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Joshua Fauver is the chairman of Young Constitutionalists, the youth outreach arm of the Constitution Party. He is also the National Vice-Chairman of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), an organization founded by former IPR contributor Cody Quirk that aims to unite all minor right-wing and constitutionalist parties and bring them into the fold of the Constitution Party. The following was originally posted at Independent and Third Party News and Views (ITPNV). (
Reason to Hope
For many, 2012 was a year of disappointment. Dr. Ron Paul was once again ignored by the mainstream media and marginalized by the leadership of the Republican Party. Afterwards, much to our dismay, the TEA Party showed up in full force in support of the GOP nominee, moderate candidate, Governor Mitt Romney. So what happened to us third party and independent voters? We too were marginalized and for the most part ignored.Not to say that there weren’t good things that happened in 2012, there were. There were some prestigious candidates to run under third party banners. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson ran under on the Libertarian Party ticket, former U.S Representative Virgil Goode ran for the Constitution Party, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson ran for the Justice Party, and of course Roseanne Barr ran for the Peace and Freedom Party. Such big names running under these third party tickets did generate some attention. Not only was there that success, but Free and Equal hosted a third party presidential debate that included Governor Johnson, Representative Goode, Dr. Jill Stein, and Rocky Anderson as well as was moderated by Larry King. This debate was viewed by over 20 million people around the globe. Twas another big win for us independent and third party voters.

Despite these major achievements for independents and third parties, voter turnout was low. While Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson did accumulate over 1 million votes, overall the turn out was low all together. (for independents and third partiers.) Despite all the success we had this year, we walked away in November feeling the bitter sting of defeat. Most of us anyway….

Some out there though refused to walk away defeated. They walked away from November with their heads held high, motivated by the successes we did have, and determined to build off of them. In fact there are already some who are prepped and running campaigns for the 2016 presidential election. Such candidates include:

Robby Wells -Independent Candidate
Samm Tittle -Independent Candidate
Paul Chehade -Independent Candidate
Bill Nees  -Independent Statesman Party

While those are the only four candidates I am officially aware of that are running as of right now, there is talk of the possibility of others joining the fold as independent and third party candidates, which include:

Governor Gary Johnson -Libertarian Party (the petition encouraging him to run can be viewed here)
Judge Andrew Napolitano -Libertarian Party (the petition to draft the judge can be viewed here )
Jesse Ventura -Independent? (petition to draft the former governor can be viewed here )

You see fellow free thinkers, there is much to be hopeful about! Don’t allow the sting of defeat discourage you. We accomplished so much in 2012, and already there are people stepping up to build off of that success. Let us continue to fight, continue to grow, and continue to press on. Now is not the time to be discouraged, now is not the time to give up or to throw in the towel, now is the time to get active and involved. Elections are won in the off years, and the time to fight is now! There are so many causes to join to help the cause of independent and third party candidates. Don’t fight tough ballot access and the two party system in 2014 and 2016, join the fight now! A list of organizations that you may be interested in include:

Free And Equal 
Fair Vote 
Stop Top Two 

Of course I encourage everyone to get involved with something! Whether it be your political party or one of these organizations. Do something. Join the fight now! Don’t wait for 2014 or 2016. Elections are won in the off years.

-Joshua Fauver

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  1. Richard Winger

    This summary of 2012 also should mention that 25 state legislators were elected who were not Dem or Rep nominees. That is the largest number since 1942. Also two independents were elected to the US Senate.

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