Iowa Press-Citizen Publishes Story About Green Party Convention In Iowa City In July

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Green Party taps I.C. to host meeting

Third-party political activists say they hope to recruit more candidates to run for down-ballot races in the next few years.

The Green Party recently decided on Iowa City as the site for its annual national meeting this summer. The four-day event in July will include policy discussions and meetings between party officials from around the United States but also seminars for activists who might consider running for office.

“What we’ve been talking about is getting people to run for local office,” said Holly Hart, an Iowa City resident and Green Party organizer. “We want to open the door for promoting some of these values and policies on councils and boards.”

The Green Party started as a collection of state organizations in the mid-1980s, aiming to promote progressive positions, especially on the environment, labor and foreign policy.

The party has fielded presidential candidates in each of the last five elections, garnering relatively little support. Last year, Green candidate Jill Stein earned less than 1 percent of the national vote, putting her in fourth place.

Although advocates admit a Green Party president is unlikely soon, they say the party stands to make an impact at the local level.

“Maybe you get on the school board, and you get your name out there and can run for something else a little higher up, hopefully,” said Tamar Yager, a Green Party organizer in Virginia who’s helping to organize this summer’s convention in Iowa City.

Yager says the party’s “campaign school” seminars can help prospective candidates with some of the logistics of running.

“It gets people to knock on doors and know what to say, how to do brochures, how to find races,” she said.

Third-party voter registration in Johnson County appears to be growing slowly but remains very small. Data from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office earlier this year show almost half of one-percent of voters in the county are affiliated with either the Green or Libertarian parties. Across the state, only about .15 percent of voters are registered with a third party.

Still, no-party voters remain the biggest group of registered voters in Iowa. That’s something that could help third-party hopefuls surmount huge voter registration deficits.

“If we can attract people who are interested in getting in at the city or county level, I think there are opportunities, in Johnson County and in other areas,” Hart said. “Most voters look at the person, not the party so it’s definitely possible. We have interest, now we just need action to go with it.”

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2 thoughts on “Iowa Press-Citizen Publishes Story About Green Party Convention In Iowa City In July

  1. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    I am sure that the people of Iowa will appreciate the Green Party job and economy killing platform positions. During their winters with 20 degrees below they will fondly think of the Greens promotion of the lie/fraud/scam of ” Global Warming/Climate Change.”

    The Greens will hence be great, though unwilling, promoters of the Constitution Party; the only pro-job, pro-economy, and pro-real ( say no to the fantasy of GW/CC ) science Party in the nation.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California; the only Party proclaiming that the sky is NOT falling!!

  2. Richard Winger

    The Iowa Green Party, and the Iowa Libertarian Party, some years ago completed the 950-signature petition that puts those parties on the voter registration form in Iowa, even though they are not qualified parties. When is the Iowa Constitution Party going to do that? If the Iowa Constitution Party did that, then voters could register into the Constitution Party and the party could get a list of who those voters are.

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