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Michael Peroutka to Address 2013 League of the South National Conference

Michael Peroutka will be addressing the 2013 League of the South National Conference. He is becoming a regular. He addressed the 2012 National Conference and has addressed several National Conferences in the past. Peroutka was the 2004 Constitution Party nominee for President.

A Christian and an attorney, Michael Anthony Peroutka is co-founder of Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), headquartered in Pasadena, Maryland. He is a graduate of Loyola College (now University) in Maryland and University of Baltimore School of Law.

Discovering that the teaching of the law in America had been perverted away from its original design, Michael determined to investigate America’s founding and the roots of our law, in English Common Law and the Bible. This led to the founding of Institute on the Constitution, which is an educational outreach of the law firm of Peroutka and Peroutka, also in Pasadena, Maryland. IOTC presents the real view—the founders’ view—which is the American view of law and government.

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  1. Sam Kress Sam Kress June 6, 2013

    “Would you like me to present this evidence here?”

    Go for it.

  2. DarthJ DarthJ June 6, 2013

    Looking forward to the conference.

  3. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk June 2, 2013

    So I also have saved copies of his newsletters from 2003 till the last one he put out before he died.

  4. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk June 2, 2013

    Mark, Peroutka & John advocated for a theocracy under the guise of Constitutionalism; plus they wanted to see the Mormons in the CP expelled.
    I have plenty of evidence of this, and also that they were open about their hostility to those of my faith & other faiths too. Would you like me to present this evidence here?
    Another thing- Bill also talked about their hostility & dark agenda in his newsletters, and said some very negative things about them

  5. Mark Seidenberg Mark Seidenberg June 2, 2013

    Cody Quirk

    You are wrong. Michael and John are advocating
    the Constitution. I am proud I worked for Michael Peroutka for POTUS in 2004. I would like, to see him as POTUS in 2017. If he ran in
    California in 2016 I would do everything I can to
    get him on the November Ballot.

    William Schearer told me he liked Michael
    Peroutka. They just had a minor difference in how National CP should deal with the Nevada

    What National CP did to you, was just childs play
    to what they did to Michael Perouika.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party of

  6. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk June 1, 2013

    What he and John Lofton advocated wasn’t in any sense Constitutionalism at all, but what people like Riley Hood advocate for…

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