Video: Gary Johnson’s Live Free Tour at Miami University

Video is of Gary Johnson at Miami University of Ohio, the first stop of the 2013 college tour. The first several minutes of the video are blank; fast forward to around the 18 minute mark for introductory speakers and just before the 44 minute mark for Johnson. Other stops scheduled:

Today (April 2) Hillsdale, Michigan
Tomorrow (April 3) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thursday, April 4 UMSL, St. Louis
Monday, April 8 UNM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tuesday, April 9 U of Colorado, Boulder
Wednesday, April 10 U of Wyoming
Thursday, April 11 U of Utah, SLC

There’s a Liberty Strategy Conference in Salt Lake City the weekend following that event.

4 thoughts on “Video: Gary Johnson’s Live Free Tour at Miami University

  1. LPOhio Sidelines

    Once again, the LP of Ohio rocks. 300 or more in the crowd. Very well organized which is to be expected from the LP Ohio bunch.

  2. Very interesting

    I guess no controversy and 300 people in the audience don’t command much comment.

  3. paulie Post author

    No – and few people watch long videos.

    I’ll be on some of the tour, and have a laptop with me this time, but no videocam or webcam.

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