Reform Party: William Drummond II for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District

 The following was published on the Reform Party’s website

William “Cleave” Drummond II is the current Reform Party candidate for Florida’s Second Congressional District. He is currently running against incumbent Republican Steve Southerland and Democratic hopeful Gwen Graham.

Cleave Drummond was born in July of 1962, and has lived in Florida since the mid-1980. He moved to Florida after serving a brief stint in the National Guard, and is the only current candidate that served in the nation’s military.

As a self-employed freelance artist and web designer, Mr. Drummond qualifies as a small business owner. During the recession, he watched his income fall, and if elected as a congressional representative, vows to fight for the interests of other small business owners.

He is a former Democrat. Drummond joined the Reform Party, because he does not think that the Republicans and Democrats have the country’s best interest at heart. He believes that the system is broken, and that America needs to balance its budget while protecting programs that help people that can’t help themselves.

He wishes to enact strong ethics reform that will fix America’s corrupt political system.

On the issue of balancing the budget, Mr. Drummond would like see America’s budget balanced in a responsibly way. He believes that raising taxes hurts the middle class, but that cutting tax loopholes hurt the special interests, thus he wants to cut 100 billion in unnecessary tax loopholes. Then cut spending by rooting out fraud and waste in discretionary, social safety net and defense budgets.

In the area of economic issues, he would like to take action that would create growth in all economic sectors from technology and manufacturing to tourism and agriculture. He would do this by reforming incentives and subsidies, cutting regulation where there’s too much and creating new regulation where there is too little. On infrastructure issues, he would like make sure America’s roads, railroads and seaways are properly maintained.

The campaign is only in its beginning phases. Mr. Drummond is currently petitioning for ballot access, and has a made a few campaign events. His campaign is in need of staff, including a campaign manager, and donations. If you would like to learn more about the William Drummond campaign, it is possible to visit his website at

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