National Veterans Coalition of Indiana Releases March 2013 Newsletter

The National Veterans Coalition of the Constitution Party, which is the party’s veteran outreach organization, recently created a Facebook page. On it they released the March 2013 newsletter of the Indiana branch. The newsletter is below. 


“Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” Pres. Kennedy Inaugural address 1961




Where does liberty come from? Just exactly what is liberty? What is freedom? Are these elusive, non-definitive terms? What do they mean?  How is freedom attained and what do we do with it once it is obtained?


Our nation’s people have been rapidly losing their freedoms and liberty during the last fifty years, mostly by the deceptive practices of our benevolent governments. Generational deception and supplanted fear through the government educational system and the mass media have caused the decline of the intelligent abilities of the masses. They have been brainwashed to reject the truth and to believe a lie. A large portion of our population cannot understand the concept of freedom although they tend to express their own freedom in perverted manners.


Politicians, often victims themselves of the generational deception, offer benevolent gifts and assistance to them in exchange for their patronage and votes to elect or re-elect the politician into his/her desired office.  In order for America to wake up to this government fire, which has gradually heated from a cozy, warm bath until it is now almost to the boiling point, she must take the temperature of her environment. Americans need to be taught the reality of security vs. freedom.


With each benevolent act by the government for America, another freedom is compromised or abolished. Legislators (and now presidents) create laws beyond the scope of protecting the citizens; they are created to oppress their rights as citizens.


A national security army has been created to protect all of us from the deadly onslaught of terrorism on our own soil. This has been at the expense of our rights to privacy, violation of our property rights, restricted travel rights and illegal procurement of our incomes. Our rights to protect our families and property are now being threatened by legislators and administrators who are trying to usurp the Second Amendment by attempting to disarm us as a benevolent guise to protect our children and to reduce the crime rate.


This was also practiced by Hitler in Germany during the 1930’s. When we are totally disarmed, only the criminals will have weapons. Why did I not mention the police and Armed Forces? Because they will be the armies of the true criminals. Weapons will only be legal for  possession and use by government agents. Law enforcement will be enforcing the laws of the criminals, which has already begun to happen. The Constitution of the United States does NOT allow our government to confiscate our weapons nor is it permitted to make laws of oppression or benevolence.


Over the generations, the lawmakers have turned the government into a candy store in which they retain the keys and control what and how much each customer is allowed to receive. They are attempting to turn us into their slaves as they become our “good massas.” They try to control all religion, denying particular faiths the opportunity to practice their faith. The First Amendment strictly forbids this. However, laws are being passed and enacted which force Americans to surrender their liberties at penalty of enormous fines or prison.


The government, by denying our freedoms, attempts to become our highest authority, our god. The Constitution acknowledges but one God, the creator of man and the architect of our nation. The Bible states that God created man in His own image. It also informs us that the government is upon His shoulders. He is the Supreme Authority of government. He is the author of freedom.


When man was created, he was ordained to have the God given freedom to choose, to make his own decisions, whether right or wrong. The choice is man’s, albeit he must reap the rewards or suffer the consequences thereof. God gave us the freedom of choice. It is not for any man or government to hinder that right to choose. Not even God Himself will deny man his right of choice, However, He has set forth moral laws for man to pattern himself after. If man refuses to follow His standards then consequences will follow.


God is the true source of our liberty.  He has given it to us freely and liberally but expects us to exercise it responsibly with love towards one another.


Laws are meant to protect our freedoms to choose, not to egregiously force us to obey the commands of our benevolent government dictators. Our Constitution not only spells out many of our God given freedoms and rights but also implies our national and individual responsibilities to stand up and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. With the exception of the Civil War, our enemies have all been foreign.


Today, our enemy is domestic. Today our enemy has infiltrated our government. Quoting from a popular cartoon character from the mid-twentieth century, Pogo, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.” reveals that we, the citizens, are guilty of allowing ourselves to be generationally-deceived by elitist power mongers who want nothing less than to be our gods and worship them.


It is our constitutional duty as individuals and a nation to rise up to the enemy and show them that we will not comply with their demands for us to be ignorant, inert sheeple bowing down to their intellectual and spiritual superiority.


All of us have been created equal to one another. No man is superior to any other. No man is above his fellow man. Only God is omnipotent and the Supreme Authority. Is this a “call to arms?” It is a call to America to wake up and smell the poison.  Blood should not have to be shed.


In spite of our political leaders’ attempts over the generations to “dumbdown  America”, American citizens are very intelligent. Education to the Constitution and the governments’ deceptions must be foremost to all Americans and to make them aware that FREEDOM is far more desirable than false security.


The United States was born of heroes who placed their lives and fortunes on the line in order for their generation and future generations to be free from dictators who would spoil their rights and freedoms. Our heroes sacrificed so all citizens of America would have the God given right to secure peace and happiness as well as fortunes without government interference.  All  Americans would be free to make their  own decisions without restricting or harming another citizen’s rights.


Generations of heroes have come and gone protecting our nation’s individuals and the constitution which declares their independence and freedom.  Militia, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard have been the military organizations throughout our history in which our heroes have taken up arms in defense of our freedoms. They have left their families, sacrificing valuable time with their spouses and children.  Multitudes have made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in defense of those freedoms.


Do our heroes value freedom? You better believe they do. The most valuable possession to any person is his own life. Anyone who is willing to stand up to the enemy and defend his nation with his very own life, the extreme sacrifice any soldier can offer, outwardly expresses his love for his fellow man, his country and his constitution in the grandest expression possible. Those who refuse to respect our heroes and their sacrifices don’t even deserve to bear the name “American.”


I anticipate many heroes, military veterans and current duty, will read this article. I implore those heroes to remember their oaths to protect and preserve our constitution. Release from active duty or retirement should not cause any of us to relinquish our responsibility from that oath nor should we consider ourselves impotent to ever defend our nation again. We should never surrender our firearms to anyone or any organization.  We should also never offensively attack them as long as we still have our First Amendment rights to speak our minds and to actively hold the legislators of our republic accountable. Remember, they work for us. We, as an army of U.S. military veterans and heroes have an extremely loud voice in Washington D.C. We need to come together as that army, volunteer as a militia, placing our talents, skills and fortunes on the lines as our forefathers did when they resisted the dictatorial powers of the British monarchy.


Our elected leaders have gradually been sacrificing our freedoms and liberty as well as our constitutional rights in the name of compromise and to progressively sensitize our country to a worldwide government and financial dictatorship. Many of these leaders may actually believe these moves are good for America, however, they are unconstitutional  and dangerous to all Americans. We can no longer allow our leaders to sell us to the United Nations and into their prescribed slavery. We must let our leaders know that, without a shadow of a doubt, we will not permit it.


We have been, primarily, a two party nation for a long time. Third parties have had little chance of success in this system. People have supported the platforms of the third parties but afraid to vote for them, fearing that their vote would be wasted. They rationalize that most people will vote for the Democrat or Republican and not for their candidate.


The mass media has regularly ridiculed third parties and their candidates convincing even many die-hard supporters that their candidate will not win. The two major parties are heavily supported by the wealthy mass media effectively denying other parties the public exposure necessary to inform the public of their platforms and even their existence.


How can we effectively promote constitutional representatives so they, their party and platform can be made known to America and to convince the voters that there is a viable, constitutional option to the two party system whose representatives consistently pay homage to their own party rather than to the American people?


The answer lies with the heroes, the patriots who are warriors for the freedoms, rights and liberties of their fellow Americans. You are the answer, ladies and gentlemen to the survival of “The land of the free and the home of the brave. ”


Who values freedom more than the patriots and heroes who actually sacrificed and/or fought to preserve that freedom? Who can band together as comrades and freedom fighters for America better than those who are already heroes and freedom fighting veterans?  We, the veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard, are the logical resources to come together with one heart, one spirit and one goal to return the United States of America back to the God of our forefathers and back to the founding constitution of our liberty, which has been under continuous destruction in a piece meal fashion to the point that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and others in the Constitutional Congress would no longer recognize it.


Patriots and heroes, most all of us, want our families and friends to live in peace with all our liberties intact even if we must sacrifice of ourselves. We must pose again the challenge posed to us in President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. ” This is our country and it is time, again, for us to come together and do something for our country. The questions we now ask are, ” What can we do for our  country?” and “How do we do it?”


The answer is to bypass the political parties which have abandoned the patriotic adherence to the constitution. Our constitution is our standard of liberty, it must not be abandoned nor can it be compromised in any form. Leaders in all three branches of our government, administrative, legislative and judicial have been willing to compromise for whatever reasons  they believe are better than the ideals of the constitution. They even twist those standards and interpret them to mean something other than the original intent.


Democrats and Republicans alike are guilty of these crimes. Another political party altogether must come to the national forefront which is totally dedicated to return America to the God of our forefathers  and the constitution in which the United States is founded and declares the freedoms and rights of its citizens. These freedoms and rights were never to be infringed upon by any person, government or entity.


The Constitution Party is the political party today that is dedicated to those patriotic ideals. Our constitution is pre-eminent in the platform of the party. The God of the Constitution Party is the same God of those who fought the Revolutionary War, who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.


The Constitution Party is dedicated to find constitutional patriots to serve as our representatives and to support them to be elected into all political offices. The party will hold these representatives’ feet to the fire and make them accountable to the original intent of the constitution. The party intends to vet every law and regulation that has ever been enacted to ensure its conformation to the constitution.  Any aberration, alteration or misrepresentation would be held in contempt of the constitution and subject to abrogation from the law.


The National Veterans Coalition is the organization committed to organizing our patriots and heroes into a unified voice for America, for our constitution and for our liberty. We are to be a loud voice which will sound a deafening ring in the halls of congress, in the White House, in the Supreme Court, throughout every state in our nation and in every home and organization which is rooted on the hallowed grounds of this God blessed nation.


NVC, in coalition with the Constitution Party, will fight, alongside our heroes, to restore the United States of America to the God of our forefathers and to its founding constitution which declares the unalienable rights of every citizen under the umbrella of its protection. No one, regardless of color, faith, national origin, gender or age (even those yet to be born), are exempt from its protection.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are the heroes of America. We are the patriots who must stand up again for the rights and liberty of our families, friends and future generations. Not only is the hero the patriot, the hero is still responsible to help maintain the freedoms he/she once sacrificed and/or fought for.


Most of us have had comrades we know or have even watched them die in their sacrifice for our freedom. To ignore their ultimate sacrifice would be a slap in the face to our fellow freedom fighters, a supreme insult to those whose blood is represented on the stripes of “Old Glory. ” Are we to let their blood cry out to God in unappreciated and useless sacrifice?


Aren’t we, collectively, our nation’s keeper? Isn’t it our duty as heroes to be an example to our children and to continue to be their heroes? As a member of the National Veterans Coalition, your status and duty as a hero will continue in perpetuity as we work together to save our beloved nation from those who seek to destroy it for their own selfish reasons.


Call on your family, friends and clergy to help support you and fight alongside you to return US to our God and Constitution. Join the NVC along with multitudes of other patriotic heroes who love the United States and still honor their oath to our nation.


We are the Army of Heroes who will restore and maintain American Liberty in our generation.


EA1 Steven H. Walker,  US Navy Retired

National Veterans Coalition of Indiana Coordinator

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  1. Dave Terry

    “Ask not what your country can do for you and ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what you can do for yourself.”

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