.  At first, he seemed great. He had big exciting ideas and promised to deliver on them. With his business charts and confident timelines, he created a positive first impression.
But, as time passed, I learned better.
It is worth noting that the Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee that was elected at the last convention did not include Brett Pojunis. He was appointed by me to fill a vacant position. 
Over the course of less than a year, he lost the support of the executive committee to the point where we were prepared to remove him from the board. In anticipation of his removal, Brett resigned and shared our local dispute across the country with a broadside attack on me, and the rest of the Libertarian Party of Nevada executive committee. While not speaking for the committee, I will address reasons why I came to this opinion, and let other committee members speak for themselves.
Once again, I offer my apologies to my fellow Region 4 State Chairs, and to the rest of the state leadership who wasted time on such matters. Although I usually read (most) everything on the State Chairs list, I infrequently post. I share my two cents when appropriate, and try not to clutter up the list. Our lives are busy enough without useless chatter.
With that in mind, I do believe many in our state and national Libertarian Party leadership will finds my comments of interest, and possibly of practical help. Brett Pojunis currently serves as a Regional Rep 4 on the LNC. He has lately been recruiting for states to endorse Big L Solutions, his fundraising/data management company. The experience the Libertarian Party of Nevada has had with Brett may offer a broader perspective to others in the party who may have dealings with him in the future.
Although I list below many of the reasons why Brett has lost my support, I can summarize them in brief. Brett promised too many things that he never delivered on. We eventually stopping trusting his word, and we could not rely on him working with the rest of our team. When you over-promise and under-deliver to the extent that he has, it can only be described as fraud.
You might agree or disagree with any one of my issues, or even my overall assessment, but hopefully you can at least understand my perspective and how I reached such a conclusion.
Since we are all volunteers, there’s no contract or service agreement to compel our service.  It’s just a commitment to the team around you to follow through on what you say.  When your word becomes worthless, you’re off the team.
In Nevada, the LPN executive committee works with a team of people to help grow our party.  We don’t always agree, but we come to consensus and work together.  If an individual shows that they cannot work with others, and that they frequently don’t keep the commitments they’ve made, the team will not rely on that individual. Over the past year, this Nevada “Team” reached the conclusion that Brett could not be counted on to keep his word, and his efforts would frequently be at odds with everyone else.
Although this list is (mostly) in chronological order of occurrence, the events below are not listed in order of importance. For instance, I would argue that item number 14 is the most significant problem…
To read the FULL email from state chair Joseph Silvestri, please go to the following link:
Note: Independent and Third Party News and Views (ITPNV) is a website run by former IPR contributor and Constitution Party activist Cody Quirk.

28 thoughts on “LP Nevada Chair Responds to Resignation of Brett Pojunis From Position of State Secretary

  1. Be Rational

    Who was it that led the effort to disaffiliate the county groups in NV?

    Is this another self-destructing state LP org along with OR and PA?

    Will the LP in Nevada reactivate its county affiliates?

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I pulled a comment out of the spam filter that contains Brett’s response to Joe’s letter:

    “From: “Brett H. Pojunis”
    Date: February 9, 2013 8:19:29 PM PST
    To: “Joseph P. Silvestri”
    Cc: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org, State Chairs
    Subject: Re: [Lnc-discuss] [Statechairs] My Resignation from the LPNevada Executive Committee _ Brett Pojunis
    Reply-To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org
    To the recipients of this email who are not members of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPNevada), I apologize you are being exposed to local internal politics.

    Chairman Silvestri,

    I am disappointed by your email.

    I resigned from the LPNevada Executive Committee – several months ago! – because I felt it would be the best thing for the Party so that you could focus on building LPNevada, instead of trying to remove me from the Executive Committee.

    You seemed so focused on removing people who disagree with you, I imagined that by my stepping aside you would have no alternative but to turn your attention to making LPNevada more successful. Instead, even with no one remaining in opposition on the board, you continue to focus on your disagreements with others rather than taking constructive steps to move the party forward.

    That is a loss for all of us. We would all be better off if you would focus on fostering an environment where our candidates can be elected to office. I still have hopes that you will do that. It is my sincere preference that you be successful in your duties as Chairman.

    However, should that not come to pass, there will soon be a state party convention, at which time our members will judge whether your performance and tactics have improved the state of our party.

    Regarding your accusations, they are false. And anyone who wishes to contact me directly with any questions about them, may do so. My contact information is listed below. I will not comment further in this forum.

    Brett H. Pojunis
    Libertarian National Committee (LNC) – Region 4 Representative
    Young Libertarian National Alliance (YLNA) – Co-founder and Co-Chair

    702.325.7426 | Las Vegas Mobile
    202.505.3606 | Washington D.C. Mobile

  3. Oranje Mike

    This b.s. keeps on spreading. Too much bickering and sending nasty e-mails about. Lately it seems like we’re more focused on attacking each other than getting folks elected.

  4. David Colborne


    Who was it that led the effort to disaffiliate the county groups in NV?

    That would be the author of the above e-mail, Joe Silvestri.

    Is this another self-destructing state LP org along with OR and PA?

    No. Oregon and Pennsylvania both have functioning libertarian organizations within their states that put candidates on the ballot, increase voter registration totals, and put forward a message of liberty, either because of or despite their state’s issues. Nevada’s in far worse shape.

    Will the LP in Nevada reactivate its county affiliates?

    Not without a leadership change and a change in bylaws. At the current time, there are no provisions in the LP Nevada bylaws for the creation of local LP affiliates. The best that can be hoped for, without seriously amending the current governing documents of the LPNV, would be for the Chair to create a set of committees representing local LPs, then managing them exclusively through Robert’s Rules.

  5. Steven Wilson

    I would respect these kinds of arguments if they included a cage match, old school, wwf.

    These nasty emails are lame. The soap opera will continue because it makes some feel like they are important.

  6. NewFederalist

    “Lately it seems like we’re more focused on attacking each other than getting folks elected.”

    I frankly do not recall when it was ever different.

  7. Wes Wagner

    DC @5

    In Oregon it is in spite of the states issues. We have many good people who believe in the mission enough to weather the crapstorm they are sent.

    All this stuff is much harder when you have an attorney who is the son of the GOP vice-chair and a small cabal of people suing to try to take in court the positions of leadership they could never attain through an election process that asks for the consent of the governed.

  8. Allah Whackbar

    Found on state chairs list from Cisse Spragins:

    Why is Brett Pojunis on the statechair’s list? He is not a state chair, nor is he an officer of his state party. I’m sure I reflect the sentiments of many in that I’d prefer to no longer receive emails from him on this list.

    Responding broadly to Joe’s comments, success of the party is much like success in life. You get ahead by doing the work. You can waste your life trying to get rich quick or you can commit to do the work necessary everyday to create and prepare for opportunities. There is no Santa Claus and no Tooth Fairy. The fact that one in several million people do win the mega-million lottery does not make that a viable financial strategy.

    And when some guy you’ve never heard of comes galloping into the party on a white horse claiming that he can make all sorts of wonderful things happen in short order, there’s a good chance he is either a liar, delusional or both. And if you believe him, particularly in light of mounting evidence to the contrary, then perhaps you also believe that government can provide everything we need by simply printing money. Let’s not waste our time being distracted by these people. This is not the work that will make us successful.

    And any person that wishes to personally profit from the liberty movement should in general be held to a considerably higher level of scrutiny before we hand over the keys.

    Live Free.
    Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D.
    Chair, Missouri Libertarian Party

  9. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Wow, with the LP not being all that big, look at all the dumb infighting. Honestly, they should put aside all these petty differences and find a way to stick together, I mean instead of bickering over stupid things why not try to actually win elections that aren’t local or nonpartisan races.

  10. johnO

    Yikes! How can LP challenge the D’s and R’s with all this crazy chaos. The Green Party and CP look like smooth oiled political machines in comparison. Bozo the clown was a clown for business reasons. To make money. The LP is sadly, with Oregon, PA, and now Nevada becoming the Bozo the clown in 3rd party politics. Yet, going in debt like other thread said about Johnson and his run for President. LP run like a business? LP staying out of debt? Fiscally conservative? Hmmm…

  11. Stewart Flood

    I warned everyone about Mr Pojunis after the Vegas LNC meeting over a year ago.

    I warned them when he con[vince]d them to give him $50k for a project he told them he’d implement in “9 weeks”.

    I warned people at the convention last spring.

    He did the same stuff when he was on the convention committee. He promised all sorts of things, NONE of which turned out to be true.

    Regardless of what other things the chair of the Nevada LP may have said or done, or whatever lack of trust in his statements some may have from the recent history of the Nevada LP, he is dead on in his comments about Mr Pojunis.

  12. Stewart Flood

    One more thing: Who were Mr Pojunis’ biggest proponents and defenders during the fight over the money last year?

    Mr Starr, Ms Mattson and their team on the LNC at the time.

  13. wes wagner

    It is amazing what goes on in this party just so someone can get a little bit of money.

    How are we better than… ?

  14. David Colborne

    My experience with Brett and his output is that, when he delivers, he delivers things that nobody else in Nevada can deliver (at least that I’ve seen), reliably or otherwise. For example:
    LPNevada.org: For a couple of years, we didn’t have a web site. Before that period, we had one put together in the previous Chair’s spare time that looked like it came straight out of a 1996 Geocities template. The new web site (viewable here) has its issues, to be sure, but it’s a far, far sight better than anything that preceded it.
    DoubleTheLP: It exists! Its timing probably could have been better, but it did get off the ground and I did see plenty of its presence on social networks for a couple of months. Was it successful at materially increasing LP membership levels? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it wasn’t for lack of effort either way.
    Big L Solutions: It also exists, and I’ve seen some of its efforts in action. State LPs have been needing some sort of customer relationship management package for a while, if only to help coordinate volunteers and help confirm that people are making the contact to other people that they’re supposed to. Having seen Big L’s implementation first hand, I can confirm that it’s not “vaporware” and it does, indeed, function as advertised.
    First Friday: He managed to get the LP to serve as a co-sponsor for a rather major political event down in Las Vegas (amusingly, this was the event that Joe had to “set Chuck Muth straight” on), earning the LPNV some free publicity among an audience that normally doesn’t hear much from us.
    Radio appearances: He arranged a radio interview for me. Gotta admit, nobody’s ever done that before.

    Having said all that, one big problem with Brett is that he is extremely ambitious, extremely optimistic, and doesn’t always realize where his (or nature’s) limitations are. I personally believe that 20% of his ideas and promises are still better than 100% of most people’s (myself included), but it’s still only 20% (or at least feels that way sometimes), which can get really frustrating at times. Then again, with a lot of what he’s trying to deliver, I’m not entirely sure how possible “100% success” really is – some of his initiatives are definitely experimental in nature.

    I don’t know… I’m not saying Joe and Stewart don’t have a point. However, I’ve seen Joe use “failure to deliver according to his expectations” as a bulldozer to push people he doesn’t get along with out of his way in the past. Considering how hard it is to prioritize volunteer time when juggling it with work and family commitments, it’s an awfully… convenient gavel to bang people on the head with.

  15. Stewart Flood

    I watched him work the room. I grew up in Philly, and I’ve consulted in New York for companies where you look down at the clouds when it snows.

    He is a classic NYC – New York Con.

    Yes, he had one of his staff create a simple website for you. Yes, he scheduled a radio interview. The problem I see is that when a con sets his mark by delivering a few baubles, people fall for it.

    The bigger problem is that we are an organization of volunteers. No one volunteered to create your website. That happens in a lot of states. This is just one of the many tasks that state parties need to have done, with no money to pay someone to do it.

    Pojunis loves to create lists of stuff he says that he has done for us. He has done a few things, but most of his list is stuff he just talked about doing or started some committee to do — but that hasn’t been done yet.

    Is he dedicated? Very possibly. But my observation has been that his eyes are aimed at the cash first, then the cause.

  16. Daddyfatsax

    The Anatomy of a Leader
    I have been fortunate in my life to have a few wonderful leaders, either in sports, business or family. There are many types of leaders, some who lead from the front, some who shout, and some who quietly lead by example…but there are similarities in these men who have inspired me, taught me, and helped me reach the point in my life where I am now. I would like to respond to the well thought out, possibly accurate, and thoroughly disheartening response Mr Sylvestri has penned about Mr Pojunis’ recent resignation. I have followed Facebook and IPR, as well as emails regarding this feud and I am noticing a theme running through it all. There is a serious and distracting rift in our beloved party that needs to be addressed, and I will attempt to do that here.
    I am not privy to all the information, so I will not be defending Brett Pojunis…frankly I have known Brett for over a year now, and he is hardworking, caring and good intentioned in every decision I have seen from him…to the point where he took the “high road” instead of dragging the party into public muck. His resignation alone should show him putting party ahead of petty arguments…but Brett can handle his own defense. What I want to focus on is the libertarian party and how we all “fit in” to the grand scheme. The first aspect is the head…the leader. Joe Sylvestri.
    Joe is smart, both educated and experienced in the realm of party politics. I appreciate smart…it is important, but not the only trait of a leader. Sun Tsu states that Intelligence is the first attribute of a fine leader…so we are on to a good start. Second with Sun Tsu is “Credibility” which he says is a reputation of trustworthiness and competence. A quick poll of the people on facebook and IPR shows a glaring lack of trust both toward and from Joe to many libertarians who have either been forced out of the party, de affiliated from the party, or just dismayed and have given up on the current path of the party. Not a compete failure…but something that can be overcome with time and effort.
    Next aspect of leadership is “Humaneness” the respect for those they interact with. Able to view individuals as solution enablers. Some people call this the ability to define and identify those in the party to delegate responsibility to and get things done. From what I have seen in the email from Joe…he put quite a bit on Brett’s plate, and systematically identified where the shortfalls were in the plans and activities Brett undertook over the past year or so. What I did not see is where in any of these points Joe exercised any leadership in order to reinforce Brett with help, or offered to get his own hands dirty or put effort in to help his own campaign. It is one thing to point fingers at the failures of others…but quite another to point to one’s own failures and blame someone else because as a leader you failed to act or lead in any way. A simple “thank you” to Brett would have been more encouraging than the documented vitriol that Joe spewed about Brett. What, exactly, did Joe do to accomplish any of these lofty undertakings? I think we can mark this attribute down as “lacking”.
    “Courage” is next. Leaders project confidence and adapt to changing environments. This party in Nevada is as stale as it can be…our state has so many opportunities to foster growth and bring in new and energized people…but we are stuck in a mold that only allows people who bow or genuflect to Joe Sylvestri…doesn’t take courage to protect the status quo…and the status quo is not a strong and vibrant party. This is a fail.
    “Discipline” rounds out the list of attributes from Sun Tsu, and from the article Joe wrote…I can already tell that discipline isn’t a strong suit. I don’t know what this accomplished for the party, but taking these shots at someone who has put in the effort and time that Brett has shows me that emotion and knee jerk responses are much easier to get out of Joe than leadership and discipline. We can’t just blame someone because the party is in a bad place. I don’t blame Joe for the party being in the shape it is in. The state of the LP is in defense mode…circling the wagons of support for Joe and his excomm…and that is no way to build a party. The Excomm are afraid, afraid of change, new ideas and losing what “power” or ego they have from their positions. I sure hope Kurt is paying attention to this treatment of Brett…because Kurt was charged with finding and setting up a location for our 2013 convention…and just about every other state has announced theirs…while we haven’t. I am waiting for the email from Joe blaming Kurt and his well documented list of reasons why Kurt must be the next to go from the party. It’s everyone else…not the head. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
    I hope these quotes help…they ring so true.
    – The Best predictor of the future is the past.
    – “Why not help me build something great?” This should be every leader’s attitude.
    – Leaders get criticized…mental toughness means dealing with criticism and other views without being mean and vindictive.
    – “Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the confidence which inspires confidence.” Bernard Montgomery
    – “No Person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he GAVE” Calvin Coolidge
    – “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” Conrad Hilton
    – A good leader encourages followers to tell him what he needs to know, not what he wants to hear.” John C Maxwell
    – “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” Andrew Carnegie
    – “It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.” John Wooden
    Now…I am not holding Joe up to be compared to these great men, great leaders and inspiring people…no, I am holding Joe up to the basic tenets of leadership that these great men have tried to show us…and Joe fails at being a leader on too many of these important points. This party is at a crossroads, and we need leadership. Perhaps we can do something odd for a change, and that is to bring our party together in this time of opportunity, and maybe even dream a bit bigger than we all think we can accomplish…so that if we do fail at a few things…at least we tried. I support Brett, not for what he accomplished…but for what he attempted to do in the first place. I’d rather follow someone who made the effort, took responsibility for his mistakes and is willing to keep trying much moreso than a man who has had the reins and has done nothing but push everyone whom he disagrees with out of the party, out of the discussion and out of the way. I want change, and I want more than just “hope” for it. Get out of the way, Joe…it is time for real leadership and your facsimile of it no longer is enough.

  17. Stewart Flood

    You need to remember the sequence of events, or at least the sequence of events that the public is aware of:

    Pojunis resigns, sending letter touting all the wonderful stuff he says he did

    Nevada LP chair responds to what he views as critical inaccuracies in the letter

    During the LNC’s last term, the LNC saddled the Convention Oversight Committee with having Brett as a member. He insisted that he be given certain tasks. He volunteered to make a website, get us all sorts of promotion, arrange entertainment at the convention, arrange some special fundraising parties/venues.

    None of his promises were fulfilled, including even the most basic website for the event. He was given data to work with, given lots of time, and he produced nothing but a mock-up that a first-year web developer in highschool could have done in an hour or two.

    The rest of his promises? Nothing. We didn’t ask him to do this stuff, he volunteered for the tasks. It might be more accurate to say that he insisted. He’s the expert, he has the contacts, la-la-la-la (droning in our ears endlessly about all the stuff he could do).

    It was all BS. All of it.

    What the chair of the Nevada LP is doing is WARNING THE REST OF THE LP ABOUT THIS GUY!

    I tried warning them last year. No one listened.

  18. Daddyfatsax

    Looks like the Chair of LP Nevada is trying to find a scapegoat for not doing his job. I have seen excuse makers throughout my life…and the Chair of the LPN is nothing more than an egomaniacal bully who is bent on shaping the LP after his image. That is why he ran anyone who didn’t worship him out. No Libertarians in the North of Nevada? really? must be Brett’s fault. No fundraisers organized by Joe. We have a Sam Adams night at a shitty bar with a shitty band and that counts for activism. It’s a sham. I was basically ostricized for wanting to bring communication back with David Colborne and others who were persona non grata by Joe’s decree. You can have a problem with Brett, but saying that Joe is doing anything more than trying to protect what’s attached to his chair is dishonest or myopic. For Christ’s sake, Joe appointed someone to Wayne Root’s vacated position who promised to run for office at the last convention, then didn’t file…didn’t tell anyone and just left us embarrased. You want a warning to the LP about someone…warn them that if they disagree with Joe Sylvestri, they are not welcome in the libertarian Party in Nevada. Enough is enough…leadership starts with responsibility…and there is none to speak of with our current leadership.

  19. Andy

    Going back a few years, the LP of Nevada was one of the more active LP affiliates. I was in Nevada in 2004 and it looked like the LP of Nevada was actually getting ahead. It is a shame how things have deteriorated since then.

  20. Catholic Trotskyist

    Sorry Kristoph, the CP is still even worse than this, because of the California situation. Don Grundman and Mark Siedenberg are still the champions of IPR flame waring, and probably always will be.

  21. James Libertarian Burns

    Does Mr. Silvestri brag or lie?

    Mr. Joseph P. Silvestri states in his letter about Mr. Brett Pojunis that he received “almost 4% of the vote, a record for a Libertarian Congressional candidate in Nevada, and helped maintain ballot access for our state party.” In 2008 he himself received 856 more votes than he did in 2012. In 1998, LP Congressional Candidate serving the same general area as Mr. Silvestri, Louis Tomburrello got 7.46% (18,561), 45 votes short of twice of the (3.88%) 9,308 votes Mr. Silvestri got in 2012. To maintain ballot access 10,000 votes were needed. Mr. Silvestri received 9,308 votes which was 692 votes less than needed. If Mr. Johnson had not received 10,908 votes, the LPN would have been off the ballot.

    Mr. Silvestri also said “When you say things you know are not true, that’s a lie.” What do you think?


    James Libertarian Burns
    PO Box 1139
    Beatty, NV 89003

  22. Kevin Knedler

    Four keys to a successful organization–any organization:
    # 1 Solid Leadership
    # 2 Solid organization with a mission and plan
    # 3 Positive culture (reject apathy & negativism)
    # 4 Build the bench for future leaders

    And put the ego’s on hold–no place for “I” on a Team.

  23. Libertariangirl

    oy veh imiss all the juicy gossip , not evensure where to begin

    every single person Silvestri has come to villianize he first hand picked

    I could list a litany of failures of Silvestris that would dwarf any list he has on anyone else.

    Pojunis is not leading the attack on Silvestris leadership, nor did he start it , in fact he only recently joined the hoprdes of folks god damned tired of the way he dictates EVERYTHING,

    the only problemjoe has everhad with former allies is the point at which they realize he aint quite perfect and vote against him , this is when they become his enemies

    he has purged after prged after purged and after years of hisleadership , his picks , what the fuck does LPNevada have better than it used to?? nothing!

    joe has a bad habit of not being able to do things himself like build websites , even his own , etc. Forever since ive been involved he has demanded and placed veryhigh expectations on his volunteers with very little thanks orpraise. his failures become someone elses in his own ind

    joe , hopw many websites have you made? did your campaign get your rj pic in on time? howd you LWV submission go?

    frOm duensing to brandon robison to kris mckinster to me tim and too may others –YOUR THE ONE WE FOLLOWED AND WE GAVE YOU ALL WE HAD AND YOU SHIT RIGHT ON EVERYONE

    will brett accomplish all his ideas? of course not , he’ll accomplish some but that aint whats relevant…its his energy, his ability to make others WANT to follow himnot feel comelled by brow beating to do so.. Ironically the same reason I endorse Brett P for LPNevada Chair is the same reason , years and years ago I decided to stay and follow the big idea , awesome energied Joe Silvestri…………

    i wish i knew what ate my friend and spit up Gollum with LPNevada as the Ring

    hes still my water brother tho…

  24. Andy

    Libertariangirl said: “he has purged after prged after purged and after years of hisleadership , his picks , what the fuck does LPNevada have better than it used to?? nothing!”

    Yeah, the LP of Nevada certainly has gone down hill over the last few years. I remember that it was a pretty active chapter back in 2004. Now, not so much.

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