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Libertarian Party of Michigan 2013 Convention Report

From the Libertarian Party of Michigan website:

2013 Convention Report
Liberty Moving Forward—Splendid Event
by Mary Buzuma

Assembly in Grand Rapids at the Hilton Grand Rapids Airport on Saturday June 15, 2013. Scott Haggerstrom, Director of Americans for Prosperity Michigan addressed us on “Michigan Right to Work.” Changes to the LPM Platform and Bylaws were made. New officers were elected: Mary Buzuma, Chair; Steve Mace, Vice Chair; Jim Fulner, Secretary; Kim Moore, Treasurer. Five Directors At Large were elected: Chris Sharer, Tim Keirnan, Denee Rockman-Moon, Brad Wheelock, and Scotty Boman. Three Judicial Committee Members were elected: Emily Salvette, Bill Gelineau, and Bill Hall. Resolutions were passed which included a tribute to David C. Irons, a steadfast member of the LPM who passed away this year. Lunch, Cocktails and Banquet, Christie Diaz, “Mommynomics” was the banquet speaker. Food and drink service was outstanding.

JudicialOn a beautiful day in West Michigan approximately 55 Michigan Libertarians gathered under the benevolent gaze of Lady Liberty in Grand Rapids. Although not a nominating convention, what was lacking in numbers was more than made up for in enthusiasm. New LEC members are shown front left to right Steve Mace, Brad Wheelock, Tim Kiernan, Jim Fulner. Back l to r Scotty Boman, Chris Sharer, Denee Rockman-Moon, Kim Moore.

New Judicial Committee members l to r: Bill Gelineau, Emily Salvette, Bill Hall

On Friday night, conference attendees and others were treated to a special advance viewing of the Libertarian movie “Alongside Night.” The movie was well-received, and author J Neil Schulman as well as producer/financier Pat Heller (Liberty Coin Service) led a Q & A discussion after the movie. Many thanks to Brian Wright for organizing this event.

PlatformSharer_FulnerScott Haggerstrom of Americans for Prosperity was the Saturday morning speaker. He talked about the organization and is goals. His address focused on the controversial Michigan Right-to-Work law. A brief Q&A session followed.

Then it was time for the eagerly anticipated bylaws and platform amendments. Many thanks to Chris Sharer and the Platform committee; Jim Fulner and the Bylaws Committee; and Bill Gelineau (cat-herder in charge) for holding it all together as these things can be a little chaotic at times. The amended bylaws and platform can be found on the website at

VerduinDuring officer elections Will White, Legislative Committee, provided a report on the “goings on” in Lansing. His report was divided into the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” The “Ugly” iterating the need for a part time Legislature. Please note: Will is currently a committee of one. Political junkies, Poli Sci students, etc. contact the LEC or Will at

After the day’s business was over it was time to relax and unwind at the cocktail party and banquet. Bill Gelineau presented the “Guardian of Liberty” award to Vern Verduin on behalf of the West Michigan Libertarians. Mr. Verduin, a local farmer successfully fought “city hall” when they tried to prohibit a political message sign on his truck at his farm this past year.

ChristieThe banquet speaker, Christie Diaz gave a tremendous presentation that brought the crowd to their feet. According to Brian Wright she “presented an absolutely delightful unraveling of the absurd statist forces that interfere with personal fulfillment of unique individuals such as ourselves.”

Kudos and credits to those (who haven’t been mentioned) for making this year’s convention fun and successful: Sulema Kiekintveld and the staff of the Hilton Grand Rapids Airport, Arnis Davidsons and crew for getting “The Lady” to the convention, Andrew Hall for volunteering to do credentials for yet another year, Registration Crew (Kipp Welch, Arnis Davidsons and Kim Horton), Emily Salvette and the ballot counters, and especially to Denee Rockman-Moon for her outstanding leadership as LPM Chair and at the convention.

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