Modern Whig Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings

Helping people affected by Boston Marathon explosions
Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/15/2013 – 17:40

In this time of distress for the people of Boston and those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon the best help we can give is through action. Please visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS to give blood, donate, or find out ways you can help. If you need help finding a loved one or friend who might have been affected by the events please use the Red Cross People Finder or text them.

It is important that phone lines remain as clear as possible for emergency uses. If you have medical or emergency responder training and can volunteer to help out please contact the Red Cross, and they can put you in touch with who you need to contact. It is important that phone lines remain as clear as possible for emergency uses. If you live in the Boston area and can help with places to stay for those affected please visit… to help out.

For other ways to connect with those affected please visit…

In addition to the Red Cross other organizations will helping out today and in the days ahead you can find out more at

Ever forward,
Modern Whig Party of America

12 thoughts on “Modern Whig Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. Rob

    I know I for one was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what an extremely minor party that can’t even bother to find candidates had to say about the Boston bombing!

  2. Dennis

    Apparently the Boston tragedy has awaken the Whig Party from its slumber; now that we know what they think of the bombing, we can all rest soundly at night.

  3. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    I’d so RS. 2012 was the second year in a row their presidential candidate got less than 1,000 votes, and could secure ballot access in only one state.

    It’s seems as though RPUSA is on its deathbed. It’s remarkable considering they elected Jesse Ventura governor in 1998 and ran Ross Perot, who got around 8%.

  4. Rod Stern

    Did IPR receive the Reform Party press release on this? I had it forwarded to me, but I haven’t seen an article.

  5. Nick

    @7 The RPUSA is making a lot of changes, I like the new direction its headed in. If we don’t do significantly better in the next presidential election, I’m leaving.

    Lots of good stuff has been happening in the RPUSA. We have a social media presence for the first time, we are getting press releases out, we’re petitioning for ballot access, and we’re doing some Epetitioning on issues. We’ve improved fundraising some. If you compare us now to this time last year, there’s been big improvements. There’s still hope.

    Expect a press release out soon that says we are working in Ballot Access in Utah and New York. It’s written and going through final stages. Also good stuff is happening in Nevada.

    Also I sent that press release to the IPR email group like all of our other press releases.

    I will also mention I am former MWP, and could start comparing things to show how the RPUSA is better, but I won’t.

  6. Nick

    On April 15th, a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon left three people dead and one hundred eighty three injured. Later incidents with the attackers left one police officer dead, and another wounded. Now that the suspects have been found, it is time to shift our focus to those affected by these attacks.

    For the families who suffered as a result of this week’s events, the capture or death of the perpetrators is not the end of the story. Many have suffered life changing injuries including lost limbs and shrapnel wounds. Others will face emotional scars from this traumatic event and the loss of loved ones.

    Many reputable charities are currently helping the victims, and are in need of capital and other resources, and we urge those that can to donate whatever they can. One very credible charity is

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