Ben Swann Launches Truth in Media Project

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Two-time Emmy award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann is attempting to make history and he needs your help.  On Monday, June 10, Swann launched a massive fundraising effort for his “Liberty is Rising: Truth in Media” project on Kickstarter.


The Kickstarter project has a base goal of $1.25 million dollars to launch a 3 level platform to inform, engage and activate Americans across the political spectrum. Swann plans to create 100 high-end digital cinema episodes of his web show Ben Swann Full Disclosure for distribution on and on streaming sites such as Netlfix, Hulu and Spotify. In addition, Swann will be rolling out a highly interactive, informative website that will include all Full Disclosure episodes, a forum, Ben Swann podcasts and a mobile app.


“We believe that this Kickstarter project is about more than just media, it is a genuine attempt to investigate issues the mainstream media in America is not covering. Issues like the Federal Reserve, CISPA, drone strikes, the drug war, etc, are what the American people are asking for. This will be journalism by the people, for the people.” says Swann.


Ben Swann, a two-time Emmy award and two-time Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist has worked as an Anchor/Investigative reporter in El Paso Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio. His internationally known Reality Check and Full Disclosure series has been viewed over 10 million times in 140 countries.


With 35 days of fundraising left to go, Swann has already raised over $150,000 from 2,200+ backers pledging between $10 and $2,500.


Swann is scheduled to speak at the “United We Stand” Festival hosted by Free & Equal in Los Angeles this October. Please join Free & Equal in supporting and promoting this revolutionary new project.


Back the “Liberty Rising: Truth in Media” Project here.


Swann has been confirmed to speak at the “United We Stand” festival this October in Los Angeles, and recently posted a video shoutout to Free & Equal. In the video, Swann praises Free & Equal founder, Christina Tobin, for their victory in stopping “Top Two” in Arizona, and for producing the alternative debate in Chicago.

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  1. Oranje Mike

    A worthy Kickstarter campaign. The total backers has stalled since the first two days. I have doubts this will be a success which is a shame.

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