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Scotty Boman collects double required petition signatures for City Clerk

Scotty Boman is a Libertarian Party activist and college professor from Michigan. He ran as the LP candidate for US Senate in 2008 and 2012 and for Secretary of State in 2010. In 2008 he received 76,347  votes , or 1.57%. In 2010 he got  58,044 votes, or 1.83%, and 84,480 votes, or 1.82% in 2012. Boman has run for other offices as well and has been involved with the Republican Party in the past. 


For Immediate Release

Scotty Boman
May 13, 2013
Boman collects double required petition signatures for City Clerk
(Detroit, Mich.) Earlier today candidate for City Clerk of Detroit, Scotty Boman, submitted double the required amount of petition signatures to the City Clerk’s office.
Boman, a native Detroiter and current math and science professor at Wayne County Community College District has said that he knows Detroiters are fed up with the corruption and waste in the City.
“We have had over 40 years of politicians using Detroit’s coffers as personal bank accounts… Detroit and Detroiters have had enough. It’s time for real accountability in public office in this city,” Boman said.
Boman’s platform is quite strong in a City that has been long abused by individual officials, as well as by the long history of bias toward the establishment political parties.
Some of the plans of accountability Boman has and is offering to Detroit voters, for the first time:
  • Make it easier for Detroiters to get involved in the political process by posting, requirements, important dates and forms on the website.
  • Post the salaries of elected officials on the website.
  • Post the results of all local elections on the website.
  • Refrain from promoting himself at taxpayer expense. He opposes putting his picture and prominently displayed name on tax-payer funded promotional materials.
  • Keep all informational materials non-partisan without promoting any political parties or candidates over any others.
  • Improve official recognition of neighborhood patrols. 
“Detroit is ready for real change…. That is very indicative by the fact that our campaign received double the amount of required signatures in order to place my name on the ballot,” Boman said.
Boman is vice president of his neighborhood patrol, and on the executive board of the Morningside Community organization.
It remains to be seen which other City Clerk candidates will file by tomorrow’s deadline.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Scotty Boman.  4877 Balfour Road.  Detroit, MI 48224.

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