Green Party’s Rhett Smith Finishes Second in San Antonio Mayoral Race

Perennial candidate and Green Party activist Rhett Smith finished second in the nonpartisan race for San Antonio mayor on Saturday.  Incumbent mayor Julian Castro, the keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, won re-election to a third term with 67 percent of the total vote. Smith received 13 percent, placing him above five other challengers to Castro.

Smith sought the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2012, earning half a delegate to the National Convention. According to Project Vote Smart, since 2004, he has run multiple times for public offices in Texas and San Antonio, including twice previously for mayor in 2009 and 2011.  In 2008, he ran for president as a Republican.

Smith is an officer in the Texas Green Party and campaigns for open and fair elections. According to his website from a 2012 Congressional run, he has an interest in Indigenous Rights as well as “Interfaith Religious Issues and Muslim and Palestinian issues in the Holy Land,” which he believes have been “excluded from public debate.”

Some of his additional political views are available at his personal blog/vlog, which ends in 2007.  It includes such videos as “Rhett Confronts Zionism” and “Rhett Smith answers question on gay rights.”

6 thoughts on “Green Party’s Rhett Smith Finishes Second in San Antonio Mayoral Race

  1. Darryl W. Perry

    Michael “Commander” Idrogo is a perennial “Libertarian” candidate, who holds some ideas that seem to fit better in Constitution Party or GOP than in the Party of Principle.
    According to his website, he wants to put military on the Mexican border, wants to build a canal connecting San Antonio to the Gulf (he doesn’t mention if he wants private funds to pay for this), claims to have come up with the idea for Cash for Clunkers, and seems very pro-military.

  2. William Saturn Post author

    I remember Idrogo ran for Mayor in 2011 also and posted poorly made YouTube videos comparing Julian Castro to Gaddaffi, Hitler.

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