California Libertarian Numbers Keep Growing


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Thursday, March 14, 2013 – That 15% spike in Libertarian voter registrations back in October was no fluke. Our Party’s voter registration keeps climbing, even as overall voter registrations decreased!

Richard Winger reports in Ballot Access News that, “In raw numbers, because the state registration as a whole declined, all the parties have fewer registered voters now than they did in October 2012, except that the Libertarian Party and Americans Elect have more than they did then. The current total for those two parties is the highest in the history of each of them.”

How high is “…the highest in the history of…” our Libertarian Party?

For last November’s Presidential Elections, there were a record-smashing 108,726 registered Libertarians in California. According to Winger’s county-by-county survey, the new numbers collected from each of California’s 58 counties as of February 10, 2013, show that there are now 109,618 registered Libertarian voters in California, an increase of 882 registered voters in just three months since the elections. This number might change when the official Secretary of State report is released soon.

But wait, it gets better.

This increase in registered Libertarians came despite the voter registration rolls being purged of voters who hadn’t voted in the two most recent elections. The purge lowered the total number of California voters, and reduced the total voters registered for other parties, but the Libertarian Party of California grew despite the purge!

The growth we’ve enjoyed over the last several years has been incessant, and now seems unstoppable. You can fuel our Party’s growth with just a few simple actions.

Memorize California’s online voter registration address, and guide people to it at every opportunity you find. If you haven’t registered to vote Libertarian yet, try it and see just how easy it is.


Donate to the Libertarian Party of California . Unlike another political Party in California, we’re not going into debt to spread our influence. Your donations keep us solvent and growing.

Become a voting member of the Libertarian Party of California . Only dues-paid members can vote in our Party’s convention and help us determine the right path for restoring liberty in California.

Get involved in our upcoming convention in Sacramento the first weekend in April. There’s an amazing list ofspeakers on topics of interest to libertarians, and the prices to attend are lower than they’ve been in the past five years.

Nothing is more potent than an idea whose time has come. Restoring liberty in California has got to be that idea. It’s our time to make it happen, and it’s your opportunity to become a part of it

14 thoughts on “California Libertarian Numbers Keep Growing

  1. Oranje Mike

    It is very good to read that Top Two has not destroyed the LP in CA. There’s still a lot of work to do. CA is a frightening place. It’s an entire state run like New York City. The people are in love with statist goons and taxes.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    You’ve certainly got that right, Oranje Mike. I’m sure readers here will never forget that we’re the state who has given them Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

  3. Nick

    A lot of alternative parties in California are growing. It’s almost universal, if you’re a third party there people are rallying you instead of the establishment. Overall, it’s a good thing.

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    As nutty and fruity as we are here, there are lots of good, smart people, too.

  5. Seebeck

    So, it looks like the LPCA took my last SVC report to heart where I laid out all of those numbers and are gettin’ ‘er done!

    I’ll claim credit for crunching those numbers and delivering the message, but they deserve the credit for hitting the streets and making it happen. It’s good to see.

  6. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    The government unions/Democratic Party are more powerful than ever. For the first time, the Dems control the governorship and have super-majorities in both houses.

    If the GOP, LP, and AIP untied all their voters, they’d still be a minority.

    California can’t be saved financially. The public sector unions are too powerful. They will drive California into bankruptcy before the state can crawl back to solvency and fiscal sanity.

  7. Rich Vanier

    Californians are starting to realize to realize radical change is needed in Golden State. Statism and The Welfare state are destroying California. The GOP is dead in California and there has to be an alternative to The Democrats in Sacramento. There is still lots of work to do.

  8. LPCA Member

    @7 Where is there any evidence that LPCA members “hitting the streets” had anything to do with the increase in reglibs?

  9. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Californians are starting to realize to realize radical change is needed in Golden State.

    And they’re voting with their feet, rather than at the ballot.

    There are two parties in California, the Makers and the Takers.

    The Takers are increasing in number every year.

    Some Makers are leaving the GOP for the LP, but that’ s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn’t matter which party the Makers support, their total numbers are in decline. Especially since Makers continue to emigrate to Nevada, Arizona, and elsewhere.

  10. Seebeck

    @10: Ask them.

    However, to think that the increases are due to them sitting around doing nothing is ludicrous and insulting to their membership.

  11. LPCA Member

    @12 Our region rep was asked at today’s LNC meeting. His answer (as reported by LPCA EcCom member Starchild) mentioned nothing about a Seebeck plan or “hitting the streets”:

    Jim Lark asks to what Wiener would attribute the registration growth. Wiener mentions Gary Johnson race having an effect, also general movement toward the LP. Says over past few months, the word libertarian and the ideas have become much more prominent on the national stage.

    According to the SoS reports for 15 and 60 days before the election, there were also spikes in LPCA registration in 2004 and 2008. The 15% reglib increase in 2012 was 2.5X the size of the increase in 2008, but Gary Johnson’s vote in CA was 2.1X the size of Barr’s.

    Wiener’s answer is more plausible than the theory that the LPCA “hit the streets” and signed up 14,100 reglibs in just 45 days.

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