Region 1 Report to LNC

Region 1 Report

Submitted by Norm Olsen
March 10, 2013

This report is submitted to the national office on March 10, 2013 as required for inclusion in the meeting information binders distributed at Libertarian National Committee meetings. Errors, omissions, and/or additional reports received prior to the official adoption of the LNC meeting minutes (14 days after the adjournment of the meeting) will be incorporated into the published version of the minutes.


• The ten affiliates which comprise Region 1 are: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.
• Eight of the ten states in the region are currently ballot qualified for 2014. Of the two exceptions, ballot access in Hawaii requires only 750 valid signatures, while ballot access in Washington requires only 1,000 valid signatures.
• Montana Libertarians were actively involved in defeating (i.e. the measure was tabled in committee) a republican initiated Top Two Primary measure by a substantial 16-3 margin.
• Top Two is re-inventing itself in Arizona; the true essence of Top Two emerges. Essentially, the new version requires all political parties to obtain the same number of signatures for ballot access. For the major parties, the magic number is not a big problem; for the minor parties it represents a huge hurdle. This is designed, of course, to keep minor parties off the ballot. This is a legislative proposal, so lobbying and testifying in Phoenix is the only productive activity available to fight this measure.
• Kansas is achieving great success in organizing at the county level. Eleven local affiliates have been established and more are in the works. A monumental effort in a state whose population garners only four representatives in Congress, yet requires an eight hour drive to get from its eastern border to the western border.
• Colorado will be holding its convention in on May 17 thru May 19. The event will concurrently host the 2013 LSLA conference. The event will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton, 13696 East Iliff Place, Aurora, CO.
• I have volunteered to be the Campaigns Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado until the annual convention in May. This fills a vacancy on the board and eases quorum requirements for LPCO board meetings.
• The policy of publishing a Region I News newsletter from time to time has been continued. All Sustaining Members who are also members of any of the ten affiliates which form the current Region 1 are invited to subscribe to the newsletter. Six issues of the newsletter have been issued so far this term (2012 – 2014).
• Due to the geographic nature of this region, which spans five time zones and extends from 19 to 71 degrees north latitude (some 3,000 x 3,000 miles), personal contact between the Regional and Alternate
Representatives and the individual affiliates is incredibly rare.


Mark Fish, State Chair
Carolyn Clift, Treasurer, Reporting
Alaska LP will be holding its annual convention in Anchorage Alaska on March 15th and 16th. An impressive lineup of speakers will be on hand, including Judge Gray. Alaska is ballot qualified for 2014 by virtue of the 5% of the vote garnered by the sole congressional candidate in the state, Jim McDermott of Fairbanks.
Number of Libertarians 8,000
Method of Membership Determination Registered voters
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes
Ballot Access Status 3% of register voters
Number of Candidates in 2012 2
Estimated Budget $1,000 / month


Warren Severin, State Chair
Warren reports:
The news in AZ is that the “Top Two” idea is still alive. Now there’s new legislation in the state legislature to require that the candidates of all parties obtain the same number of signatures on nomination petitions. The math is worked out so that the signature requirements for Republican and and Democrat candidates don’t change at all, but the requirements for Libertarian candidates increase 4,000%. In the past two years the R’s and D’s have:
1. Snuck through a line item in some unrelated legislation to give R’s and D’s check-boxes on the voter registration forms, while Libertatians get a blank line, “Other”. (We are challenging in court and expect to win.)
2. Taken us to court to prohibit Independents from signing our candidates’ nomination petitions. (They won.)
3. Tried to have our candidates’ signature requirements increased, and then have them effectively barred from the general election through the “Top Two” ballot proposition. (They lost.)
4. Now, new proposed legislation to make it much more difficult for Libertarian candidates to get on the ballot due to hugely increased nomination signature requirements. (Battle engaged.)
Last week the Maricopa County LP (Phoenix metro) chairman and I paid a visit to the legislator who introduced the bill. After some very direct exchange, he openly admitted that the state Republican Party is tired of Libertarians stealing their votes and will do everything they can to legislate us off the ballot.

Not much news other than the above. We held our biennial organizing meeting in late January. Bob Johnson has been given the details. I remain chairman, with some minor musical chairs with the rest of the board. Nothing exciting.

Number of Libertarians 24,880
Method of Membership Determination Registered voters
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes
Ballot Access Status Registration >= .65% of active registered voters
Number of Candidates in 2012 14
Estimated Budget


Jeffery Orrok, State Chair
For Jeffery Orrok, Norm Olsen reports:
The annual convention will be held in May, 17th thru 19th; venue is Double Tree by Hilton, I-225 & East Iliff Avenue in Aurora, Colorado. The 2013 LSLA annual conference will be held concurrently at the same venue. The joint conference is an Interesting idea with regard to meeting minimums at the host hotel.
Planning for the 2014 election has already begun, several candidates already being on board. The basic goal is to have five Libertarian candidates on every ballot in the state of Colorado.
Number of Libertarians 24,000
Method of Membership Determination Registered Voters
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes
Ballot Access Status 1,000 Registered voters
Number of Candidates in 2012 65+
Estimated Budget $600 / month


Jim Henshaw, State Chair

Hawaii’s ballot access expires with this election. Petitions of 1,000 valid signatures will be needed in the next three election cycles to obtain ballot access for the next five election cycles.

Number of Libertarians 67

Method of Membership Determination National membership
Voters can register as Libertarian No, party affiliation not maintained by the state
Ballot Access Status 10% of statewide race, or petition of 0.1% of registered voters (~650)
Number of Candidates in 2012 2
Estimated Budget


Rob Oates, State Chair

Idaho would appreciate assistance in developing local affiliates so that campaigning for state offices and congress would be better coordinated. Idaho lacks an effective system for maintaining a list of its membership, thus it really only knows about the members reported by national via the monthly dump.

Number of Libertarians 36
Method of Membership Determination National membership
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes (new this year, explaining the above answers)
Ballot Access Status Maintained by running 3 statewide candidates very two years.
Number of Candidates in 2012 6
Estimated Budget $3,000 per annum


Al Terwelp, State Chair
The Kansas State Convention is April 20th 10-3:30 in the student union on the campus of Emporia State University, Emporia, KS. The details are at
As of October 2012 we had 10800. (Six straight years of increased registration.) I am going to get a new count before the state convention
Our goal is to acquire major party status. This is gained by winning 5% of the Kansas Governors race. We feel this is achievable since we averaged 6% in 2012 election and since two other minor parties have recently lost ballot access.
Kansas now has local affiliates in 11 of its 44 counties.
The Libertarian Party of Kansas began publicly challenging the unconstitutional bans of the open-carry of firearms in Overland Park, KCK, and other municipalities in Kansas. Some communities, like Overland Park, Gardner, and Wichita have already acted by amending their ordinances to comply with state and federal law. Some communities, like KCK, Leawood, and Prairie Village have indicated they have no intention of complying with the law unless they are forced to do so by the Courts.
Number of Libertarians 10,800
Method of Membership Determination Registered voters
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes
Ballot Access Status 1% statewide race
Number of Candidates in 2012 21
Estimated Budget $5,000 annually


Mike Fellows, State Chair
A republican legislative measure (HB 436) to introduce the Top Two primary system into Montana was defeated by a 16-3 vote (il.e. a vote to table), in no small part due to the lobbying efforts of the Libertarian Party of Montana. Montana Libertarians, therefore, garner another major victory in the ballet for Liberty in our nation.
Number of Libertarians
Method of Membership Determination
Voters can register as Libertarian
Ballot Access Status Qualified for 2014
Number of Candidates in 2012 9
Estimated Budget


Jake Shannon, State Chair
No response as yet.
Number of Libertarians 2,500
Method of Membership Determination Tax check off
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes
Ballot Access Status 2% of statewide congressional vote
Number of Candidates in 2012
Estimated Budget


Larry Nicholas, State Chair
The Libertarian Party of Washington will hold its annual convention on April 20th in Bellingham, Washington. Speakers on tap include our own Carla Howell and Judge Gray.
The LPWA created an exciting new event for their state: “Day at the Capitol”. Participation included testifying before legislative committees and appointments with member’s legislative representatives. A presentation on how to lobby legislators was included in the events of the day.
Number of Libertarians 4082
Method of Membership Determination National membership
Voters can register as Libertarian No
Ballot Access Status 1,000 signatures
Number of Candidates in 2012 None, top two primary state
Estimated Budget 24 monthly pledges


Dennis Brossman, State Chair
No response as yet.
Number of Libertarians 1,300
Method of Membership Determination Registered voters
Voters can register as Libertarian Yes (linked to ballot access)
Ballot Access Status 2% of statewide race
Number of Candidates in 2012 6
Estimated Budget $100 / month


Region 1/California
by Daniel Wiener (March 10, 2013)

The Libertarian Party of California will hold its annual convention on April 6th and 7th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento. The following speakers are confirmed:
• Judge Jim Gray (ret.), the Libertarian Party’s 2012 Vice Presidential candidate
• Steven Greenhut, Vice President of Journalism at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
• Evan McMahon, Executive Director of Atlas Liberty PAC
• John Inks, (Libertarian) Mayor of Mountain View, CA
• Susan Marie Weber, (Libertarian) Councilmember of Palm Desert City, CA
• Taylor Peck, Co-founder of
• Paul Green, Jr., Co-founder of Self-Management Institute
• Lisa Brown, Advocacy Trainer
• Tim Sandefur, from the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Economic Liberty Project

In addition to the traditional convention activities on Saturday and Sunday (business sessions, officer elections, banquet, etc.), there will be an all-day advocacy event on Friday, April 5th in which Libertarians will first rally on the West Steps of the Capitol building, and then have appointments to speak to various state legislators. Lisa Brown will provide Advocacy training, and Assembly member Tim Donnelly (R – Hesperia) will address the Libertarian rally at noon on the Capitol steps. There will also be a Friday evening reception for convention attendees. More information is available at

The Libertarian Party continues to make inroads with media figures. The latest success came when Joe Getty and Jack Armstrong decided to re-register in the Libertarian Party. Armstrong & Getty are the #1 morning drive-time talk show in Northern California and are very influential. The segment of their show in which they announced their decision can be heard at you tube .

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  1. Oranje Mike

    Dirty business, indeed, here in Arizona. The Republicans hold a stacked deck at the state level and could succeed in passing their de facto Top Two bill. If this happens the LP in AZ is dead. This would open the door to re-registering as GOP and trying to stick it to ’em.

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