Illinois Green Party Hosts Statewide Meeting, Elects Rich Whitney As Chairman and Garners Local Media Coverage

On Saturday March 2nd, the Green Party of Illinois held a statewide meeting in Carbondale. The Illinois GP was once one of three major parties in the state, due to Rich Whitney’s 10.36% showing in the 2006 gubernatorial election. However in 2010 he received a significantly lower 2.7% showing in the same contest, and the party lost its coveted status. However, at the meeting Whitney was elected to be the new chairman of the state party.

One of the attendants was Paula Bradshaw, who ran for U.S. Congress in 2012 in Illinois’s 12 congressional district. She received 6% of the vote, allowing the Green Party to become established in her district, but her district only.

Whitney had the following to say during the meeting:

“There are always concerns, but some things are going very well. We just in the last election cycle despite very difficult challenges with ballot access as we always have, we still managed to get two congressional candidates who got (more than) 5 percent of the vote.”

According to the article, published in the Southern Illinoisan, a federal court ruled recently in the favor of the Illinois Green Party and 2nd congressional district special election candidate LeAlan Jones to reduce the number of signatures required to get on the April 9th ballot. Jones said he believes the two major parties are becoming more and more vulnerable.

About 25 people attended the state membership meeting.

There are currently 9 elected office holders in Illinois, all of them being local and/or nonpartisan offices.

The following Green Party candidates in Illinois are running for election in 2013:

ILGP Recognized Candidates for Office in 2013 Elections

LeAlan Jones for Congress, 2nd District (special election)* [Video of recent interview with Jones here:]
Jessica Bradshaw for Carbondale City Council
Sandy Lezon for Warrenville Library Board
* Frank Wedig for Dorr Township Trustee*
* Rita Maniotis for Morton High School District 201 Board (Cicero, Berwyn)
* Bruce Samuels for Oak Park Library Board (i)
* Chuck Dieringer for Prairie State College Board

* – denotes partisan race
(i) – denotes incumbent running for reelection

To read the full Southern Illinoisan article, go to the following link:

8 thoughts on “Illinois Green Party Hosts Statewide Meeting, Elects Rich Whitney As Chairman and Garners Local Media Coverage

  1. bruuno

    Is this the same guy who knocked off all the 3rd Party presidential candidates last year from the ballot and gave all those self righteous hypocritical statements about it?

  2. Richard Winger

    Whitney’s 2.7% showing for Governor in 2010 was the third highest percentage of the vote for a minor party gubernatorial candidate in Illinois since 1930. The only two that were better were Whitney’s own showing in 2006, and Adlai Stevenson’s showing as the Illinois Solidarity nominee in 1986.

  3. Richard Winger

    Richard Whitney is the attorney who won the federal court decision on February 1, 2013, cutting the number of signatures for a minor party or independent congressional candidate down from 16,000 to 3,444, for the upcoming 2nd district special election.

  4. paulie

    You’re probably thinking of Chicago Green chair Rob Sherman, who acted together with attorney Andy Finko to challenge other parties off the ballot.

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