Reform Party: A Few Recent Updates About The Party

From the Reform Party website:


 The Reform Party is Building a Small Base of Donors

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party of the United States of America is a centrist party supported by small donors. In the 2012 presidential election it improved its vote total by ninety percent compared to the 2008 election, without funding from special interest groups or large donors.

“All of our donations in recent years come from members and individual supporters. Ninety-nine percent of those donations are one hundred dollars or less. A few donors have given large donations in the form of in-kind or cash donations. In those few instances the donations are rarely more than five hundred dollars in value,” said Reform Party Chairman David Collision.

The Reform Party recently reorganized its fundraising committee. The committee is expected to setup and maintain fundraising infrastructure and events. It is chaired by Reform Party treasurer Bill Merrell.

“Most of the money we will raise will be reinvested in the form of fundraising efforts, so we can make necessary expenditures for the 2014 elections, and build a reserve fund,” said Nicholas Hensley of North Carolina, the South East Fundraising Chair.

Currently there are three primary ways of donating to the Reform Party. The first is by donating a lump sum through Paypal, the second by joining their monthly donors club through Acteva and the third is to send a check to their treasurer in New York. If you want to donate or find out more about the Reform Party, you can visit their website or email them at


The Reform Party has posted a petition on fiscal reform on IPetiton. This is the second in a series created to showcase our values. If you click the button below, it will take you straight to our petition.


 Candidate Section Update

We have updated the Candidate section of our web page. We have added a link to our first 2014 candidate’s, Cleave Drummond, website. We are in the process of adding a list of past and current office holders. Thanks for your patience as we update the section.

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