New Louisiana Voter Registration Data Released

From Ballot Access News:

New Louisiana Registration Data

Published on August 1, 2013, by  in Uncategorized.

The Louisiana Secretary has provided a tally of the number of registered voters in all parties as of August 1, 2013. The number of registered voters now is lower than it was in November 2012, and the only qualified party that has gained registrations in the last nine months is the Libertarian Party. However, the Republican Party and the Green Party now have a slightly larger percentage of the voters than they did in November 2012. The number of independent voters is lower, but their percentage is now higher.

The new tally shows: Democratic 47.73%, Republican 27.72%, independents 24.00%, Libertarian .28%, Green .062%, Reform .048%.

The November 2012 tally was: Democratic 48.23%, Republican 27.53%, independents 23.87%, Libertarian .23%, Green .058%, Reform .049%.

The new numbers are: Democratic 1,388,516; Republican 806,557; independents 698,075; Libertarian 8,172; Green 1,793; Reform 1,398; unqualified parties 4,641.

The November 2012 numbers were: Democratic 1,429,073; Republican 815,769; independents and unqualified parties 708,120; Libertarian 6,889; Green 1,707; Reform 1,441.

For the current tally, the two largest unqualified parties are Americans Elect with 714, and Conservative with 606. Thanks to Randall Hayes for this data.