Gary Johnson Taking Liberty On The Road

The following is an email from Gary Johnson’s political advocacy committee, Our America Initiative. 



Governor Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman



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Traveling the country over the past couple of years, I have been amazed — and heartened — by the response I, and more importantly, the ideas of smaller government and greater freedom receive on college campuses.

Young people get it.  The $16 trillion (and growing) debt our government has racked up will land on their shoulders. The individual liberties destroyed by laws like the Patriot Act and NDAA are their liberties.  And the consequences of decades of foreign intervention will fall on their generation.

A large part of the success of the Our America Initiative and the larger effort to mobilize Americans who share our principles will be reaching out to these young people and giving them a role in the liberty movement.  To that end, on April 1, we are kicking off the first phase of our “Live Free” campus tour.  Throughout April, the tour will take us to campuses from Ohio to New Mexico.  The full schedule is below — or can be accessed

The time has come.  This week, we saw a handful of Senators hold up the confirmation of the CIA Director until they received some small measure of clarification from the Attorney General that it is NOT acceptable to let the President assassinate American citizens with no due process. It is truly disturbing that such clarification was even necessary, and even more alarming that it took a filibuster in the U.S. Senate to get it.  Nevertheless, for a couple of days, even the mainstream media had no choice but to acknowledge such a fundamental issue.

I am proud that thousands of our followers on Facebook and Twitter joined in the public outcry that prompted that filibuster.  It was a small victory, but a great example of what can happen when the liberty movement mobilizes and speaks up.

In the months ahead, the politicians will be making many more decisions about our rights, our economic freedom, and whether the Constitution really means anything.  It is critical that we be heard as those decisions are made, and our Live Free tour is a great way to tap the energy and enthusiasm I have found on our college campuses.

Of course, taking the Our America Initiative to all these schools, and to many more in the months ahead, is a major undertaking.  Advertising, logistics, travel, publicity — they all require funding.  I hope you will lend your support to this exciting effort by going to Our America and making a contribution that will help cover our expenses. Large or small, your financial support is essential to making the Live Free Tour a success.

And, obviously, I hope to see you somewhere along the tour.  In addition to our campus rallies, we will be having informal gatherings at each stop, and it would be great to see you, to exchange ideas, and talk about what we are doing to put liberty and freedom back on the national agenda.

Stay tuned for more announcements about special guests, additional events and other updates about the Live Free tour.  And, please, take a moment to go to Our America and help make the tour as exciting and successful as possible.

As always, thank you for your friendship and support.

Gov. Gary Johnson


Honorary Chairman
Our America Initiative

P.S.  I want to hear from you.  If you have ideas and suggestions for the Our America Initiative, please do not hesitate to be in touch with me.  We have much to do, and your input is important!

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  1. NewFederalist

    Krzystzof… you might want to re-size this. It is tough to read when it spills over into the right column. Same with the Guatemala story.

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