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Libertarian candidate for Detroit City Clerk Scotty Boman Sounds off on Mayoral Candidate’s Removal from Ballot

Scotty Boman is a Libertarian Party activist and college professor in Michigan who has run for office several times, including for U.S. Senate in 2012. He received 1.82% of the vote in that race. 

            For Immediate Release

            Scotty Boman
June 18, 2013
Clerk Candidate Boman Sounds Off On Duggan Removal
“I have not decided on a Mayoral choice yet, and when I make that choice I may or may not make it public.  That being said, I have met most of the mayoral candidates including Mike Duggan and Tom Barrow.  Regardless of any differences of opinion, I have found them to be well-meaning people who care deeply about Detroit’s future.  No matter who one supports, this is not a cause for celebration…
This costly and emotionally draining drama could have easily been averted.  A Scotty Boman led City Clerk’s office would treat all candidates fairly; if the law sets qualifications for candidates, then all candidates must meet those qualifications. The checklist that candidates sign when they file should spell out the residency requirement.
If a candidate specifically asked if he or she may file before the one year requirement is met, he or she would be told to come back after a full year and not file prematurely.
When candidates file, Department of Elections staff should look up the candidates’ voter registration date and refuse to accept petitions until the one year requirement is met.

Whether or not I win, I hope the next City Clerk takes this advice to heart.”

Boman is a native Detroiter, a mathematics professor, vice president of his neighborhood patrol, and on the executive board of the Morningside Community organization.
A total of four candidates will be on the ballot for City Clerk in Detroit’s August sixth primary.

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